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(edit) @9348   11 years spaetz make admin interface work with django SVN version. will break on older …
(edit) @9345   11 years ritzert mmap the tileset header for easier parsing.
(edit) @9344   11 years ritzert Fold parse_tileset into serve_tileset. Avoid doing work twice.
(edit) @9343   11 years ritzert Check for zero-size legacy tile.
(edit) @9342   11 years ritzert #include system headers with <>.
(edit) @9341   11 years ritzert Fix If-Modified-Since.
(edit) @9339   11 years ritzert Just formatting changes.
(edit) @9338   11 years ritzert Move tileset serving code to serve_tileset.
(edit) @9337   11 years ritzert Minor cleanups.
(edit) @9336   11 years ritzert Always set the Cache-Control header. Remove commented out code.
(edit) @9335   11 years ritzert Move legacy tile serving code to serve_legacytile.
(edit) @9334   11 years ritzert Simplify arguments to xyz_to_blankdbtile.
(edit) @9333   11 years ritzert Fix oceantiles lookup to correctly return the sea tile.
(edit) @9329   11 years jth Revert to uri, something missing?
(edit) @9328   11 years ritzert Look at path_info, not uri.
(edit) @9327   11 years ritzert Serve legacy tiles from within the module.
(edit) @9326   11 years spaetz use correct tile path, z is not zero-padded. use unsigned int for …
(edit) @9325   11 years spaetz update t@h TODO list
(edit) @9324   11 years spaetz use 2000x2000 as max MapOf? dimensions.
(edit) @9323   11 years spaetz cache MapOf? images for 10 days by the browser (or proxy)
(edit) @9322   11 years spaetz refuse MapOf? images with w,h > 1024. Suckers have been requesting …
(edit) @9321   11 years jth Update path again with padding
(edit) @9319   11 years jth Update to the new tilepath
(edit) @9312   11 years jth No need to include hostname
(edit) @9311   11 years jth Usage note and path update
(edit) @9310   11 years jth os.mkdirs not found, replace with os.makedirs
(edit) @9309   11 years jonb mod_tah: Remove unset oceandb pointer. Fix-up inconsistencies in …
(edit) @9308   11 years jth Django complains otherwise that base_browse.html not first, ok for …
(edit) @9307   11 years ritzert Formatting.
(edit) @9306   11 years jth New mod_tah module and hello
(edit) @9299   11 years sjors Added bilinear interpolation.
(edit) @9298   11 years sjors Now the user can choose between gchart (the image) or gchart_url (the …
(edit) @9297   11 years sjors Removed internal use of 'id', because it was unnecessary.
(edit) @9295   11 years sjors HTTP/GET support complete.
(edit) @9294   11 years sjors Restored Artem's demo
(edit) @9293   11 years sjors Sorry Artem, I will fix this in a minute…
(edit) @9292   11 years sjors Added logs directory and pointed demo to
(edit) @9285   11 years spaetz improved INSTALL instructions.
(edit) @9278   11 years spaetz temporarily add conversion script. will soon be removed
(edit) @9277   11 years spaetz use more fine grained directory structure
(edit) @9259   11 years spaetz struct.unpack returns a tuple. Treat it as such
(edit) @9256   11 years studerap first try to make serving tiles faster. patch from ast.
(edit) @9255   11 years spaetz fix bug when second offset would just mark a blank tile.
(edit) @9253   11 years spaetz add more individual cache control headers
(edit) @9242   11 years spaetz add cache-control header
(edit) @9235   11 years spaetz depale stitched lowzooms. At least better looking than before
(edit) @9231   11 years spaetz protect against in-existing layers
(edit) @9230   11 years spaetz don't use the django 1.0 version of the admin interface.
(edit) @9219   11 years spaetz use 'GMT' time zone rather than +0000
(edit) @9218   11 years spaetz use email.Utils rather than deprecated rfc8222 module
(edit) @9217   11 years spaetz slightly beautify server_tiles
(edit) @9216   11 years spaetz always hand back file length, so we can use data-length in http reply
(edit) @9215   11 years spaetz set req.finfo, hoping that it helps with Last-Modified. Doubtful.
