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(edit) @8839   12 years Shaun McDonald Removing the in_world test from the model since it is included in the …
(edit) @8817   12 years tomhughes Tidy up a bit after shaun's merge…
(edit) @8813   12 years Shaun McDonald Fixing the resync that I had done wrong at the end of last week on the …
(edit) @8735   12 years tomhughes Don't hardcode the API version in the data browser.
(edit) @8685   12 years Shaun McDonald Merge changes from trunk 7673:8632.
(edit) @8682   12 years Shaun McDonald Now all the unit tests work
(edit) @8060   12 years Shaun McDonald Fixing indentation
(edit) @8059   12 years Shaun McDonald Fixing indentation
(edit) @7819   12 years gabriel api06: remove debugging output.
(edit) @7818   12 years gabriel api06: simplify diff uploading.
(edit) @7817   12 years gabriel api06: diff upload: don't read the whole request into memory. Note: …
(edit) @7814   12 years gabriel api06: simplify exception handling and add exception handling to the …
(edit) @7792   12 years gabriel api06: Fix typo.
(edit) @7791   12 years gabriel api06: s/delete_with_relations_and_history/delete_with_history/g
(edit) @7790   12 years gabriel api06: Move version-checking into the models, raising an exception on …
(edit) @7773   12 years crschmidt node.tags is now (apparently) the same as tags_as_hash.
(edit) @7771   12 years crschmidt make error_message spit out the message text to the user as well as …
(edit) @7770   12 years crschmidt undo composite keys change on old_ndoe
(edit) @7769   12 years crschmidt from_xml sets a version on nodes
(edit) @7768   12 years crschmidt add to_xml method for oldnode
(edit) @7767   12 years crschmidt spit out whether the changeset is open in the xml
(edit) @7766   12 years crschmidt prevent update of any object without providing the correct/current …
(edit) @7765   12 years crschmidt Make capabilities report the current version for from/to version …
(edit) @7764   12 years crschmidt change 'no nodes' response to use API_VERSION in output
(edit) @7763   12 years crschmidt add support for closing changesets
(edit) @7760   12 years crschmidt add FIXME FIXME FIXME for serializing changes in a changeset
(edit) @7759   12 years crschmidt Add support for accessing changesets as XML through the API via the …
(edit) @7758   12 years crschmidt Make edits return version numbers as plain text strings
(edit) @7699   12 years gabriel api06: Fix normal way and relation uploading (i.e. not as part of a …
(edit) @7688   12 years gabriel api06: Diff upload works now (but no integration with changesets …
(edit) @7687   12 years gabriel api06: Fix diff uploading (still doesn't give a useful response): …
(edit) @7684   12 years gabriel api06: Fix diff uploading (creation works fine now)
(edit) @7683   12 years gabriel api06: Preliminary support for diff uploading. This will not return …
(edit) @7674   12 years tomhughes Merge 7649:7673 from trunk.
(edit) @7670   12 years gabriel api06: Merge changesets code from Frederik.
(edit) @7663   12 years gabriel api06: Return version ids in XML responses.
(copy) @7662   12 years gabriel Rename split_node_tags branch to api06.
copied from sites/rails_port_branches/split_node_tags/app:
(edit) @7661   12 years gabriel split_node_tags: Remove old unused files.
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