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(edit) @17443   9 years tomhughes Add support for reloading the language table.
(edit) @17256   9 years zere Added referer URL in user_token so that redirections (e.g: from oauth …
(edit) @17139   9 years tomhughes Merge oauth branch at r17138 to trunk.
(edit) @17044   9 years tomhughes Add extra visibility options for GPS traces, and enhance the API call that …
(edit) @16834   9 years tomhughes Replace hard coded nwr enumeration support with a more generic system for …
(edit) @16833   9 years tomhughes Require the migration helper code in some more migrations.
(edit) @16819   9 years tomhughes Fixed migration - rails uses remove_index not drop_index.
(edit) @16816   9 years tomhughes Add an index on message sender.
(edit) @16657   9 years tomhughes Allow messages to be deleted from the outbox as well as the inbox.
(edit) @16655   9 years tomhughes Add the ability for a recipient to (logically) delete a message from their …
(edit) @16070   9 years tomhughes Revert r16046. DO NOT COMMIT MAJOR ENHANCEMENTS TO TRUNK WITHOUT TALKING …
(edit) @16046   9 years zere Adding initial version of the OAuth token authentication method. This adds …
(edit) @15812   9 years stefanb documented some additional requirements when installing on a cleaner …
(edit) @15729   9 years tomhughes Tweak migration to ensure that migrating from a database with existing …
(edit) @15414   9 years tomhughes More missing files from I18N merge.
(edit) @15410   9 years tomhughes Missing migrations from I18N merrge.
(edit) @15409   9 years tomhughes Merged I18N branch to head.
(edit) @15256   9 years tomhughes Only use the db functions for migrations if USE_DB_FUNCTIONS is set in the …
(edit) @15243   9 years edgemaster Merge r15175 from i18n_2 branch.
(edit) @15147   9 years smsm1 Add svn ignore for the sql files used for dumping the db schema.
(edit) @15015   10 years tomhughes Use a local lookup table for country bounding boxes rather than relying on …
(edit) @14962   10 years tomhughes Add missing requires for the migration helper core.
(edit) @14961   10 years tomhughes Fix bogus casts - lat/lon are signed.
(edit) @14960   10 years tomhughes Add postgres implementation of tile_for_point function.
(edit) @14958   10 years tomhughes Add yet more foreign keys.
(edit) @14948   10 years tomhughes Add foreign key constraints for users.
(edit) @14597   10 years tomhughes Add some extra indexes to the changesets table.
(edit) @14593   10 years tomhughes Add changeset indexes to nodes, ways and relations.
(edit) @14592   10 years tomhughes Add a user index to the changeset table.
(edit) @14586   10 years tomhughes Merge api06 branch to trunk.
(edit) @13792   10 years tomhughes Add an ACL system to allow key/value pairs to be attached to blocks of IP …
(edit) @12304   10 years tomhughes Add some extra indexes.
(edit) @11152   10 years tomhughes Log the IP address used to create an account.
(edit) @10116   10 years tomhughes Fix migration.
(edit) @10115   10 years tomhughes Add basic support for logically deleting a user.
(edit) @9778   10 years tomhughes Allow users to change their email address. Closes #546.
(edit) @9773   10 years tomhughes Allow a user's email address to be marked invalid, and suppress most …
(edit) @9766   10 years tomhughes Add an administrator flag to the user table.
(edit) @7673   11 years tomhughes Go back to using user_id+k as the primary key for user preferences but …
(edit) @7649   11 years gabriel rails_port: fix migration to create a primary key with auto increment …
(edit) @7648   11 years steve fix migration to remove original stupid index hopefully
(edit) @7634   11 years steve add individual user preference read/write, and default all new users to …
(edit) @7296   11 years tomhughes Make a copy of the rails code for the node tag splitting project, and …
(edit) @6966   11 years tomhughes Restore add_user_image migration.
(edit) @6964   11 years tomhughes Remove image migration as it isn't needed.
