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(edit) @11116   11 years Shaun McDonald fix indentation. Get teh api version from the constant, rather than …
(edit) @11113   11 years Shaun McDonald reverting the javascript change in changeset 10926, that needs to be …
(edit) @11111   11 years Shaun McDonald Some comment about where to add code to get some more of the …
(edit) @11106   11 years gslater Block bots from /trace/, so they don't attempt to eat all the GPX data.
(edit) @11102   11 years Shaun McDonald moving the conistency checks for updates and deletes to library, …
(edit) @11100   11 years Shaun McDonald Backporting the change that I made to the api06 branch to bring the …
(edit) @11098   11 years tomhughes Set the displayProjection on the map.
(edit) @11097   11 years zere Small fixes to unit tests where user_id has become changeset_id.
(edit) @11089   11 years tomhughes Make data browser work with OpenLayers? 2.7.
(edit) @11087   11 years Shaun McDonald adding the controller code to be able to get a specific version of a …
(edit) @11082   11 years Shaun McDonald Fix the data config, so that the development database is not the same …
(edit) @11081   11 years Shaun McDonald some useful notes in code for ideas that require implementing.
(edit) @11079   11 years Shaun McDonald Adding the classic_pagination to svn as the svn external is no longer …
(edit) @11077   11 years Shaun McDonald Updating the fixtures for the new changesets
(edit) @11076   11 years Shaun McDonald folder empty and components are dead and gone with rails 2 anyway, so …
(edit) @11069   11 years tomhughes More changes from the live server.
(edit) @11068   11 years tomhughes Commit updated dispatch rules from live server.
(edit) @11066   11 years tomhughes Update cross domain policy to only allow API access.
(edit) @11059   11 years richard add railway=platform
(edit) @11052   11 years richard slight fix to prevent empty tag values
(edit) @11040   11 years richard Potlatch 0.10d
(edit) @11039   11 years tomhughes Update to OpenLayers? 2.7.
(edit) @11038   11 years tomhughes Make sure the zoom level is valid when positioning the map. Closes #1158.
(edit) @11035   11 years tomhughes Fix test for errors from to work properly. Closes #1213.
(edit) @11028   11 years Shaun McDonald Fixing a bug in my foreign keys. I can now upload and download nodes …
(edit) @11027   11 years Shaun McDonald Changing if not to unless to make code more readable.
(edit) @11025   11 years spaetz hourly changed tile request
(edit) @11002   11 years Shaun McDonald changing the belongs_to and has_many items in the models to reflect …
(edit) @11000   11 years Shaun McDonald wrong foreign key command in the migration
(edit) @10999   11 years Shaun McDonald wrong foreign key command in the migration
(edit) @10998   11 years Shaun McDonald using the wrong field name in one of the migrations
(edit) @10997   11 years Shaun McDonald changing the changesets migrations, so that the user id is now the …
(edit) @10988   11 years Shaun McDonald adding some version reading for the nodes
(edit) @10953   11 years gslater Add Flash crossdomain.xml policy file
(edit) @10926   11 years Shaun McDonald fixing hard coded images/scripts, so that the site works better when …
(edit) @10918   11 years spaetz we don't have legacy tiles anymore. chane wording
(edit) @10905   11 years Shaun McDonald fixing the test that was broken in the resync
(edit) @10903   11 years Shaun McDonald Minor fix for the migration that was moved
(edit) @10902   11 years Shaun McDonald Doing a resync from mainline 8633:10895. There was one simple to …
(edit) @10891   11 years spaetz adapt munin location
(edit) @10887   11 years tomhughes Get rails to do asset tagging for the SWF file.
(edit) @10886   11 years tomhughes Update DNS to point t@h at new server.
