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(edit) @9096   11 years tomhughes Remove SOTM advert.
(edit) @8377   11 years tomhughes Add support for putting the site in an offline mode where it operates …
(edit) @8110   11 years tomhughes Make sure the diary tab always links to the global diary rather than a …
(edit) @7513   11 years tomhughes Put back the SOTM advert on the front page, updated for SOTM2008.
(edit) @7432   11 years tomhughes Make export tab work from non-view pages.
(edit) @7429   11 years tomhughes Merge 7296:7427 from export branch to trunk.
(edit) @7024   12 years tomhughes Escape page title.
(edit) @7023   12 years tomhughes More display name escaping.
(edit) @5378   12 years tomhughes Add a stylesheet targeted at print media to get nice printouts.
(edit) @4632   12 years tomhughes Improve alert messages when database is offline.
(edit) @4630   12 years tomhughes Learn to spell.
(edit) @4629   12 years tomhughes Check API status correctly.
(edit) @4302   12 years tomhughes Only put the 'home' link in the top left on the map and edit pages, …
(edit) @4129   12 years tomhughes Improve handling of user to user messages.
(edit) @4036   12 years tomhughes Put the link to the map key back.
(edit) @4005   12 years tomhughes Update OpenSearch? plugin to work with new search system.
(edit) @3990   12 years tomhughes New improved geocoder with extra added AJAX and OSM Namefinder support.
(edit) @3819   12 years tomhughes Add a link to a user's home location if they have one.
(edit) @3757   12 years tomhughes Add a flag to allow the API to be placed in read-only mode.
(edit) @3607   12 years tomhughes Remove SOTM advert from site.
(edit) @3499   12 years tomhughes Add OpenSearch? search plugins from Jono to the site. Fixes #506.
(edit) @3426   12 years tomhughes Fix some HTML validation issue.
(edit) @3304   12 years tomhughes Make sure the diary link in the LHS navigation goes to the global diary.
(edit) @3289   12 years tomhughes Only treat a user as logged in if the user object has an id value - …
(edit) @3281   12 years dankarran Seperating message receiving off into 'inbox' function.
(edit) @3221   12 years tomhughes Don't load pngfix.js on IE7 as it isn't needed.
(edit) @3181   12 years tomhughes Be a bit more intelligent when trying to update the arguments on a link.
(edit) @3175   12 years tomhughes Improve handling of login/logout some more to improve the chances of …
(edit) @3148   12 years dankarran Link OSM logo in site layout to the site's homepage (default map view).
(edit) @3134   12 years dankarran Allow the page titles to be edited by other parts of the app.
(edit) @3126   12 years richard Extra check that nodes/segments in ways are visible
(edit) @3125   12 years nickb announcement for SOTM to site on front page
(edit) @3043   12 years richard TomH's patches
(edit) @2823   12 years jmckerrell Arbitrary doctype added to force browsers out of quirksmode.
(edit) @2746   12 years richard started work on /diary
(copy) @2489   12 years steve readmes and move some sites
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(copy) @2482   12 years steve more cleanups
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