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(edit) @17423   9 years richard (binary)
(edit) @17392   9 years richard Potlatch 1.2a
(edit) @17299   9 years tomhughes Wrap tile numbers at the international dateline. Closes #2226.
(edit) @17139   9 years tomhughes Merge oauth branch at r17138 to trunk.
(edit) @17042   9 years tomhughes Remove layers argument from the shortlink if we change to mapnik from a …
(edit) @16901   9 years richard small parallel way fix, plus handy new 'join' keypress (J)
(edit) @16889   9 years richard ibid
(edit) @16886   9 years richard argh, caught out by annoying Ming 0.3>0.4 change. Recommit with correct …
(edit) @16883   9 years richard handful of small fixes
(edit) @16882   9 years richard bunch of small tweaks
(edit) @16877   9 years richard ibid
(edit) @16870   9 years richard ibid
(edit) @16866   9 years richard Potlatch 1.2
(edit) @16540   9 years richard and the binary
(edit) @16538   9 years tomhughes Set a pointRadius on the object style so nodes are visible. Fixes #2070.
(edit) @16529   9 years tomhughes Remove executable permission from SWF files.
(edit) @16526   9 years richard remove debug statement
(edit) @16525   9 years richard Potlatch 1.1a
(edit) @16470   9 years tomhughes Remove SOTM advert from site.
(edit) @16447   9 years richard and the binary
(edit) @16427   9 years richard and the binary
(edit) @16425   9 years richard ...and the accompanying binary
(edit) @16418   9 years richard and the accompanying SWF
(edit) @16413   9 years richard revised SWF
(edit) @16398   9 years richard fix #2046
(edit) @16394   9 years richard "list mode" should really be "live mode" :)
(edit) @16387   9 years richard Potlatch 1.1 (server code)
(edit) @16271   9 years zere Changed shortlink zoom level correction char to '-', as this seems to fare …
(edit) @16269   9 years tomhughes Make the search box load each set of results separately so that one …
(edit) @16216   9 years avar Add B000FTFT (as well as B000FTF) to the list of layers we should ignore …
(edit) @16215   9 years avar I forgot to set fillColor/fillOpacity in commit [16214]. Without it any …
(edit) @16214   9 years avar The default OpenLayers?.Layer.GML style can be nearly invisible when viewed …
(edit) @16183   9 years tomhughes Tidy up some recent commits: - Simplify shortlinkPrefix by removing …
(edit) @16182   9 years avar Make ?{node,way,relation}=id GET argumens work for the shortlink as well …
(edit) @16181   9 years avar Only hardcode in shortlinks when we're at …
(edit) @16180   9 years avar Change the feature commited in [16174] to use the main map view instead of …
(edit) @16171   9 years edgemaster Fix the nonames layer URLs, as missed in the changes to OpenStreetMap.js …
(edit) @16132   9 years spaetz add osmarender key stub, which will need to be completed
(edit) @16131   9 years tomhughes Switch to using the new XYZ layer class on OL 2.8.
(edit) @16130   9 years tomhughes Rebuild OpenLayers? with fixed ca.js translation.
(edit) @16128   9 years smsm1 Hard code into the shortcode permalink.
(edit) @16119   9 years zere Adding 'shortlink' functions which will allow URLs like …
(edit) @16104   9 years tomhughes Update to 2.8 release of OpenLayers?.
(edit) @16101   9 years tomhughes Rework the translatable map key to be driven by a YAML file listing the …
(edit) @16086   9 years edgemaster Fix adding marker on Embeddable HTML export by compiling in the …
(edit) @16073   9 years avar Change the map key from a static PNG image to a generated HTML table that …
(edit) @16038   9 years randomjunk Fix spelling in 500 error page
(edit) @15843   9 years gslater add Google Webmaster tools for Simone Cortesi (OSMF)
(edit) @15810   9 years richard yay, I found the "negative ID in putway" bug
(edit) @15764   9 years richard try reestablishing NetConnection? on retry, and trap empty relation tags
(edit) @15755   9 years avar Made a lot of things translatable and added title="" tooltips * …
(edit) @15724   9 years tomhughes Rework the javascript I18n interpolation a bit - the interpolation …
(edit) @15650   9 years tomhughes Add zh-CN to OpenLayers?.
