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(edit) @4156   13 years tomhughes Fix image referred to in RSS feeds so that it actually exists.
(edit) @4141   13 years tomhughes Salt passwords so that two users with the same password will have …
(edit) @4140   13 years tomhughes Various updates to the user management, including the creation of a …
(edit) @4111   13 years tomhughes Add the author name to RSS feeds.
(edit) @4031   13 years tomhughes Ignore timeouts doing IP geolocation.
(edit) @4008   13 years tomhughes Use IP GeoLocation? to choose a default view for the slippy map if we …
(edit) @3363   13 years tomhughes Treat a timestamp that can't be parse as if it didn't exist.
(edit) @3318   13 years tomhughes Use a multi-pass approach to parsing GPX files to keep memory usage down.
(edit) @3279   13 years tomhughes Make "nearby users" show all those within 50km rather than all those …
(edit) @3265   13 years tomhughes Cope with the degenerate case of a GPX file with only a single point.
(edit) @3263   13 years tomhughes Use DateTime? instead of Time for GPX timestamps as it can handle a …
(edit) @3252   13 years dankarran Adding a guid element to feed items, replicates URL.
(edit) @3251   13 years dankarran Using RFC-822 date for RSS feeds.
(edit) @3170   13 years dankarran left a bit in previous commit that shouldn't have been there.
(edit) @3169   13 years dankarran #499: Making GeoRSS class more reusable and stopping geotags being …
(edit) @3137   13 years dankarran #374: changing W3C geo tags to use 'long' instead of 'lon', per spec.
(edit) @3043   13 years richard TomH's patches
(edit) @2776   13 years steve updates from hacking day
(copy) @2489   13 years steve readmes and move some sites
copied from sites/rails port/lib/osm.rb:
(copy) @2482   13 years steve more cleanups
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