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(edit) @11028   11 years Shaun McDonald Fixing a bug in my foreign keys. I can now upload and download nodes …
(edit) @11000   11 years Shaun McDonald wrong foreign key command in the migration
(edit) @10999   11 years Shaun McDonald wrong foreign key command in the migration
(edit) @10998   11 years Shaun McDonald using the wrong field name in one of the migrations
(edit) @10997   11 years Shaun McDonald changing the changesets migrations, so that the user id is now the …
(edit) @10903   11 years Shaun McDonald Minor fix for the migration that was moved
(edit) @10902   11 years Shaun McDonald Doing a resync from mainline 8633:10895. There was one simple to …
(edit) @7686   12 years tomhughes The current_way_nodes table is already an InnoDB table.
(edit) @7682   12 years gabriel api06: Fix tag parsing in the node-tags-normalization helper, as …
(edit) @7681   12 years gabriel api06: Use 2-byte ints and check malloc return value.
(edit) @7679   12 years gabriel api06: Fix bounds check.
(edit) @7678   12 years gabriel api06: 013_populate_node_tags_and_remove_helper: Initialize memory.
(edit) @7677   12 years frederik buffer overrun fix
(edit) @7676   12 years tomhughes Add timestamp indexes to current_ways and current_relations.
(edit) @7674   12 years tomhughes Merge 7649:7673 from trunk.
(edit) @7671   12 years gabriel api06: Move add-changeset migr. to no. 16.
(edit) @7670   12 years gabriel api06: Merge changesets code from Frederik.
(edit) @7668   12 years tomhughes When adding new primary keys, drop the old indexes which are no longer …
(edit) @7665   12 years gabriel api06: Fix the version-numbers-on-current-tables migration: We want …
(copy) @7662   12 years gabriel Rename split_node_tags branch to api06.
copied from sites/rails_port_branches/split_node_tags/db:
(edit) @7660   12 years gabriel split_node_tags: Merge changes in main branch up to r7649.
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