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(edit) @15534   10 years avar Change /index.php/ in links to /wiki/. This …
(edit) @15533   10 years tomhughes Add a few missing translations. Closes #1903.
(edit) @15532   10 years avar Translated posted_by in diary entries
(edit) @15531   10 years avar Merged new translations from en.yml and translated them
(edit) @15529   10 years gslater add Google Webmaster tools auth for Blackadder
(edit) @15528   10 years gslater Add Google Webmaster Tools Authorisation file for grant@osmf
(edit) @15526   10 years tomhughes Add google webmaster tools authorisation file.
(edit) @15524   10 years tomhughes Remove left over code from original diary language implementation that …
(edit) @15523   10 years tomhughes Correct translation name.
(edit) @15521   10 years tomhughes Fix up translation issues in diary comment notifier.
(edit) @15520   10 years tomhughes Make a few more strings translatable in the diary entry controller and …
(edit) @15519   10 years tomhughes Internationalise the trace controller. Fixes #1894.
(edit) @15518   10 years Shaun McDonald Made also part of translatable. Fixes #1897.
(edit) @15517   10 years stefanb typo
(edit) @15516   10 years stefanb some more phrases, synced with english
(edit) @15513   10 years avar Translated "Permalink" as "Varanlegur tengill"
(edit) @15512   10 years avar Translated Reading messages
(edit) @15511   10 years avar outbox translated
(edit) @15510   10 years avar /{node,way,relation}/N map view translations
(edit) @15509   10 years avar "Tags" translations and /traces/N
(edit) @15507   10 years avar More /traces/mine translations
(edit) @15506   10 years avar Translated the trace list horribly, needs better translations for …
(edit) @15505   10 years avar "Showing page X of Y" in /traces
(edit) @15504   10 years avar Translate "Go" in the search submit text as "Ok" instead of "Áfrám", …
(edit) @15503   10 years avar first stab at translating the intro_*
(edit) @15502   10 years avar Translated /user/new
(edit) @15501   10 years avar Translated login button as "Innskrá"
(edit) @15500   10 years avar Merge changes made in en.yml: * imported activerecord stuff, still …
(edit) @15499   10 years avar translated user login/signup/password reset
(edit) @15497   10 years tomhughes Make the "map" link on the traces page translatable.
(edit) @15496   10 years tomhughes French translation updates. Closes #1891.
(edit) @15495   10 years avar Fixed fatal error when visiting /user/$user/edits when using the …
(edit) @15494   10 years avar fixed fatal error as a result of copy/paste programming
(edit) @15493   10 years avar Translated some /inbox UI messages
(edit) @15492   10 years avar some diary comment messages translated
(edit) @15491   10 years avar Diary entry translations
(edit) @15490   10 years avar Translated more messages related to settings
(edit) @15489   10 years stefanb typo
(edit) @15488   10 years avar more /user translations
(edit) @15487   10 years claudius More corrections to the german website localization - Satzstellung: …
(edit) @15486   10 years avar translated some user e-mails
(edit) @15485   10 years stefanb some more translations
(edit) @15483   10 years avar More translations for export dialog, and change "velja svæði" to …
(edit) @15482   10 years avar Translation for basic GPX upload interface
(edit) @15481   10 years avar Translated export dialog. Some of these translations are horrible, …
(edit) @15480   10 years avar Various user profile/preferences translations
(edit) @15479   10 years stefanb syncing with latest english additions
(edit) @15478   10 years malenki fixed more tiny issues in german translation
(edit) @15477   10 years stefanb moar translations
(edit) @15476   10 years malenki fixed tiny issue in german translation
(edit) @15475   10 years malenki advanced german localisation
(edit) @15474   10 years avar translated some of the user view
(edit) @15473   10 years avar Viðfangsefni -> Titill; Aðaltexti -> Texti for Subject/Body?, more succinct
(edit) @15472   10 years avar translated changeset stuff, even though I'm not sure about the context …
(edit) @15471   10 years avar translated "use map" as "finna á korti" or "find on map"
(edit) @15470   10 years avar Translated new diary entry interface and search tab
(edit) @15469   10 years avar translations for list_bbox
(edit) @15468   10 years avar translations for /history tab
(edit) @15467   10 years avar Commiting a version of is.yml in the progress of being translated from …
(edit) @15466   10 years Shaun McDonald more tranlations for validations. Bug fix for the missing translation …
(edit) @15465   10 years john07 small fix
(edit) @15463   10 years tomhughes Improved german translations. Closes #1888.
(edit) @15458   10 years tomhughes Give location cookie a 10 year expiry.
(edit) @15454   10 years tomhughes Handle nodes which are in the same way multiple times.
(edit) @15453   10 years tomhughes Fix misspelt resource name.
(edit) @15452   10 years tomhughes Fix a few typos in translation resource names.
(edit) @15451   10 years stefanb Initial, partial translation into Slovenian
(edit) @15446   10 years avar A stub is.yml for Icelandic
(edit) @15445   10 years Shaun McDonald Fix wrong translation key in nearby user list. Hopefully fixes #1885
(edit) @15444   10 years tomhughes Merge a final translation from i18n branch.
(edit) @15442   10 years Shaun McDonald Fix typo, which meant that there was a missing translation when …
(edit) @15440   10 years john07 translated some missing strings and corrected some bugs
(edit) @15439   10 years Shaun McDonald fix to the diary entry test
(edit) @15438   10 years Shaun McDonald fix to the diary entry test
(edit) @15437   10 years john07 fixed quoting error
(edit) @15436   10 years Shaun McDonald Bugfix to the diary entry comment notifier with the missing closing %>
(edit) @15431   10 years john07 fixing missing strings
(edit) @15430   10 years john07 sign_up_confirm translation finished
(edit) @15429   10 years john07 translating signup confirm
(edit) @15428   10 years john07
(edit) @15426   10 years john07 adding more translations
(edit) @15424   10 years john07 Added some translations for inbox and more
(edit) @15421   10 years john07 fixed misspelled key
(edit) @15420   10 years john07 now feature-complete to en.yml
(edit) @15419   10 years jennyh Fixed translation file, which had misspelled key.
(edit) @15418   10 years Shaun McDonald Fix the integration test
(edit) @15417   10 years tomhughes Remove bogus datetime translation.
(edit) @15416   10 years tomhughes Fix bogus date translation.
(edit) @15414   10 years tomhughes More missing files from I18N merge.
(edit) @15410   10 years tomhughes Missing migrations from I18N merrge.
(edit) @15409   10 years tomhughes Merged I18N branch to head.
(edit) @15373   10 years tomhughes Limit Osmarender zoom to 17 levels.
(edit) @15372   10 years tomhughes Optimise data loading for browsing ways.
(edit) @15371   10 years tomhughes Show connected ways in the data browser. Closes #1882.
(edit) @15353   10 years tomhughes Remove pointless bit of setup that used an undefined app config key.
(edit) @15351   10 years tomhughes Put ActionMailer? configuration in the right place.
(edit) @15350   10 years tomhughes Remove old attempt at i18n.
(edit) @15344   10 years richard fix #1818
(edit) @15340   10 years tomhughes Fix wrapping in changeset lists properly.
(edit) @15338   10 years tomhughes Stop long changeset comments causing other fields to get split over …
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