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(edit) @17899   11 years avar Translatewiki URLs changed. Adjust script to match
(edit) @17880   11 years avar comment out dupe purging debug message
(edit) @17879   11 years avar compile error in previous commit
(edit) @17878   11 years avar --cache option
(edit) @17866   11 years avar There are a bunch of keys on Translatewiki that are equivalent to …
(edit) @17862   11 years tomhughes Add script to update config/languages.yml from translatewiki language list.
(edit) @17861   11 years tomhughes Rename reload_languages to reload-languages for consistency.
(edit) @17850   11 years avar * Reconstruct option * I hate File::Basename and it hates absolute …
(edit) @17841   11 years avar --locales-dir is now config/locales by default
(edit) @17835   11 years avar more SYNOPSIS instructions
(edit) @17833   11 years avar Actualy having autogenerated timestamps at the top of files which are …
(edit) @17831   11 years avar Report on download progress
(edit) @17830   11 years avar --only-new option Don't spew so much debug output
(edit) @17829   11 years avar * Add more keys from the optional list that we don't want to ignor * …
(edit) @17828   11 years avar A hacky in-process script for merging translations from Translatewiki …
(edit) @17810   11 years avar Deal with values which are arrays, before and after: …
(edit) @17784   11 years avar Quick hack to add --dump-flat to get a human-readable flat version of …
(edit) @17505   11 years avar oops, wrong e-mail address
(edit) @17443   11 years tomhughes Add support for reloading the language table.
(edit) @17139   11 years tomhughes Merge oauth branch at r17138 to trunk.
(edit) @16718   11 years avar * Turn the hardcoded #<%= %> into t('msg', :id => …
(edit) @16710   11 years avar Ignore geocoder.search_osm_namefinder.* messages that I don't intend …
(edit) @16612   11 years tomhughes Make sure we always call fileparse() in scalar context.
(edit) @16609   11 years tomhughes Use File::Basename instead of having our own half-arsed version.
(edit) @16213   11 years avar Use LoadFile?(*DATA) to load the DATA section as YAML
(edit) @16212   11 years avar Add entries to is: blacklist
(edit) @16203   11 years avar Add browse.relation_member.entry to the blacklist
(edit) @16156   11 years avar Only report something in --untranslated-values if it exists in the …
(edit) @16126   11 years avar Update synopsis to include --untranslated-values
(edit) @16109   11 years avar Add a --validate-variables option to check that interpolated Ruby i18n …
(edit) @16080   11 years john07 removed anon_edits link from the de blacklist
(edit) @16079   11 years john07 removed urls (they need to point to a translated version (maybe still …
(edit) @16055   11 years john07 removed license_url from blacklist added de blacklist
(edit) @16052   11 years avar Remove debugging code
(edit) @16051   11 years avar Add some more stuff to the translation blacklist
(edit) @16050   11 years avar sort untranslated_keys output again
(edit) @16049   11 years avar Support blacklists/whitelists for --untranslated-values output
(edit) @16045   11 years avar Change option names and improve POD
(edit) @16044   11 years avar Add --untranslated-values to spot things that haven't been translated
(edit) @16043   11 years avar Don't use Data::Walk and instead construct a flattened list of hash …
(edit) @15670   11 years edgemaster Catch creation of en.po
(edit) @15669   11 years edgemaster Add bulk yaml production to yaml2po
(edit) @15664   11 years edgemaster Add the counterpart script, po2yaml, and use strctxt rather than #: …
(edit) @15622   11 years tomhughes Adjusted for new location of script.
(edit) @15586   11 years stefanb added svn:executable property
(copy) @15583   11 years tomhughes Reorganise locale scripts.
copied from sites/rails_port/script/utils:
(add) @15556   11 years avar A utility to print the structural differences between two files in …
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