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(edit) @3034   13 years damians added deleting metainfo to blank tiles
(edit) @3024   13 years rjmunro Rewritten munin.php to be more efficient. Now uses one query to get …
(edit) @3017   13 years ojw Delete images when blank image uploaded
(edit) @3006   13 years ojw remove debugging message from upload
(edit) @3001   13 years ojw Inverness - transparent maplint tiles. rjmunro
(edit) @3000   13 years ojw Blank tiles are permitted to fulfil requests
(edit) @2999   13 years ojw This might be cause of the large "active" requests list?
(edit) @2998   13 years deelkar add informational text about blue background rows in table
(edit) @2992   13 years ojw People who never uploaded shouldn't be "current" even though age is …
(edit) @2991   13 years ojw Highlight the people who are currently uploading (within 5 minutes)
(edit) @2990   13 years ojw Size of the done queue represents upload rate
(edit) @2982   13 years deelkar be more accurate about error when zip too large
(edit) @2980   13 years ojw Tell the server that this metadata applies to the entire tileset
(edit) @2978   13 years ojw Logging of tileset uploads, so we can see what's happening
(edit) @2977   13 years ojw Tileset metadata
(edit) @2975   13 years ojw Fix bug - wrong function name used for checking uploads + disable …
(edit) @2973   13 years ojw Reenable uploads
(edit) @2963   13 years ojw remove tests
(edit) @2962   13 years ojw remove include dependancies - need to think about how to handle these …
(edit) @2961   13 years ojw Function for testing if upload is "exactly one tileset"
(edit) @2960   13 years ojw Testing single-tileset uploads - disabled others to make it easier
(edit) @2959   13 years ojw Database connection should be opened only once - recursive check for …
(edit) @2958   13 years ojw limit max z when doing z-12 equivalent
(edit) @2957   13 years ojw function to find z12 tileset that a tile is in
(edit) @2956   13 years ojw part of Grant's patch for headers
(edit) @2955   13 years ojw rm asumed sea
(edit) @2954   13 years ojw Thinks this is maybe why mapnik not updating…
(edit) @2953   13 years ojw rv: allows untraceable image publishing
(edit) @2941   13 years ojw display errors
(edit) @2940   13 years rjmunro I am an idiot. I forgot to add the date field to the requested fields.
(edit) @2939   13 years rjmunro Fixed it so that priority 1 is the highest, not the lowest, and fixed …
(edit) @2937   13 years rjmunro Makes a single query instead of multiple queries for each priority …
(edit) @2927   13 years frederik Some emergency fixes for current SQL overload situation. Only store …
(edit) @2892   13 years ojw Make uploaded files writeable by me (well, and everyone...)
(edit) @2891   13 years ojw Fix mime-type for PNG
(edit) @2890   13 years ojw Split layers across two disks
(edit) @2889   13 years ojw Fix problems with revert-to-disk1
(edit) @2888   13 years ojw Allow splitting tiles over two layers
(edit) @2887   13 years ojw Look in on hdc1 for tiles if not found in hdd1 …
(edit) @2886   13 years ojw Send uploads to new disk
(edit) @2885   13 years ojw Allow priority=2 for background requests
(edit) @2884   13 years ojw Prioritised requests - 1 (high), 2 (low)
(edit) @2881   13 years ojw OK, most inland areas haven't been marked as land yet, so turning-off …
(edit) @2880   13 years ojw Move images to directory
(edit) @2879   13 years ojw 404 handling to script
(edit) @2878   13 years ojw Look in the tiles_blank database for land/sea areas, if tile not found …
(edit) @2877   13 years ojw Move tile graphics to directory
(edit) @2785   13 years ojw New location of munin stats
(edit) @2784   13 years ojw New location of munin stats
(edit) @2781   13 years nick Rendering now better - fetches margins of tiles so labels don't get cut off
(edit) @2775   13 years nick added edit.php, front end for editing
(edit) @2773   13 years nick Updates to freemap and POI editing
(edit) @2772   13 years nick Updates to freemap and POI editing
(edit) @2771   13 years nick Updates to freemap and POI editing
(edit) @2766   13 years deelkar Headingley should be version 13
(edit) @2756   13 years ojw Disable versions prior to Headingley
(edit) @2754   13 years ojw Store blank land tiles (aka requests to delete tiles) and blank sea …
(edit) @2751   13 years ojw Store list of blank/sea tiles in memory
(edit) @2750   13 years ojw detect exact tilesizes for 67,69 byte
(edit) @2723   13 years ojw fix mapnik link
(edit) @2697   13 years ojw blank tile detection - less than 68 bytes
(edit) @2647   13 years ojw one week -> 2 days
(edit) @2642   13 years deelkar Add Glencoe to versions.txt as version 12
(edit) @2632   13 years nick Current Freemap site added
(edit) @2630   13 years nick Current Freemap site added
(edit) @2629   13 years nick Current Freemap site added
(edit) @2628   13 years nick Current Freemap site added
(edit) @2627   13 years nick Current Freemap site added
(edit) @2626   13 years nick Current Freemap site added
(edit) @2621   13 years ojw Different style list for all the status pages
(edit) @2620   13 years ojw Reduce time old requests are kept, to 2 days
(edit) @2619   13 years ojw Display munin graphs instead of request details
(edit) @2618   13 years nick removed old freemap site
(edit) @2617   13 years ojw new home for the "latest 20 in each queue" view of the requests
(edit) @2616   13 years ojw changes as part of bugfixing requests
(edit) @2615   13 years ojw changes as part of bugfixing the requests queue
(edit) @2614   13 years ojw Fix bug where uploading more than one copy of a tileset (e.g. multiple …
(edit) @2600   13 years ojw Block uploads from old clients
(edit) @2599   13 years ojw Remove debug option from moverequest
(edit) @2598   13 years ojw remove debug info from requests library, was probably preventing …
(edit) @2577   13 years ojw Test for munin
(edit) @2576   13 years ojw re-enable the "crontab only" restriction, for the timeout page
(edit) @2575   13 years ojw Delete any requests which are done, and which were done more than a …
(edit) @2574   13 years ojw split the functions to move and delete requests (delete function is …
(edit) @2573   13 years ojw Move the request timeout code into a function, so it can be generalised
(edit) @2572   13 years ojw OK kill the logging again, it's not for routine stuff
(edit) @2571   13 years ojw Check what version the client claims to be before allowing requests to …
(edit) @2570   13 years ojw fix library pathname
(edit) @2569   13 years ojw special-case for x_ version names
(edit) @2568   13 years ojw None shall pass…
(edit) @2567   13 years ojw Return -1 to version lookup if uploads from that version are disabled
(edit) @2566   13 years ojw Version identifier for website uploads
(edit) @2565   13 years ojw Version identifiers for (a) uploads via the web interface, and (b) …
(edit) @2553   13 years ojw fix directory name
(edit) @2545   13 years ojw testing file permissions in svn
(edit) @2514   13 years steve add some readmes
(edit) @2480   13 years steve move more sites
(edit) @2479   13 years steve moves sites around
(add) @2478   13 years steve make other sites dir
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