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(edit) @4290   12 years spaetz try to fix tileset browser.
(edit) @4199   12 years spaetz make the printable version link work again, by linking to the mapOf page
(edit) @4198   12 years spaetz make the tile info page and tile browser work better hand in hand
(edit) @4197   12 years spaetz simplify tile browser to work with layer directory names rather than …
(edit) @4119   12 years spaetz cosmetics (from OJW)
(edit) @4118   12 years spaetz make the t@h server refuse handing out requests if the layer to be …
(edit) @4098   12 years spaetz simplify Have all layer data in one array.
(edit) @4085   12 years spaetz try different expiry scheme to cope with non-responding clients.
(edit) @4079   12 years spaetz add tah favicon to silence log warnings. ripped from www.osm
(edit) @4078   12 years spaetz make moveRequest be able to move all unfinished requests in one go (so …
(edit) @4077   12 years spaetz Commit ojw's changes. Added a field ID and notes to the credits output.
(edit) @4076   12 years spaetz remove funcion delete Request. It is not used as we don't delete …
(edit) @4075   12 years spaetz Simplify requestExist function. It can check for all unfinished states …
(edit) @4074   12 years spaetz turn off per file logging. This is about 1GB of log file per day…
(edit) @4073   12 years spaetz del unused .htaccess file
(edit) @4072   12 years spaetz fix bracketing
(edit) @4070   12 years spaetz remove all unused functions from tile2.php. comment out seemingly …
(edit) @4069   12 years spaetz delete some of the crufty unused functions in tile2.php. More left to …
(edit) @4068   12 years spaetz don't show ALL zoom levels on which we did NOT find a blank tile info …
(edit) @4067   12 years spaetz add the tile picture to the info page
(edit) @4056   12 years spaetz shorten request restart period to 6h again.
(edit) @4054   12 years spaetz forgot to add the correct include file
(edit) @4053   12 years spaetz make new requests only be taken when they don't already exist. Could …
(edit) @4052   12 years spaetz implement rate limiting, never hand out more than 500 active requests
(edit) @4050   12 years spaetz adapt graph URLs
(edit) @4047   12 years spaetz remove stray debug print
(edit) @4046   12 years spaetz Use 1 transaction for single tile updates rather than individual ones.
(edit) @4042   12 years spaetz fix sprintf to have a matching number of '%d'
(edit) @4016   12 years spaetz Remove the column 'key' in tiles_meta. It saves 35 bytes per row.
(edit) @4007   12 years spaetz return a std 404, rather than a black tile for invalid coordinates, …
(edit) @4003   12 years spaetz make .htaccess rules chained, this speeds up blank lookups as it saves …
(edit) @3989   12 years spaetz better regex for negative numbers
(edit) @3988   12 years spaetz Make it recognize negative numbers for x,y,z as OpenLayers? requests …
(edit) @3986   12 years spaetz Make URL pattern detection work without .php ending
(edit) @3973   12 years spaetz make inclusion of file pathproof
(edit) @3972   12 years spaetz make blanktilelookup work
(edit) @3971   12 years spaetz refine insertblanktile and make the uploader use it.
(edit) @3961   12 years spaetz make Upload/Run? use the efficient blank tile insertion.
(edit) @3960   12 years spaetz add an insertBlankTile function which only inserts when needed.
(edit) @3954   12 years spaetz Make db.php use the new centrlized blank tile db look up.
(edit) @3953   12 years spaetz fix some blanktile stupidness.
(edit) @3952   12 years spaetz first cut at centralized blank tile handling. LookUp? function.
(edit) @3870   12 years spaetz Show Full tileset info also for zoom level 12.
(edit) @3869   12 years spaetz was still needed as include. Add back in.
(edit) @3868   12 years spaetz Clean up. Remove checks for old filesystem. There is no old filesystem …
(edit) @3867   12 years spaetz adapt to new info url
(edit) @3845   12 years spaetz typo, now the SQL query is finally valid (tested)
(edit) @3844   12 years spaetz Fix up order of SQL variables to be the same as the query. What was I …
(edit) @3843   12 years spaetz fix Recent tile list to point to the new meta data page OJW created.