(edit) @9214   11 years spaetz make setSetting return the set value. 2) Don't hardcode changedTile …
(edit) @9213   11 years spaetz use object related exceptions instead of excplicitely importing them.
(edit) @9212   11 years spaetz make getSetting bullet proof against non-existing settings
(edit) @9209   11 years spaetz this works with django SVN version. I hope it will also work with …
(edit) @9208   11 years spaetz make old API form tile.serve_tile work again as before.
(edit) @9207   11 years spaetz remove from svn
(edit) @9206   11 years spaetz mv to, svn:ignore and …
(edit) @9205   11 years spaetz mv to, svn:ignore and …
(edit) @9204   11 years spaetz second bug fix commit for the 2-liner patch.
(edit) @9202   11 years spaetz actually use returned blankness value rather than unknown
(edit) @9201   11 years spaetz fix add setSetting method
(edit) @9200   11 years spaetz add setSetting method
(edit) @9199   11 years spaetz make 'extend' tag be the first in the template. Django SVN version …
(edit) @9198   11 years spaetz remove superfluous MapOf? URL
(edit) @9197   11 years spaetz adapt docs
(edit) @9196   11 years spaetz ditch the max_length of x/y coordinates and use SmallPositiveNumber?
(edit) @9194   11 years spaetz fix previous checkin. This idea is based on patch by kai Krueger. …
(edit) @9193   11 years spaetz make use of apache.sendfile() to avoid copying all served tile data in …
(edit) @9186   11 years spaetz tellus wants noengineering notation. blame him :-)
(edit) @9185   11 years spaetz make mapof return jpeg on demand and correct image size
(edit) @9184   11 years spaetz nicer user stats
(edit) @9143   11 years sjors Strange git-svn merge conflicts
(edit) @9142   11 years sjors Strange git-svn merge conflicts
(edit) @9141   11 years sjors Strange git-svn merge conflicts
(edit) @9139   11 years spaetz leave mod_python as is now…
(edit) @9138   11 years spaetz add Content-Length to HTTP reply. Implmement 304 Not modified reply too.
(edit) @9133   11 years amillar Updated installation documentation for tahngo server
(edit) @9132   11 years spaetz commit stitch lowzoom script using Python Image Library, rather than …
(edit) @9131   11 years spaetz stat returns an OSError if the file does not exist.
(edit) @9130   11 years spaetz seperate SQL check for an active request. Refuse to accept a new that. …
(edit) @9129   11 years spaetz return the tilesetfile mtime and use that in the 'Last-Modified' header.
(edit) @9127   11 years spaetz Add an 'Expires' header to png tiles set to 3 hours in the future. …
(edit) @9122   11 years spaetz Add a start/stop script for the upload processor, that can be called …
(edit) @9121   11 years spaetz protect more places against disappeared files.
(edit) @9120   11 years spaetz protect us from disappered files
(edit) @9119   11 years spaetz make process_uploads exit gracefully on SIGTERM
(edit) @9110   11 years spaetz reduce debug output
(edit) @9109   11 years spaetz Capture all bad zipfile exceptions. Bad CRC of single files would …
(edit) @9093   11 years spaetz prevent multiple requests from being handed out, while there is still …
(edit) @9092   11 years spaetz run changed Tiles requester every 4 h
(edit) @9088   11 years spaetz make the MapOf? image an attachment and no inline image. Request by TomH
(edit) @9083   11 years spaetz TODO list update
(edit) @9081   11 years spaetz allow priority 4 for ultra-low urgency tiles
(edit) @9080   11 years spaetz use local CCBYSA logo
(edit) @9079   11 years spaetz final SQL tweak
(edit) @9078   11 years spaetz more debug output in tile detail view.
(edit) @9074   11 years spaetz retry on failure to get tile data. move time comparison to right place …
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