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(edit) @14009   11 years tomhughes Fix for libxml 1.0.0 changes.
(edit) @14006   11 years tomhughes Update to use libxml 1.0.0 gem.
(edit) @13984   11 years tomhughes Fix thinko.
(edit) @13983   11 years tomhughes Put auto discovery links in the document head.
(edit) @13982   11 years tomhughes Declare XML namespace.
(edit) @13792   11 years tomhughes Add an ACL system to allow key/value pairs to be attached to blocks of …
(edit) @13711   11 years tomhughes Go back to using <center> to position the buttons in the left hand …
(edit) @13709   11 years tomhughes Use a root relative URL for the donation button image.
(edit) @13706   11 years tomhughes Replace the PayPal? button on the home page with a donate button that …
(edit) @13704   11 years tomhughes Apparently zero is not false in ruby.
(edit) @13703   11 years tomhughes Remove donate box from front page.
(edit) @13701   11 years richard be a bit smarter about enlarging the bbox (note to self: must remember …
(edit) @13693   11 years tomhughes Put the escapes back again.
(edit) @13672   11 years pgillard Stylesheet changes to make paragraphs within intro section on left …
(edit) @13663   11 years tomhughes Removed bogus backslash escape.
(edit) @13662   11 years tomhughes Wrap text to make it more readable and adjust the padding on the intro …
(edit) @13661   11 years tomhughes Remove bogus backslash escape.
(edit) @13660   11 years tomhughes Remove excessive indenting - tabs are bad people!
(edit) @13659   11 years pgillard
(edit) @13658   11 years pgillard Ensure homepage source validates.
(edit) @13558   12 years tomhughes Stop robots crawling the object browser.
(edit) @13557   12 years tomhughes Back out hack to setMapCenter and fix the problem in the right place.
(edit) @13556   12 years tomhughes Add donation link to main site.
(edit) @13453   12 years edgemaster Pass zoom to map.setCenter as an integer (Closes #1547)
(edit) @13435   12 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typo
(edit) @13301   12 years richard eight zillion more presets for 0.5 Potlatch
(edit) @13255   12 years tomhughes Remove Steve's gratuitous insult.
(edit) @13253   12 years steve nicer signup confirmation email
(edit) @13211   12 years richard (0.5) use for all except zoom level 14 (still …
(edit) @13184   12 years richard swap way write with node deletion as per dev@
(edit) @12401   12 years richard tiny fix
(edit) @12359   12 years tomhughes Align table heading properly. Closes #1405.
(edit) @12304   12 years tomhughes Add some extra indexes.
(edit) @12303   12 years tomhughes Optimise lookup of traces with a given tag.
(edit) @12083   12 years tomhughes Add a delete method for the user model.
(edit) @12065   12 years richard various fixes/enhancements, including a couple to the 0.5 version
(edit) @11972   12 years tomhughes Require the user to be logged in for those methods which make no sense …
(edit) @11971   12 years tomhughes Fix syntax of status only renders. Closes #1345.
(edit) @11703   12 years Shaun McDonald Updating the cycle map to use all zoom levels as per Andy Allan's message.
(edit) @11544   12 years tomhughes Put back the units on all the zero values. Just because you can remove …
(edit) @11543   12 years hughb Fix for bug #1242, css foreground set + css shorthands used
(edit) @11494   12 years gslater Bots Disallow /edit* & /login*, Nothing to see here... move right along.
(edit) @11469   12 years richard fix broken YAML
(edit) @11420   12 years richard Potlatch 0.10f
(edit) @11372   12 years tomhughes Revert r11194 as it doesn't work as the trace_name member does return …
(edit) @11194   12 years tomhughes Fix race condition adding traces. Closes #1201.
(edit) @11193   12 years tomhughes Disable the query cache.
(edit) @11163   12 years tomhughes Make adding relations work again. Fix from RichardF.
(edit) @11154   12 years richard disable z12
(edit) @11153   12 years tomhughes Send the new amf/read API call to the bulkapi queue - the write method …
(edit) @11152   12 years tomhughes Log the IP address used to create an account.
