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(edit) @17415   9 years tomhughes Fix file_column plugin to generate absolute URLs without falling over in a …
(edit) @17139   9 years tomhughes Merge oauth branch at r17138 to trunk.
(edit) @16717   9 years avar Updated this using the en.yml file in the ruby.git distribution for …
(edit) @16633   9 years tomhughes Update the :en and :sl pluralizers to default to :other if a more specific …
(edit) @16524   9 years tomhughes Fix compatible_language_from in the http_accept_language plugin to …
(edit) @16480   9 years stefanb improved pluralization, continuation of #2049
(edit) @16474   9 years tomhughes Add extra keys to custom Slovenian pluralization.
(edit) @16397   9 years stefanb improved translations
(edit) @16070   9 years tomhughes Revert r16046. DO NOT COMMIT MAJOR ENHANCEMENTS TO TRUNK WITHOUT TALKING …
(edit) @16056   9 years avar Add word connectors to is.yml, still needs upstream merge
(edit) @16046   9 years zere Adding initial version of the OAuth token authentication method. This adds …
(edit) @15919   9 years tomhughes Stop the spawner switching to the root directory as it breaks the ability …
(edit) @15918   9 years tomhughes Add irs_process_scripts plugin to replace process control scripts used by …
(edit) @15905   9 years tomhughes Revert r15900 for now.
(edit) @15900   9 years stefanb Added localized language names with plugin from …
(edit) @15854   9 years stefanb further translations
(edit) @15813   9 years stefanb experimental slovenian locale for rails-i18n
(edit) @15804   9 years avar Support word connectors in German, translates the node/way/relation …
(edit) @15715   9 years avar Icelandic translations for rails-i18n. This still has to be merged …
(edit) @15674   9 years tomhughes Add an extra message to detect Postgres deadlocks.
(edit) @15673   9 years tomhughes Update deadlock_retry plugin with latest upstream code.
(edit) @15588   9 years tomhughes Move to version 2.3.2 of rails.
(edit) @15409   9 years tomhughes Merged I18N branch to head.
(edit) @14975   9 years tomhughes Add gem specification file to stop rake test complaining.
(edit) @14974   9 years smsm1 Updating for rails 2.2.2
(edit) @14973   9 years tomhughes Patch composite_primary_keys to work around issue when one component of a …
(edit) @14972   9 years tomhughes Add version 2.2.2 of composite_primary_keys.
(edit) @14802   9 years tomhughes Cope with sessions which don't exist.
(edit) @14800   9 years tomhughes Fix session plugin work with the new ruby pg driver for postgresql.
(edit) @14588   10 years tomhughes Merge vendor tree from api06 branch.
(edit) @14587   10 years tomhughes Remove plugin externals.
(edit) @11100   10 years smsm1 Backporting the change that I made to the api06 branch to bring the …
(edit) @9553   10 years tomhughes Import the output_compression plugin as the SVN external never works.
(edit) @9552   10 years tomhughes Import the daemon generator as the SVN external never works.
(edit) @9287   10 years smsm1 Removing rspec from svn externals, as it isn't being used.
(edit) @9286   10 years smsm1 Removing rspec from svn, as it isn't being used.
(edit) @6965   11 years tomhughes Only check out the trunk of the image column plugin.
(edit) @6961   11 years steve user images
(edit) @6546   11 years tomhughes Put the daemons generator plugin back.
(edit) @6545   11 years xin un-commented sqlsessionstore
(edit) @6544   11 years xin added rspec on rails as external
(edit) @6537   11 years xin added RSpec and RSpec on Rails
(edit) @6267   11 years tomhughes Migrate web site to use rails 2.0.1.
(edit) @4904   11 years tomhughes Reinstate the deadlock_retry plugin.
(edit) @4834   11 years gabriel Merge rails_port_0.5
(edit) @4383   11 years tomhughes Add the deadlock_retry plugin.
(edit) @3876   11 years tomhughes Switch to storing sessions in the database.
(copy) @2489   12 years steve readmes and move some sites
copied from sites/rails port/vendor:
(copy) @2482   12 years steve more cleanups
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