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(edit) @9160   11 years tomhughes Stop rails moaning.
(edit) @8152   11 years Shaun McDonald Replacing the non existant image with a pending text on the trace page
(edit) @7539   11 years tomhughes Unbreak Richard's warning messages. Closes #864.
(edit) @7526   11 years tomhughes Tidy up RSS links a bit.
(edit) @7516   11 years tomhughes Tidy up template.
(edit) @7515   11 years richard warn if user tries to upload 8bn traces at once
(edit) @7218   11 years richard permit uninserted tracks to be edited
(edit) @7029   12 years tomhughes Fix typo.
(edit) @7026   12 years tomhughes Yet more escaping.
(edit) @5842   12 years tomhughes Reenable trace uploads.
(edit) @5837   12 years tomhughes Disable GPX uploads.
(edit) @5827   12 years tomhughes Specify display_name and tag explicitly when generating pagination …
(edit) @4834   12 years gabriel Merge rails_port_0.5
(edit) @4709   12 years tomhughes Improve consistency of trace upload forms and error handling. Fixes …
(edit) @4664   12 years tomhughes Allow trace descriptions and tags to be edited.
(edit) @4525   12 years richard Potlatch v0.2a: display GPS traces, some bugfixes
(edit) @4444   12 years dankarran Adding geo microformat to trace viewing pages.
(edit) @4314   12 years tomhughes Link trace owner to their user page.
(edit) @4274   12 years tomhughes Put the option to delete GPS traces back. Fixes #405.
(edit) @4240   12 years tomhughes Set the display name correctly in the image URL.
(edit) @4155   12 years tomhughes Tidy up trace handling a bit, and add support for per-user and per-tag …
(edit) @4143   12 years tomhughes Fix tag links.
(edit) @4060   12 years tomhughes Make tag links work again.
(edit) @4038   12 years tomhughes Use the rails paginator to paginate the trace list, and abstract some …
(edit) @3821   12 years tomhughes Show an edit link on the trace details page, and use the same zoom …
(edit) @3820   12 years tomhughes Add missing quote.
(edit) @3818   12 years tomhughes Provide separate map and edit links for each trace.
(edit) @3426   12 years tomhughes Fix some HTML validation issue.
(edit) @3178   12 years tomhughes Improve reporting of errors in GPX uploads, and allow private traces …
(edit) @3175   12 years tomhughes Improve handling of login/logout some more to improve the chances of …
(edit) @3158   12 years tomhughes Make next and previous links on user/XXX/traces work. Fixes #501.
(edit) @3157   12 years tomhughes Avoid warnings about spaces in method calls.
(edit) @3155   12 years tomhughes User form_tag/end instead of start_form_tag/end_form_tag to avoid …
(edit) @3112   12 years richard Latest Potlatch, plus TomH's GPX fix
(edit) @3043   12 years richard TomH's patches
(edit) @2817   12 years nickb fixed the 'zooom' typo
(copy) @2489   12 years steve readmes and move some sites
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(copy) @2482   12 years steve more cleanups
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