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(edit) @6961   11 years steve user images
(edit) @6960   11 years steve User prference system basically done
(edit) @6562   11 years tomhughes Allow a GPX to be fetched in XML format by fetching data.xml instead of …
(edit) @6438   11 years tomhughes Add support for commenting on, and replying to, diary entries.
(edit) @6398   11 years tomhughes Make the message reply link prefill the title with "Re: original title". …
(edit) @5668   11 years mikel message outbox
(edit) @4921   11 years tomhughes Add an API call to find the map tiles which have changed in a given …
(edit) @4898   11 years dankarran Improving friend capabilities so you can now add and remove friends as you …
(edit) @4834   11 years gabriel Merge rails_port_0.5
(edit) @4664   11 years tomhughes Allow trace descriptions and tags to be edited.
(edit) @4304   11 years tomhughes More search improvements - a "Where am I?" link that does a reverse …
(edit) @4274   11 years tomhughes Put the option to delete GPS traces back. Fixes #405.
(edit) @4253   11 years tomhughes Add a capabilities API call. Fixes #410.
(edit) @4188   11 years tomhughes Make the gpx/id/data API call work, and make gpx/create a POST method so …
(edit) @4155   11 years tomhughes Tidy up trace handling a bit, and add support for per-user and per-tag …
(edit) @3990   11 years tomhughes New improved geocoder with extra added AJAX and OSM Namefinder support.
(edit) @3753   11 years tomhughes Make the API consistent about whether object names are plural in search …
(edit) @3371   11 years tomhughes Split the rest action into sparate read, update and delete actions thus …
(edit) @3359   11 years tomhughes Restrict object IDs to numbers to make search methods route correctly.
(edit) @3303   11 years tomhughes Fix up routes for diary entry changes in r3302.
(edit) @3290   11 years tomhughes Add support for segment/:id/ways and node/:id/segments API calls. Fixes …
(edit) @3177   11 years tomhughes Allow users to change their password from the account page, and get rid of …
(edit) @3175   11 years tomhughes Improve handling of login/logout some more to improve the chances of us …
(edit) @3173   11 years dankarran Adding routes for overall diary RSS, user-specific diary RSS, …
(edit) @3043   11 years richard TomH's patches
(edit) @3035   11 years damians applied TomH patch for lost password site
(edit) @2930   11 years richard Potlatch-on-Rails, ready to go (fingers crossed)
(edit) @2861   11 years jmckerrell Added trackpoint serving support to 0.4 API
(edit) @2765   11 years richard Potlatch Rails AMF stuff
(edit) @2764   11 years nickb messaging stuff and home location selection
(edit) @2758   11 years nickb resolved user.rb conflict
(edit) @2752   11 years nickb messaging stuff
(edit) @2746   11 years richard started work on /diary
(edit) @2714   11 years nickb routes to enable the postcode search
(edit) @2666   11 years nickb Added user home lat and lon
(edit) @2648   11 years nickb completed UK postcode search
(edit) @2613   12 years nickburch Support getting a way, and all the segments and nodes it depends on, via …
(edit) @2509   12 years nickb fixed an error in routes
(edit) @2508   12 years nickb geocoder stuff
(copy) @2489   12 years steve readmes and move some sites
copied from sites/rails port/config/routes.rb:
(copy) @2482   12 years steve more cleanups
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