(edit) @11151   12 years richard Potlatch 0.10e
(edit) @11147   12 years tomhughes Disambiguate order clause.
(edit) @11146   12 years tomhughes Hide diary entries and comments made by deleted users.
(edit) @11106   12 years gslater Block bots from /trace/, so they don't attempt to eat all the GPX data.
(edit) @11100   12 years Shaun McDonald Backporting the change that I made to the api06 branch to bring the …
(edit) @11098   12 years tomhughes Set the displayProjection on the map.
(edit) @11089   12 years tomhughes Make data browser work with OpenLayers? 2.7.
(edit) @11069   12 years tomhughes More changes from the live server.
(edit) @11068   12 years tomhughes Commit updated dispatch rules from live server.
(edit) @11066   12 years tomhughes Update cross domain policy to only allow API access.
(edit) @11059   12 years richard add railway=platform
(edit) @11052   12 years richard slight fix to prevent empty tag values
(edit) @11040   12 years richard Potlatch 0.10d
(edit) @11039   12 years tomhughes Update to OpenLayers? 2.7.
(edit) @11038   12 years tomhughes Make sure the zoom level is valid when positioning the map. Closes #1158.
(edit) @11035   12 years tomhughes Fix test for errors from to work properly. Closes #1213.
(edit) @10953   12 years gslater Add Flash crossdomain.xml policy file
(edit) @10887   12 years tomhughes Get rails to do asset tagging for the SWF file.
(edit) @10804   12 years richard Potlatch 0.10c... part two
(edit) @10776   12 years richard Potlatch 0.10c
(edit) @10587   12 years tomhughes Add the noname layer to the main map.
(edit) @10537   12 years tomhughes Run web authorisation for all non-api requests. Closes #1152.
(edit) @10289   12 years tomhughes Update for new cycle map location.
(edit) @10116   12 years tomhughes Fix migration.
(edit) @10115   12 years tomhughes Add basic support for logically deleting a user.
(edit) @10114   12 years tomhughes Tidy up diary code a bit.
(edit) @10044   12 years richard edit diary entries
(edit) @9935   12 years tomhughes Commit new route for email confirmation changes.
(edit) @9779   12 years tomhughes Don't user flash[:notice] when we're not redirecting as it will …
(edit) @9778   12 years tomhughes Allow users to change their email address. Closes #546.
(edit) @9773   12 years tomhughes Allow a user's email address to be marked invalid, and suppress most …
(edit) @9766   12 years tomhughes Add an administrator flag to the user table.
(edit) @9568   12 years tomhughes Make the cleanup script work a chunk at a time so we don't run out of …
(edit) @9553   12 years tomhughes Import the output_compression plugin as the SVN external never works.
(edit) @9552   12 years tomhughes Import the daemon generator as the SVN external never works.
(edit) @9524   12 years tomhughes Make the location of the GPX traces configurable.
(edit) @9447   12 years tomhughes Link to user pages.
(edit) @9416   12 years richard Potlatch 0.10b
(edit) @9399   12 years tomhughes Ignore any files in an MACOSX folder in a zip file, as these are …
(edit) @9385   12 years stevechilton Correct versions of z12/13 keys
(edit) @9384   12 years stevechilton new versions of map keys to z12 and z13
(edit) @9383   12 years frederik add "non-exclusively" to new user signup message
(edit) @9376   12 years tomhughes Rework GPX import daemon to use libxml2 for speed.
(edit) @9353   12 years richard Potlatch 0.10a
(edit) @9287   12 years Shaun McDonald Removing rspec from svn externals, as it isn't being used.
(edit) @9286   12 years Shaun McDonald Removing rspec from svn, as it isn't being used.
(edit) @9262   12 years Shaun McDonald Show whether a trace is public or private in the trace list, so that a …
(edit) @9233   12 years tomhughes Enable JPEG export from Osmarender again.
(edit) @9188   12 years tomhughes Try and improve libxml error handling.
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