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(edit) @23319   8 years pa94 added "reload_outer_ways" feature
(edit) @22124   8 years spaetz t@h server: adapt to new URL scheme
(edit) @22123   8 years spaetz delete old and unused tilesAtHome_obsolete dir. It is of no use anymore
(edit) @22121   8 years spaetz t@h: use different quotes inside quotation. DOH
(edit) @22120   8 years spaetz t@h: add a base error msg template and make use of it
(edit) @22119   8 years spaetz t@h: allow nicer browse URLs. Fixes trac #1229
(edit) @22090   8 years spaetz t@h: pass parameter correctly, was broken before
(edit) @22089   8 years spaetz t@h: add clientaccesspolicy.xml file
(edit) @22088   8 years spaetz t@h: fix log output for lowstitcher
(edit) @22011   8 years spaetz tah: fix and refine log output for tile stitcher
(edit) @22010   8 years spaetz tah: print overall stitching time after run
(edit) @21993   8 years matthiasj inlcude client uuid in list of recently finished requests
(edit) @21926   8 years spaetz tah: relax django user name restrictions. Django 1.2 accepts more chars
(edit) @21831   8 years spaetz tah: enable new client version in tah server
(edit) @21830   8 years spaetz tah: reduce logging in tileset file handler
(edit) @21772   9 years spaetz remove lock when upload queue is empty Otherwise uploaders don't seem to …
(edit) @21771   9 years spaetz tileset file upload finally works Protect against missing files when …
(edit) @21767   9 years spaetz make the 'move' logging be debug level now that it seems reliable
(edit) @21765   9 years spaetz fix the empty tileset header detection
(edit) @21747   9 years spaetz allow 12,x,y notations in URLs So now both URLs will worL: …
(edit) @21742   9 years spaetz docs: bump django requirement to >=1.2
(edit) @21741   9 years spaetz in django 1.2 email_re moved to django.core.validators, so import it from …
(edit) @21740   9 years spaetz don't try fancy locking it went wrong. Just process the oldest upload. …
(edit) @21737   9 years spaetz small PEP8 beautifications
(edit) @21736   9 years spaetz check the emptiness header value of uploaded tileset files and delete them …
(edit) @21735   9 years spaetz reformatting, and extended comment. No functional changes.
(edit) @20743   9 years ser - a slightly revised list.
(edit) @20656   9 years nick Deleted ancient version of Freemap from the OSM SVN repository
(edit) @20486   9 years deelkar fix old api 0.5 references
(edit) @20398   9 years deelkar add so called "ugly hack" to support replicate diffs. By Milenko
(edit) @19940   9 years spaetz add link to 3rd party user stats
(edit) @16648   9 years ojw fix order of width/height fields
(edit) @16502   9 years ojw bugfix - overlay tab couldn't display the entered relation
(edit) @16501   9 years ojw remove attribution logos from the preview images on the style tab (images …
(edit) @16500   9 years ojw forgot the resized logo
(edit) @16499   9 years ojw options for attribution: logos, text, or none
(edit) @16497   9 years ojw fix lightgrey
(edit) @16496   9 years ojw export the API as JSON, so that other applications can get the list of …
(edit) @16495   9 years ojw fix some filters
(edit) @16494   9 years ojw add filters for the basemap (greyscale, lighter, darker, etc) - GD should …
(edit) @16479   9 years ojw fix minimum height to match that shown in the imagemap resizer-interface
(edit) @16478   9 years ojw allow non-square icon images +abortive attempt at image rotation (PHP …
(edit) @16375   9 years ojw add relation overlays
(edit) @16354   9 years ojw add tools to create tinyURL links + help text for colour fields
(edit) @16353   9 years ojw allow use of mlat/mlon, by translating them to mlat0/mlon0 (similar for …
(edit) @16349   9 years ojw rename Help to API, since that's what it describes + start a helpfile in …
(edit) @16348   9 years ojw more export options (quick checkin in case the previous version allowed …
(edit) @16344   9 years ojw Choosing colours for lines and polygons
(edit) @16343   9 years ojw oops
