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(edit) @17307   10 years tomhughes Revert es.yml to utf-8 encoding. Closes #2231.
(edit) @17284   10 years isortega Update of spanish translation
(edit) @16846   10 years avar Remove unused messages that weren't removed in [16817]
(edit) @16718   10 years avar * Turn the hardcoded #<%= %> into t('msg', :id => …
(edit) @16483   10 years tomhughes Merge changeset browser branch to trunk.
(edit) @16269   10 years tomhughes Make the search box load each set of results separately so that one …
(edit) @16205   10 years avar Another commit in the spirit of [16199]: Don't enforce word order for …
(edit) @16199   10 years avar The relation browser used the translated nominative model names of …
(edit) @16196   10 years avar Delete from a bunch of translations. It has …
(edit) @16108   10 years tomhughes Fix some interpolation variables.
(edit) @16062   10 years avar Fixed up the <title>/<h2> mess in trace/edit and trace/view * @title …
(edit) @15916   10 years stefanb minor change: diary entries per language linked (lists and rss feeds) …
(edit) @15906   10 years edgemaster Fix typo and copy-paste error in es translation, causing 500s on main site.
(edit) @15905   10 years tomhughes Revert r15900 for now.
(edit) @15900   10 years stefanb Added localized language names with plugin from …
(edit) @15894   10 years isortega Update spanish translation: about 90% now.
(edit) @15870   10 years edgemaster Fix quotes in spanish translation, were braking rails.
(edit) @15869   10 years isortega Update spanish translation: now with more than 66.6666666666% done!!
(edit) @15868   10 years isortega Update spanish translation file (aprox. 45% done)
(edit) @15594   10 years tomhughes Convert DOS line endings to Unix.
(edit) @15521   10 years tomhughes Fix up translation issues in diary comment notifier.
(copy) @15409   10 years tomhughes Merged I18N branch to head.
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(add) @15402   10 years jennyh Added translations to notifier/diary_comment_notification
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