(edit) @3842   12 years spaetz make full tileset-checker honor per layer expected tiles. Maplint …
(edit) @3841   12 years spaetz modify layerMaxZoom and layerNumberofTiles to be passed the name …
(edit) @3840   12 years spaetz oops, wrap include files in parentheses
(edit) @3839   12 years spaetz Implement per layer max Zoom levels and expected number of tiles. This …
(edit) @3838   12 years spaetz default tile dir is 'tile', change to match that. Ommit .php of …
(edit) @3809   12 years spaetz forgot commas
(edit) @3795   12 years spaetz Impement MaxRetries? feature. We retry once after 24h now and delete …
(edit) @3794   12 years spaetz remove stray debug 'print'
(edit) @3793   12 years spaetz rewrite script to use O(1) rather than O(n) queries for request timeout.
(edit) @3764   12 years spaetz remove the _details urls. They were untrue. ojw did the work.
(edit) @3763   12 years spaetz Final version of file sorting. This one works actually.
(edit) @3762   12 years spaetz sort files according to date, so we pick the oldest first.
(edit) @3760   12 years spaetz use oldest file for processing
(edit) @3748   12 years spaetz Second replace into optimization (blank tiles). Credits to TomH.
(edit) @3747   12 years spaetz no need to update the key field. It never changes.
(edit) @3746   12 years spaetz optimize tile metadata insertion
(edit) @3745   12 years spaetz One last directory I forgot to adapt
(edit) @3738   12 years spaetz Move imports above disabled check, or func logMsg can not be found.
(edit) @3715   12 years spaetz do away with the dual filenames depending on the layer (simplifies …
(edit) @3714   12 years spaetz default tile layer dir is 'tile' to match it's http request name
(edit) @3713   12 years spaetz changes temp dir location. Uploads are turned off here
(edit) @3709   12 years spaetz Only log invalid tokens. Change temp dir directory.
(edit) @3705   12 years spaetz simplify tiles serving URL rewrites
(edit) @3684   12 years spaetz remove .htaccess file. It is checked for each request.
(edit) @3655   12 years ojw Store text keys for normal-style tile uploads
(edit) @3654   12 years ojw Handle zero-length and missing files
(edit) @3497   12 years ojw Disable auto re-request, see mailing list for 2007-05-07
(edit) @3473   12 years ojw First draft of upload tokens
(edit) @3471   12 years ojw Hand-out upload tokens
(edit) @3470   12 years ojw Library for generating upload tokens
(edit) @3425   12 years ojw Abort messages priority-2, so they appear in same log as success messages
(edit) @3424   12 years ojw Bugfix: we counted uploads twice, once because of textfile and once …
(edit) @3423   12 years ojw Ensure this script only gets run by dev server, not public-facing
(edit) @3420   12 years ojw Jever only - see mailing list
(edit) @3403   12 years ojw fiddle
(edit) @3402   12 years ojw Bugfix: wasn't limiting count after count got renamed
(edit) @3400   12 years ojw reduce load average + no db connect if load average too high
(edit) @3399   12 years ojw Fix bug - mysql_close assumes only one upload per script. plus add logging
(edit) @3398   12 years ojw Move max queue size to library
(edit) @3397   12 years ojw Queue uploads
(edit) @3395   12 years ojw max queue size -> library
(edit) @3393   12 years ojw Version Jever
(edit) @3389   12 years ojw Add "GO/NO-GO" script to SVN
(edit) @3388   12 years ojw library to check queue length
(edit) @3386   12 years ojw m
(edit) @3385   12 years ojw First draft of queue-runner
(edit) @3384   12 years ojw queue length function
(edit) @3383   12 years ojw Testing queue
(edit) @3171   13 years rjmunro Divide the "done" by 48 to get an average hourly rate on Munin graph.
(edit) @3133   13 years ojw Martijn's patch to delete both normal and blank tiles, when a 0-byte …
(edit) @3117   13 years ojw Tweak to the load average that never made it into svn yet
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