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(edit) @9594   11 years spaetz adapt forms in take request web page
(edit) @9590   11 years spaetz client take protocol 5. send back tileset filesize and mtime as unix …
(edit) @9589   11 years spaetz save tile base path in
(edit) @9588   11 years spaetz use tile base path from settings file
(edit) @9587   11 years spaetz implement get_filename() for tilesets. needed to easily stat the …
(edit) @9554   11 years spaetz autorequest changed tiles every 6h
(edit) @9522   11 years spaetz disable verbose logging of unknown smalltiles
(edit) @9518   11 years spaetz only allow clients 'Quickborn' and 'Rapperswil'
(edit) @9509   11 years spaetz also ask for client version (not used yet)
(edit) @9499   11 years spaetz cleanup tmpdir even when pressing CTRL-C
(edit) @9498   11 years spaetz return sea tile in case oceantiles.dat shows mixed
(edit) @9497   11 years spaetz use new class instance on each go, to possibly regain old memory.
(edit) @9496   11 years spaetz use local copy of oceantiles.dat
(edit) @9491   11 years spaetz also log when the user hands a job back to the server including the reason.
(edit) @9490   11 years spaetz implement server logging, first things are logged now
(edit) @9486   11 years spaetz fix MapOf? vertical offset. All done now.
(edit) @9485   11 years spaetz make rerequest feedback use authentication. with an up-to-date client …
(edit) @9483   11 years sjors Added memcache support on App Engine (Issue 8)
(edit) @9482   11 years sjors Redirect main page to wiki. Fixed bug in protocol buffers.
(edit) @9479   11 years spaetz remove initial URL prefix filter
(edit) @9478   11 years spaetz svn:ignore
(edit) @9477   11 years gslater robots.txt for tah. Block: /Browse/ and some of /Request/
(edit) @9476   11 years spaetz lower priority debumping limit
(edit) @9475   11 years spaetz enable per IP check, still need to whitelist
(edit) @9474   11 years spaetz use SetRemoteAddrFromForwardedFor? middleware, to get REMOTE_ADDR even …
(edit) @9471   11 years spaetz implement auto-bump down of priorities based on requesters IP address. …
(edit) @9470   11 years spaetz use correct user id.
(edit) @9468   11 years spaetz latest TODO
(edit) @9467   11 years spaetz enable single user view in all kinds of pages
(edit) @9466   11 years spaetz make single user view work
(edit) @9461   11 years spaetz add single user view
(edit) @9460   11 years spaetz don't overwrite log file when restarting
(edit) @9459   11 years spaetz replace handwritten rm_dir (which contained a typo) with shutil.rmtree
(edit) @9453   11 years spaetz add Request and Upload web interface handler
(edit) @9427   11 years sjors Protocol buffers are now supported on the Apache version.
(edit) @9426   11 years jth Send sea-tile for oceanDB type mixed
(edit) @9409   11 years spaetz create client feedback URL which resets all active requests of that …
(edit) @9407   11 years spaetz actually render changed tilesets
(edit) @9406   11 years spaetz worked out better version with tellus. thanks.
(edit) @9405   11 years spaetz improved version baed on TeLLus tipps
(edit) @9404   11 years spaetz 1)upper limit of 50 active requests per user 2)use renamed django forms lib
(edit) @9403   11 years spaetz django newforms is now called forms
(edit) @9402   11 years spaetz change annoying wording
(edit) @9401   11 years spaetz disable max active requests. It doesn't seem to work well…
(edit) @9397   11 years sjors Moved app engine import script out of the project. It can now be …
(edit) @9396   11 years sjors Reduced resolution from 200 to 100 points, because App Engine was unhappy.
(edit) @9390   11 years spaetz allow 400 concurrent active requests
(edit) @9387   11 years spaetz limit the number of active requests to 100
(edit) @9386   11 years spaetz fix up MapOf? excerpts. People have annoyed me enough into fixing it.
