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(edit) @28357   8 years bastik remove wms link from index, when wms is disabled
(edit) @28355   8 years giggls fix wms_extent in layer Karlsruhe
(edit) @28354   8 years giggls Make disabling of WMS for single layers actually work
(edit) @28349   8 years giggls Always show bounding box in WGS84 even if raster has another …
(edit) @28347   8 years bastik update map file (includes previous changes by other users)
(edit) @28346   8 years bastik more layer options
(edit) @26567   9 years giggls Show slippymap if Base Index of Server is requested
(edit) @26564   9 years giggls Also allow requests for png tiles
(edit) @26433   9 years giggls is providing us with a Google Mercator enabled WMS Server. …
(edit) @25953   9 years giggls More homebrew aerial images from Holger Neubert
(edit) @25872   9 years giggls New aerial image layers
(edit) @25218   10 years giggls add tms URL
(edit) @24794   10 years giggls german/english language mix :)
(edit) @24780   10 years giggls Fix Permalink Bug in Openlayers Code
(edit) @24571   10 years giggls Make zoomlevel selection actually work
(edit) @24566   10 years giggls Add zoomlevel option to mapfile
(edit) @24512   10 years giggls add aerial image from Radolfzell on lake constance
(edit) @24041   10 years giggls do not show copyright layer in GetCapabilities? REQUEST
(edit) @23906   10 years giggls * add contact information * rename slippymap to interactive map
(edit) @23903   10 years giggls index.html is now obsolete (replaced by wsgi script)
(edit) @23902   10 years giggls Generate index URL and slippymap from mapfile this way only the …
(edit) @23364   10 years gislars changed outputformat for
(edit) @23353   10 years gislars modified information to "mautknoten" description for
(edit) @23225   10 years gislars added mautknoten layer to wms and info about it in index.html
(edit) @22760   10 years giggls Changes by Tobias: * add Layer Witten * remove Layer Dortmund …
(edit) @22201   10 years giggls Fix ServiceException? when MAP= parameter is given
(edit) @20595   10 years giggls People are stupid :) If there is an URL people click it, if the lik …
(edit) @20519   10 years giggls minor typo corrections svn:keywords for index.html
(edit) @20518   10 years sven small script for reading extent from raster images
(edit) @20517   10 years sven Add HTML root and minimal documentation
(edit) @20516   10 years sven Add layer for Aerowest images from Dortmund
(edit) @20515   10 years sven * add layer for chile * change from mod_python to wsgi * add generic …
(edit) @20514   11 years sven Id keyword
(edit) @20513   11 years sven add svn:keywords property
(edit) @20512   11 years sven set copyright text from mapscript
(edit) @20511   11 years sven Enable Tilemode
(edit) @20510   11 years sven WMS server initial revision
(add) @20509   10 years tomhughes Make directory to import code.
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