(edit) @6961   11 years steve user images
(edit) @6957   11 years steve preference stuff
(edit) @6956   11 years steve move migrations around
(edit) @6586   11 years nickb commented out migration which deletes the ways column nodes
(edit) @6585   11 years nickb fixes syntax error
(edit) @6570   11 years tomhughes - Add missing null constraints. - Drop pointless index on …
(edit) @6568   11 years nickb created a temporary old nodes table to add version
(edit) @6567   11 years nickb removed unneeded migrations 015 and 014
(edit) @6566   11 years nickb migration 013 removes tags from nodes and old nodes tables/ 014 does not …
(edit) @6565   11 years nickb added migration to add a primary key on nodes id and version - should be …
(edit) @6559   11 years nickb adds two migrations to create old_node_tags and node_tags table and …
(edit) @6525   11 years xin added mac os x instructions for db function creation
(edit) @6438   11 years tomhughes Add support for commenting on, and replying to, diary entries.
(edit) @6277   11 years tomhughes Add migration to add an index on node_id to way_nodes. This index was …
(edit) @4919   11 years tomhughes Add a maptile_for_point() function for MySQL to work out which slippy map …
(edit) @4837   11 years richard OS X-compatible makefile supplied by agnat
(edit) @4834   11 years gabriel Merge rails_port_0.5
(edit) @4818   11 years tomhughes Correct instructions for creating the database to ensure that the default …
(edit) @4754   11 years tomhughes Rescale GPS points correctly when downgrading from v5 to v4.
(edit) @4752   11 years tomhughes Fall back to a pure ruby update implementation if the tile_for_point …
(edit) @4750   11 years tomhughes Fall back to adding tile numbers the hard way if the MySQL function is not …
(edit) @4747   11 years tomhughes Document installation of database functions on MacOS X.
(edit) @4660   11 years tomhughes Add migration for quadtiling of node tables.
(edit) @4611   11 years tomhughes Change the gps_points table to store latitude and longitude values to …
(edit) @4610   11 years tomhughes Make the tile ID column unsigned as intended.
(edit) @4545   11 years tomhughes Add a migration to upgrade gps_points for quad tile support.
(edit) @4544   11 years tomhughes Make the MySQL tile_for_point function take arguments in the same order as …
(edit) @4517   11 years tomhughes QuadTile? infrastructure.
(edit) @4140   11 years tomhughes Various updates to the user management, including the creation of a …
(edit) @3875   11 years tomhughes Add migration to create session table in the database.
(edit) @3862   11 years tomhughes New database migration to cleanup lots of things.
(edit) @3326   11 years tomhughes Enhacements to the migration library code.
(edit) @3324   11 years tomhughes Primary keys can't have names so don't pretend otherwise.
(edit) @3323   11 years tomhughes Move common support code from the base migration to a library file where …
(edit) @3322   11 years tomhughes Remove old create_database.sql script as it no longers matches the …
(edit) @3293   11 years tomhughes Fixup the base migration so that it creates a database which matches the …
(edit) @2820   12 years nickb changed to migrations and updated readme
(edit) @2779   12 years steve add a big fat warning
(edit) @2778   12 years steve update current schema
(edit) @2777   12 years steve arghhhhhhhhh untested rails code and SQL fixed
(edit) @2764   12 years nickb messaging stuff and home location selection
(edit) @2758   12 years nickb resolved user.rb conflict
(edit) @2752   12 years nickb messaging stuff
(edit) @2703   12 years nickb fixed a mistake in migrate.sql - all is well now
(edit) @2690   12 years nickb map view defaults to a home lat and lon
(edit) @2666   12 years nickb Added user home lat and lon
(edit) @2659   12 years nickb Fixed up name search and postcode search
(edit) @2500   12 years jochen fixed typos
(copy) @2489   12 years steve readmes and move some sites
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(copy) @2482   12 years steve more cleanups
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