(edit) @16342   9 years ojw don't attempt to download invalid files. + default view to world
(edit) @16341   9 years ojw Rearrange tabs, so the default mode is to zoom in on each mouseclick. Add …
(edit) @16339   9 years ojw update layers to remove some dead ones, and add cloudmade layers …
(edit) @16337   9 years ojw allow selecting polyline or polygon mode for each drawing
(edit) @16334   9 years ojw allow drawing of polygons and polylines on the map
(edit) @16333   9 years ojw reduce size of links, html pages, etc. by removing from the URLs any …
(edit) @16332   9 years ojw bugfixes from field definition migration
(edit) @16331   9 years ojw convert field details to hash not magic array + remove unused mlat/mlon …
(edit) @16330   9 years ojw make the selectable icons appear on the image
(edit) @16329   9 years ojw example symbols directory. To add symbols, just assign random or …
(edit) @16328   9 years ojw icon selection pages
(edit) @16327   9 years ojw api helpfile + visually browse the map styles available for your area
(edit) @16326   9 years ojw screen size
(edit) @16325   9 years ojw m: dirname --This line, and those below, will be ignored-- D Cache A …
(edit) @16324   9 years ojw make cachedir
(edit) @16323   9 years ojw website for editing the view of a static map
(edit) @16322   9 years ojw make dir
(edit) @15038   10 years spaetz microoptimization :)
(edit) @14709   10 years spaetz remove some more API 0.5 references
(edit) @14686   10 years spaetz fix typo that made django crap out on an invalid client name
(edit) @14683   10 years spaetz use 0.6 URL for user authentication
(edit) @14682   10 years spaetz use 0.6 URL for user authentication
(edit) @14525   10 years spaetz resolve conflict, this runs on our box
(edit) @14470   10 years spaetz latest status
(edit) @14350   10 years blarson Workaround one case of corrupt relations. Better stats for waycache …
(edit) @14253   10 years blarson Fix grep arg problem in trgarb
(edit) @14244   10 years blarson Fix nasty null value bug on reading New dumptile debugging aid
(edit) @14242   10 years blarson Suppress error message in map. Still need to find out why error is …
(edit) @14180   10 years blarson Fix infinite loop on some broken data. Garbage collect old tile formats. …
(edit) @13944   10 years blarson Add rmrel
(edit) @13933   10 years blarson Fix tagproc to use THRESH
(edit) @13931   10 years blarson Fix broken alltags/tagproc.
(edit) @13908   10 years spaetz make Ulm be an accepted client name. Trondheim will still work, for now
(edit) @13907   10 years spaetz open r+b rather than w+b
(edit) @13799   10 years blarson Update INSTALL instructions.
(edit) @13790   10 years blarson Fairly major rewrite and cleanup, with common tag comression.
(edit) @13281   10 years blarson Fix bug in garbage collect sort order.
(edit) @13280   10 years blarson update documentation
(edit) @13252   10 years blarson Make comments their own lines in Make wait times configurable in …
(edit) @13054   10 years blarson Remove my local directory from
(edit) @13053   10 years blarson Redo how relations are stored. Move confiuration to Extra options …
(edit) @13021   10 years blarson Mention requiring perl 5.10.
(edit) @12883   10 years blarson Expand filesystem recomendations into it's own paragraph.
(edit) @12881   10 years blarson Document IGNORETAGS and that you need to be in TRAPIDIR.
(edit) @12786   10 years blarson Properly handle zero values. (Why does anyone put layer=0 ?)
(edit) @12678   10 years blarson Fix bug in my last bug fix.
(edit) @12650   10 years blarson Trapi: Fix bug in handling relations on split.
(edit) @12442   10 years blarson trapi -- process create/modify, delete relations, delete ways, …
(edit) @12441   10 years blarson Trapi map -- catch shutdown signal
(edit) @12298   10 years blarson Tiled Read-only API Serves osm data optimized for tiles@home.
(edit) @11960   10 years spaetz make the tile serving plugin cope (clumsily) with v2 tilesets
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