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(edit) @3607   13 years tomhughes Remove SOTM advert from site.
(edit) @3604   13 years tomhughes Allow the map centre and marker position to be set independently.
(edit) @3499   13 years tomhughes Add OpenSearch? search plugins from Jono to the site. Fixes #506.
(edit) @3427   13 years tomhughes Make the slippy map work properly on IE7 at last!
(edit) @3426   13 years tomhughes Fix some HTML validation issue.
(edit) @3407   13 years tomhughes Only do mappam for and to stop …
(edit) @3404   13 years steve add mappam... also stuff in user controller that must have been done …
(edit) @3306   13 years tomhughes Unconfuse OpenLayer?'s base location detection.
(edit) @3305   13 years tomhughes Factor out javascript code to support OpenLayers? maps into a common …
(edit) @3304   13 years tomhughes Make sure the diary link in the LHS navigation goes to the global diary.
(edit) @3302   13 years tomhughes Make per-user diary entry lists go through the diary_entry controller …
(edit) @3300   13 years dankarran Removing list of nearby users from account page (now duplicated …
(edit) @3299   13 years dankarran Adding trace link to logged in user's profile too.
(edit) @3297   13 years dankarran Link from user profile to view traces and to set home location if none …
(edit) @3289   13 years tomhughes Only treat a user as logged in if the user object has an id value - …
(edit) @3286   13 years tomhughes Set the map units to something OpenLayers?? actually understands…
(edit) @3285   13 years tomhughes Revert accidental commit.
(edit) @3282   13 years tomhughes Set the map units to something OpenLayers? actually understands…
(edit) @3281   13 years dankarran Seperating message receiving off into 'inbox' function.
(edit) @3279   13 years tomhughes Make "nearby users" show all those within 50km rather than all those …
(edit) @3273   13 years tomhughes Make the map on the user account page work.
(edit) @3272   13 years tomhughes Adding missing parentheses.
(edit) @3270   13 years tomhughes Add missing CSS and image resources from OpenLayers? 2.4 release and …
(edit) @3253   13 years dankarran Starting to tidy up user profiles, adding nearby user list to profile page.
(edit) @3224   13 years tomhughes Allow access to all zoom levels again.
(edit) @3222   13 years tomhughes Upgrade OpenLayers? to the 2.4 release.
(edit) @3221   13 years tomhughes Don't load pngfix.js on IE7 as it isn't needed.
(edit) @3189   13 years tomhughes Make sure we always put a valid URL on the edit tab, and allow …
(edit) @3182   13 years tomhughes Add the search boxes to the edit page.
(edit) @3181   13 years tomhughes Be a bit more intelligent when trying to update the arguments on a link.
(edit) @3180   13 years tomhughes Set the lat and long on the view and edit tabs when the map is loaded.
(edit) @3178   13 years tomhughes Improve reporting of errors in GPX uploads, and allow private traces …
(edit) @3177   13 years tomhughes Allow users to change their password from the account page, and get …
(edit) @3176   13 years tomhughes Make field names consistent with the account editing page.
(edit) @3175   13 years tomhughes Improve handling of login/logout some more to improve the chances of …
(edit) @3172   13 years dankarran Adding RSS feed to main diary page, with space for lat/long info to be …
(edit) @3160   13 years tomhughes Make sure we get the display name from the database when building the …
(edit) @3158   13 years tomhughes Make next and previous links on user/XXX/traces work. Fixes #501.
(edit) @3157   13 years tomhughes Avoid warnings about spaces in method calls.
(edit) @3156   13 years tomhughes Use messages.empty? instead of the deprecated has_messages? method.
(edit) @3155   13 years tomhughes User form_tag/end instead of start_form_tag/end_form_tag to avoid …
(edit) @3148   13 years dankarran Link OSM logo in site layout to the site's homepage (default map view).
(edit) @3134   13 years dankarran Allow the page titles to be edited by other parts of the app.
(edit) @3126   13 years richard Extra check that nodes/segments in ways are visible
(edit) @3125   13 years nickb announcement for SOTM to site on front page
(edit) @3112   13 years richard Latest Potlatch, plus TomH's GPX fix
(edit) @3071   13 years deelkar rm double "this"
(edit) @3043   13 years richard TomH's patches
(edit) @3042   13 years jmckerrell Hiding the element and then, shortly after, redisplaying it makes IE6 …
(edit) @2932   13 years richard workaround for paths in Potlatch getpresets, plus diary link
(edit) @2931   13 years richard zoom
(edit) @2930   13 years richard Potlatch-on-Rails, ready to go (fingers crossed)
(edit) @2912   13 years rjmunro Added message about editor not working yet.
(edit) @2837   13 years nickb fixes ticket 434
(edit) @2835   13 years jmckerrell Making sure all the "nearest" mappers are displayed instead of just …
(edit) @2829   13 years richard Potlatch on Rails, first working version
(edit) @2824   13 years jmckerrell Clicking on nearby markers displays a popup showing the name of the …
(edit) @2823   13 years jmckerrell Arbitrary doctype added to force browsers out of quirksmode.
(edit) @2822   13 years jmckerrell Typo in IE6 fix made it not work quite right.
(edit) @2818   13 years nickb added more info to postcode lookup as requested in ticket 427
(edit) @2817   13 years nickb fixed the 'zooom' typo
(edit) @2816   13 years nickb fixed user messaging stuff
(edit) @2815   13 years steve move the map up to the form
(edit) @2811   13 years nickb fixed so user email is not displayed
(edit) @2810   13 years jmckerrell Added single line fix for IE7/Safari and many line fix for IE6.
(edit) @2780   13 years nickb added messaging and friend stuff that wasn't checked in
(edit) @2777   13 years steve arghhhhhhhhh untested rails code and SQL fixed
(edit) @2776   13 years steve updates from hacking day
(edit) @2767   13 years nickb removed fixme tags from views and put into trac
(edit) @2765   13 years richard Potlatch Rails AMF stuff
(edit) @2764   13 years nickb messaging stuff and home location selection
(edit) @2761   13 years jmckerrell Changed the account page to have the editing functionality built in. …
(edit) @2752   13 years nickb messaging stuff
(edit) @2747   13 years richard /diary links to users
(edit) @2746   13 years richard started work on /diary
(edit) @2705   13 years nickb added a marker to show a location on the map
(edit) @2704   13 years nickb geocoder stuff - views
(edit) @2690   13 years nickb map view defaults to a home lat and lon
(edit) @2678   13 years richard beginnings of Potlatch on Rails
(edit) @2666   13 years nickb Added user home lat and lon
(edit) @2659   13 years nickb Fixed up name search and postcode search
(edit) @2652   13 years nickburch Add Canadian geocoding, and attribute the geocoders we use
(edit) @2648   13 years nickb completed UK postcode search
(edit) @2508   13 years nickb geocoder stuff
(copy) @2489   13 years steve readmes and move some sites
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(copy) @2482   13 years steve more cleanups
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