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(edit) @7828   11 years tomhughes Remove bogus action attribute from the submit button - it should have …
(edit) @7704   11 years tomhughes Backout message deletion functionality as it has unfortunate side …
(edit) @7702   11 years tomhughes Fix replying to diary comments, and tidy a few things up.
(edit) @7637   11 years steve nicer reply messages, bug 529
(edit) @7636   11 years steve ability to delete messages
(edit) @7022   12 years tomhughes Escape user display names.
(edit) @6961   12 years steve user images
(edit) @6406   12 years tomhughes Tidy up message sensitisation a bit more, and add sensitisation of …
(edit) @6398   12 years tomhughes Make the message reply link prefill the title with "Re: original …
(edit) @6396   12 years tomhughes Add a few more escape calls to prevent nasty HTML being rendered. Also …
(edit) @6393   12 years tomhughes Escape message titles and bodies. This is an emergency fix as some …
(edit) @5705   12 years tomhughes HTML escape substituted parameter values to avoid injection attacks.
(edit) @5672   12 years tomhughes Don't indicate if a message has been read in the outbox view.
(edit) @5668   12 years mikel message outbox
(edit) @4450   12 years steve a few message prettyness things
(edit) @4449   12 years tomhughes Revert SteveC's edit as blank title are now banned.
(edit) @4447   12 years steve link to 'no subject' if message title/subject is blank
(edit) @4259   12 years tomhughes Fix typo.
(edit) @4258   12 years tomhughes Fix diary entry creation…
(edit) @4212   12 years dankarran Moving inbox styling definitions into the stylesheet.
(edit) @4208   12 years dankarran Showing all messages in inbox, but sorting by date DESC and …
(edit) @4129   12 years tomhughes Improve handling of user to user messages.
(edit) @3281   12 years dankarran Seperating message receiving off into 'inbox' function.
(edit) @3155   12 years tomhughes User form_tag/end instead of start_form_tag/end_form_tag to avoid …
(add) @2780   12 years nickb added messaging and friend stuff that wasn't checked in
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