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(edit) @15754   10 years stefanb synced with english r15753, added more translations
(edit) @15752   10 years avar The display:none attribution table looks horrid in text browsers (e.g. …
(edit) @15734   10 years stefanb typos
(edit) @15732   10 years stefanb partially synced
(edit) @15724   10 years tomhughes Rework the javascript I18n interpolation a bit - the interpolation …
(edit) @15702   10 years avar More progress on ticket:1919 These messages now don't use JavaScript?
(edit) @15700   10 years avar Nuked 'browse.start_rjs.unable_to_load' and replaced it with …
(edit) @15698   10 years avar Implement a hack so that we can interpolate JavaScript? variables in …
(edit) @15684   10 years avar Added & cleaned up messages relating to a given user not existing The …
(edit) @15654   10 years tomhughes Fix indentation.
(edit) @15653   10 years tomhughes Translate the title of the user diary view.
(edit) @15565   10 years tomhughes Use "confirm_email" instead "confirm email" in resource names so it …
(edit) @15557   10 years avar Fixed a YAML syntax error, please run something like this when editing …
(edit) @15554   10 years stefanb more translations
(edit) @15551   10 years stefanb synced with english, some more translations
(edit) @15521   10 years tomhughes Fix up translation issues in diary comment notifier.
(edit) @15520   10 years tomhughes Make a few more strings translatable in the diary entry controller and …
(edit) @15517   10 years stefanb typo
(edit) @15516   10 years stefanb some more phrases, synced with english
(edit) @15489   10 years stefanb typo
(edit) @15485   10 years stefanb some more translations
(edit) @15479   10 years stefanb syncing with latest english additions
(edit) @15477   10 years stefanb moar translations
(copy) @15451   10 years stefanb Initial, partial translation into Slovenian
copied from sites/rails_port/config/locales/en.yml:
(edit) @15444   10 years tomhughes Merge a final translation from i18n branch.
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