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(edit) @20819   10 years gslater Mapnik cgi export: Fix trailing newline on jpeg/png.
(edit) @16117   11 years jonb Reject /export requests if the load average on tile is too high
(edit) @15741   11 years tomhughes Make sure the bounding box makes sense.
(edit) @15739   11 years jonb Add memory limit to export tab CGI process. Otherwsie a bad request …
(edit) @8950   12 years jonb Impose 5 minute CPU limit on Mapnik export CGI process
(edit) @7446   12 years tomhughes Correct name of CGI script.
(edit) @7443   12 years tomhughes Export script for mapnik tile server.
(edit) @7442   12 years tomhughes Remove old tile setup.
(edit) @6109   13 years jonb small shell script to download and apply latest planet dump
(edit) @5386   13 years jonb update tile cat_tile.rb script and provide some variants which are …
(edit) @4384   13 years jonb update tile render_from_list script to match live server
(edit) @3634   13 years jonb tile_details.rb: sanitise CGI input
(edit) @3633   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: Make blocked tiles return a 403 error with a message …
(edit) @3632   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: Add delay for blocked request
(edit) @3631   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: Sanitise CGI input. Use print to avoid trailing \n. Don't …
(edit) @3630   13 years jonb tile_details.rb: handle mysql errors
(edit) @3629   13 years jonb insert_tile.rb: handle mysql connect errors.
(edit) @3628   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: handle mysql connect errors. Reintroduce tile limit …
(edit) @2951   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb, limited real-time rendering for new tiles
(edit) @2871   13 years jonb tile cat_tile.rb - implement tile boundary limits with blank tile for …
(edit) @2870   13 years jonb limit.png - reduce to 1-bit image to save space
(edit) @2869   13 years jonb tile crontab - add current re-render process
(edit) @2562   13 years steve update tile schema
(edit) @2561   13 years steve updated tile scripts
(copy) @2474   13 years steve move sites around
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(edit) @2355   13 years steve update limit to 10,000 tiles
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