(edit) @9382   11 years spaetz much more contrast for lowzooms. too much?
(edit) @9380   11 years spaetz latest incarnation
(edit) @9378   11 years spaetz commit final version that is currently running.
(edit) @9377   11 years spaetz use Newform admin interface
(edit) @9374   11 years spaetz Use new AdminModel? classes for the web admin interface, works only …
(edit) @9367   11 years spaetz fall back from captionless to tile layer, then use unknown image
(edit) @9366   11 years spaetz use local blank tile pngs, not those on NFS drive.
(edit) @9365   11 years spaetz final lowzoom stitcher. works now.
(edit) @9364   11 years spaetz remove debug thing
(edit) @9363   11 years spaetz stitch lowzoom with captions
(edit) @9362   11 years spaetz adapt path in stitch lowzoom. various other minor changes.
(edit) @9361   11 years spaetz use max_length rather than maxlength to avoid Deprecation warnings
(edit) @9360   11 years spaetz protect better against valid zip files that are no tileset.
(edit) @9359   11 years spaetz call LegacyTileset? only on tilesetfile that don't exist yet.
(edit) @9358   11 years spaetz adapt paths to hypercube's locations
(edit) @9357   11 years spaetz delete temporary conversion script
(edit) @9356   11 years spaetz add django fastcgi starter
(edit) @9355   11 years spaetz prevent uploads from being loaded to ram. requires svn django plus …
(edit) @9354   11 years jth global content image/png,cleanup file & mmap
(edit) @9348   11 years spaetz make admin interface work with django SVN version. will break on older …
(edit) @9345   11 years ritzert mmap the tileset header for easier parsing.
(edit) @9344   11 years ritzert Fold parse_tileset into serve_tileset. Avoid doing work twice.
(edit) @9343   11 years ritzert Check for zero-size legacy tile.
(edit) @9342   11 years ritzert #include system headers with <>.
(edit) @9341   11 years ritzert Fix If-Modified-Since.
(edit) @9339   11 years ritzert Just formatting changes.
(edit) @9338   11 years ritzert Move tileset serving code to serve_tileset.
(edit) @9337   11 years ritzert Minor cleanups.
(edit) @9336   11 years ritzert Always set the Cache-Control header. Remove commented out code.
(edit) @9335   11 years ritzert Move legacy tile serving code to serve_legacytile.
(edit) @9334   11 years ritzert Simplify arguments to xyz_to_blankdbtile.
(edit) @9333   11 years ritzert Fix oceantiles lookup to correctly return the sea tile.
(edit) @9329   11 years jth Revert to uri, something missing?
(edit) @9328   11 years ritzert Look at path_info, not uri.
(edit) @9327   11 years ritzert Serve legacy tiles from within the module.
(edit) @9326   11 years spaetz use correct tile path, z is not zero-padded. use unsigned int for …
(edit) @9325   11 years spaetz update t@h TODO list
(edit) @9324   11 years spaetz use 2000x2000 as max MapOf? dimensions.
(edit) @9323   11 years spaetz cache MapOf? images for 10 days by the browser (or proxy)
(edit) @9322   11 years spaetz refuse MapOf? images with w,h > 1024. Suckers have been requesting …
(edit) @9321   11 years jth Update path again with padding
(edit) @9319   11 years jth Update to the new tilepath
(edit) @9312   11 years jth No need to include hostname
(edit) @9311   11 years jth Usage note and path update
(edit) @9310   11 years jth os.mkdirs not found, replace with os.makedirs
(edit) @9309   11 years jonb mod_tah: Remove unset oceandb pointer. Fix-up inconsistencies in …
(edit) @9308   11 years jth Django complains otherwise that base_browse.html not first, ok for …
(edit) @9307   11 years ritzert Formatting.
(edit) @9306   11 years jth New mod_tah module and hello
(edit) @9299   11 years sjors Added bilinear interpolation.
(edit) @9298   11 years sjors Now the user can choose between gchart (the image) or gchart_url (the …
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