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(edit) @3296   12 years tomhughes Show the most recent entries first when viewing a user's diary.
(edit) @3294   12 years tomhughes Fill in the visible flag correctly when updating the history for a way.
(edit) @3291   12 years tomhughes Avoid reading traces and trace images into memory when sending them to …
(edit) @3288   12 years tomhughes Support tar archives of traces, with optional gzip or bzip2 compression.
(edit) @3279   12 years tomhughes Make "nearby users" show all those within 50km rather than all those …
(edit) @3269   12 years tomhughes Close a number of holes in the API by making it validate changes more …
(edit) @3264   12 years tomhughes Return usernames correctly.
(edit) @3256   12 years tomhughes Add support for bzip2 compressed trace files.
(edit) @3255   12 years tomhughes Tell users if the reason they can't login is because they haven't …
(edit) @3220   12 years tomhughes Fix rm call to actually work…
(edit) @3178   12 years tomhughes Improve reporting of errors in GPX uploads, and allow private traces …
(edit) @3177   12 years tomhughes Allow users to change their password from the account page, and get …
(edit) @3159   12 years tomhughes Don't allow ;., to be used in display names, as those are used as …
(edit) @3144   12 years tomhughes Only validate the presence of a description on create as we have old …
(edit) @3141   12 years tomhughes Refactor GPX import code to make reimporting old traces easier.
(edit) @3139   12 years tomhughes Validate passwords properly when creating an account. Fixes #419.
(edit) @3119   12 years steve fix based from TomH-Home
(edit) @3112   12 years richard Latest Potlatch, plus TomH's GPX fix
(edit) @3061   12 years steve various things from TomH
(edit) @2942   12 years steve patch from Martijn van Oosterhout
(edit) @2867   12 years steve various gpx bits
(edit) @2864   12 years steve updates to api
(edit) @2861   12 years jmckerrell Added trackpoint serving support to 0.4 API
(edit) @2852   12 years steve various fixes
(edit) @2780   12 years nickb added messaging and friend stuff that wasn't checked in
(edit) @2776   12 years steve updates from hacking day
(edit) @2764   12 years nickb messaging stuff and home location selection
(edit) @2759   12 years jmckerrell Don't list yourself in the nearby mappers
(edit) @2758   12 years nickb resolved user.rb conflict
(edit) @2757   12 years jmckerrell Made nearest method work with nil home lat/lon.
(edit) @2752   12 years nickb messaging stuff
(edit) @2748   12 years nickb added user stuff inc beginning of messages
(edit) @2690   12 years nickb map view defaults to a home lat and lon
(edit) @2666   12 years nickb Added user home lat and lon
(edit) @2624   12 years nickburch When calling .tags or .segs on a way, if it's an existing one, use the …
(copy) @2489   13 years steve readmes and move some sites
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(copy) @2482   13 years steve more cleanups
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