(edit) @15615   9 years tomhughes Create a custom build of OpenLayers? to allow us to pull in extra …
(edit) @15606   9 years richard fix issue with searched-for relations
(edit) @15545   9 years gslater Add Google Webmaster Tool Auth file for Nick Black
(edit) @15534   9 years avar Change /index.php/ in links to /wiki/. This looks …
(edit) @15529   9 years gslater add Google Webmaster tools auth for Blackadder
(edit) @15528   9 years gslater Add Google Webmaster Tools Authorisation file for grant@osmf
(edit) @15526   9 years tomhughes Add google webmaster tools authorisation file.
(edit) @15344   9 years richard fix #1818
(edit) @15340   9 years tomhughes Fix wrapping in changeset lists properly.
(edit) @15338   9 years tomhughes Stop long changeset comments causing other fields to get split over …
(edit) @15276   9 years richard improve error handling when connection fails; closes #1864 and #1871
(edit) @15253   9 years tomhughes Disabled edit tab until z13 is reached.
(edit) @15231   9 years tomhughes Use SOTM logo to link to the SOTM site.
(edit) @15192   9 years richard fix upload item count
(edit) @15177   9 years richard adapt for larger fonts on Linux; fix indexing with renumbered nodes
(edit) @15136   10 years richard Potlatch 1.0
(edit) @14979   10 years richard a few small fixes
(edit) @14974   10 years smsm1 Updating for rails 2.2.2
(edit) @14968   10 years tomhughes Include CC-BY-SA in attribution.
(edit) @14954   10 years edgemaster Commit bits of missing css that were required in previous upload.
(edit) @14904   10 years richard Potlatch 0.11b
(edit) @14830   10 years richard Potlatch 0.11a
(edit) @14805   10 years tomhughes Don't bother running GC as it doesn't seem to get as much memory back …
(edit) @14771   10 years tomhughes Tidy up.
(edit) @14765   10 years richard move relations mapping out of way/node objects, so we don't need horrible …
(edit) @14763   10 years tomhughes Run GC if we hit the memory limit, and only restart if we are still too …
(edit) @14762   10 years tomhughes Increase the hard memory limit and set a lower soft limit that does a …
(edit) @14758   10 years tomhughes Do a GC run every 10 requests.
(edit) @14737   10 years richard ibid
(edit) @14735   10 years richard a couple of minor revert fixes
(edit) @14733   10 years richard pass common API error text through to Potlatch so it can be shown to the …
(edit) @14727   10 years richard lots of relations changes for speed and version management
(edit) @14716   10 years richard fix another way-node/Way-Node problem in amf_controller; add WinIE JS …
(edit) @14713   10 years harrywood change updatelinks params so that Potlatch can pass in the view bbox. Also …
(edit) @14710   10 years richard fix nodes bug
(edit) @14706   10 years richard fix word-wrap in "close changeset" dialogue
(edit) @14701   10 years richard remove debug stuff
(edit) @14695   10 years richard change relation_member 'type' case, to match change in database
(edit) @14694   10 years edgemaster Fix multiple issues with links to /history from the homepage. Thanks to Ed …
(edit) @14672   10 years richard bit more debug
(edit) @14671   10 years richard add temporary relations debug code
(edit) @14670   10 years richard remove Bavaria
(edit) @14665   10 years richard ibid
(edit) @14633   10 years tomhughes Add missing image.
(edit) @14632   10 years tomhughes Remove reference to non-existent images.
(edit) @14586   10 years tomhughes Merge api06 branch to trunk.
(edit) @14267   10 years tomhughes Add SOTM advert.
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