(edit) @10868   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typo
(edit) @10848   11 years spaetz make ctrl-c really shut down graceful and unlock currently handled …
(edit) @10847   11 years spaetz use new server paths
(edit) @10846   11 years spaetz rip out legacy tile serving. adapt to new paths
(edit) @10845   11 years spaetz make user_id a required field again. we were getting strange errors
(edit) @10844   11 years spaetz enable python-based tile viewing for a while…
(edit) @10843   11 years spaetz fix bug, use int not user object
(edit) @10842   11 years spaetz 1 adapt paths to new server 2 make the tile show code work again 3 …
(edit) @10841   11 years spaetz formatting changes
(edit) @10840   11 years spaetz try to make process_upload django 1.0 compatible.
(edit) @10839   11 years spaetz don't delete user_id field in web form
(edit) @10838   11 years spaetz delete uploaded file in case of exception
(edit) @10827   11 years frederik new dates for german gps calendar
(edit) @10805   11 years spaetz use callable function as default value
(edit) @10804   11 years richard Potlatch 0.10c... part two
(edit) @10800   11 years jochen Pressekontakt
(edit) @10776   11 years richard Potlatch 0.10c
(edit) @10759   11 years spaetz fix indention
(edit) @10758   11 years spaetz add docu about the special status of layer with id=1
(edit) @10757   11 years spaetz clean up 'take request' based on petschge's patch
(edit) @10754   11 years spaetz implement stub for .tileset file handling.
(edit) @10724   11 years spaetz smaller header image
(edit) @10711   11 years david div around new checkbox (br is not enough)
(edit) @10698   11 years spaetz sort by request_time. hopefully efficiently
(edit) @10697   11 years spaetz postgres-type boolean query
(edit) @10690   11 years spaetz small typo
(edit) @10679   11 years spaetz protect another part against occasional mysql failure
(edit) @10665   11 years spaetz import mysqldb to make OperationalError? available.
(edit) @10664   11 years spaetz better exception handling
(edit) @10660   11 years spaetz better exception handling
(edit) @10659   11 years spaetz protect us from MySQL OperationalError?, rather than crashing
(edit) @10651   11 years spaetz bugfix that cause error 500 on taking requests.
(edit) @10649   11 years spaetz reduce time we need to lock the table. Sort by priority but not …
(edit) @10641   11 years spaetz revert
(edit) @10640   11 years spaetz next try at locking
(edit) @10639   11 years spaetz put fetching request into separate function. perhaps we can lock this
(edit) @10638   11 years jochen warnweste file name added link to taiwan website
(edit) @10615   11 years spaetz snapshot with changes that make it work with django 1.0 release
(edit) @10614   11 years spaetz use django 1.0
(edit) @10610   11 years arindam change en-US to en
(edit) @10609   11 years arindam change en-US to en
(edit) @10605   11 years spaetz rename latestclient setting. select FOR UPDATE again
(edit) @10604   11 years spaetz random stuff, sorry no better changelog
(edit) @10603   11 years spaetz typo
(edit) @10602   11 years spaetz unlock all uploads on startup, so we get old ones after a crash
(edit) @10601   11 years spaetz this works with postgre and 1 thread was fast enough
(edit) @10599   11 years spaetz longer caching
(edit) @10598   11 years spaetz postgres requires an ip value on creation of request
(edit) @10597   11 years spaetz adapt models and queries to postgres
(edit) @10587   11 years tomhughes Add the noname layer to the main map.
(edit) @10584   11 years spaetz make process uploader react to ctrl-c and SIGTERM again
(edit) @10583   11 years spaetz show user by name seems to work more reliably, use that.
(edit) @10581   11 years spaetz make upload processor multithreads. ctrl-c and SIGTERM are broken now.
(edit) @10579   11 years spaetz custom upload manager that allows locking of entries in preparation …
(edit) @10576   11 years spaetz small bugfix, always return tuple
(edit) @10575   11 years spaetz it's ok if the file to be deleted does not exist
(edit) @10574   11 years spaetz don't save z12 tilesets when they are completely empty
(edit) @10573   11 years spaetz add some sanity checking in which layers we accept for a request
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