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(edit) @11787   12 years zere Added a query method for querying bounding boxes, times and users of …
(edit) @11784   12 years Shaun McDonald fix the indentation only
(edit) @11782   12 years gravitystorm some boolean correctness work
(edit) @11781   12 years gravitystorm add fixme
(edit) @11780   12 years gravitystorm use boolean flags when using boolean columns
(edit) @11778   12 years gravitystorm Booleans should be true/false - coding style comments welcome
(edit) @11777   12 years zere D'oh! Fixed stupid errors in changeset controller.
(edit) @11776   12 years gravitystorm users fixtures should all have creation times
(edit) @11775   12 years gravitystorm Booleans should be true/false for compatibility with other db adapters
(edit) @11742   12 years zere Ooops. Added missing access control to changeset controller.
(edit) @11741   12 years zere Added a changeset/#id/include method to POST to to expand the bounding box.
(edit) @11739   12 years zere Implemented changeset bounding box handling for relations, based on …
(edit) @11738   12 years Shaun McDonald Doing the update version part of the migration in chunks of 10000 …
(edit) @11725   12 years Shaun McDonald Removing depricated config option in the development env
(edit) @11705   12 years Shaun McDonald Fixing the migration so that it will better match the live databetter.
(edit) @11703   12 years Shaun McDonald Updating the cycle map to use all zoom levels as per Andy Allan's message.
(edit) @11692   12 years jochen New location for tiles@home map
(edit) @11675   12 years zere Added first attempt at bounding box support in changesets and tests …
(edit) @11666   12 years Shaun McDonald Minor fix (integer => bigint) to one of the migrations so that they …
(edit) @11647   12 years Shaun McDonald Adding an extra test to make sure that the correct response is …
(edit) @11646   12 years Shaun McDonald Additional api tests for the changes. Also making sure that you cannot …
(edit) @11639   12 years Shaun McDonald Adding a restriction to prevent more than 2000 nodes to be added to …
(edit) @11574   12 years Shaun McDonald Add a description meta tag for the all web pages. Wording probably …
(edit) @11573   12 years spaetz bump up the queue numbers
(edit) @11565   12 years Shaun McDonald Starting the gpx trace testing with additional fixtures
(edit) @11548   12 years zere Added custom validator for UTF-8 strings.
(edit) @11547   12 years Shaun McDonald add a comment about why the error handler is required, as per mail …
(edit) @11545   12 years zere Better error message and test for invalid UTF-8 sequences.
(edit) @11544   12 years tomhughes Put back the units on all the zero values. Just because you can remove …
(edit) @11543   12 years hughb Fix for bug #1242, css foreground set + css shorthands used
(edit) @11535   12 years Shaun McDonald Updating to use Rails 2.1.2. Moving the gem dependancies to the …
(edit) @11532   12 years gravitystorm message title shouldn't accept invalid utf-8 sequences - test …
(edit) @11519   12 years zere Made full test a bit more thorough.
(edit) @11518   12 years zere Added tests for relations for way/relation and a bit of DRYing up.
(edit) @11516   12 years Shaun McDonald Adding stub functional test files for all the controllers that should …
(edit) @11514   12 years Shaun McDonald Moving all the functional tests to the Rails 2 way, which uses less …
(edit) @11511   12 years Shaun McDonald Prepare for Rails 2.1+, as we will no longer be able to use a symbol …
(edit) @11510   12 years zere Implemented osmChange diff downloads for changesets and a couple of tests.
(edit) @11509   12 years zere Updated comment to reflect implementation.
(edit) @11501   12 years jochen typo
(edit) @11499   12 years Shaun McDonald cover the other extreme in the map bounary sanitizeation. Ading some …
(edit) @11494   12 years gslater Bots Disallow /edit* & /login*, Nothing to see here... move right along.
(edit) @11486   12 years Shaun McDonald removing the osmbinaryformat branch, as it is now dead
(edit) @11475   12 years jochen Link zur local groups LG Schaufenster: Ethiopien.
(edit) @11469   12 years richard fix broken YAML
(edit) @11468   12 years spaetz make log viewing bullet proof against empty file
(edit) @11458   12 years tabacha Neue Presserklraerung
(edit) @11457   12 years tabacha Neue Presserklraerung
(edit) @11456   12 years tabacha Neue Presserklraerung
(edit) @11436   12 years tabacha Pressemitteilung bearbeitet
(edit) @11435   12 years tabacha Pressemitteilung bearbeitet
(edit) @11434   12 years tabacha Pressemitteilung bearbeitet
(edit) @11433   12 years tabacha Neue Pressemitteilung
(edit) @11427   12 years zere Added tests for changeset upload code. Refactored diff reading code …
(edit) @11420   12 years richard Potlatch 0.10f
(edit) @11419   12 years jochen news updates
(edit) @11418   12 years jochen faq update
(edit) @11390   12 years Shaun McDonald Fixing the error messages
(edit) @11389   12 years spaetz fix typo
(edit) @11388   12 years spaetz delete 0/1 byte sized tileset files which denote an empty tileset
(edit) @11382   12 years arindam little fix
(edit) @11381   12 years Shaun McDonald Adding new browse controller test, which is mostly stubs just now. …
(edit) @11377   12 years Shaun McDonald making it clearer when a test case fails, as to which test case it is …
(edit) @11375   12 years zere Added min_lat > max_lat test.
(edit) @11374   12 years spaetz includ z,x,y in the upload. fire autorequester every 4h
(edit) @11372   12 years tomhughes Revert r11194 as it doesn't work as the trace_name member does return …
(edit) @11371   12 years zere Refactored test a bit to make it nicer.
(edit) @11370   12 years zere Added test for relations_for_node where the relation had been deleted.
(edit) @11367   12 years zere Added tests for ways_for_node. Altered behaviour to not return deleted …
(edit) @11361   12 years zere Removed debugging code.
(edit) @11347   12 years Shaun McDonald Making the capabilities api version indipendent
(edit) @11335   12 years spaetz show client uuid in recent requests section
(edit) @11334   12 years Shaun McDonald Adding some api tests for both the map and trackpoints requests. Needs …
(edit) @11330   12 years spaetz allow None values for initial tileset coords. Broke upload processor
(edit) @11329   12 years spaetz coerce coordinates to ints when initing a tileset
(edit) @11319   12 years spaetz show oceantiles layer only on z12+
(edit) @11317   12 years spaetz set opacity level for oceantiles layer
(edit) @11311   12 years Shaun McDonald more testing of the api. Changing the generator so that it is a …
(edit) @11293   12 years zere Altered a functional test on way_tags.
(edit) @11291   12 years zere More functional tests, this time for way_tags.
(edit) @11275   12 years zere Fixed fixtures and added new tests for ways and way_nodes.
(edit) @11271   12 years Shaun McDonald adding the Last-Modified response header to the version action
(edit) @11264   12 years gravitystorm set the db encoding to utf-8, otherwise data is stored incorrectly in …
(edit) @11263   12 years Shaun McDonald Adding a lower and upper length on various web site varchar fields. …
(edit) @11258   12 years gravitystorm Checking foreign key constraints on message recipients and senders
(edit) @11255   12 years gravitystorm utf-8 wide-char testing of message title - this will come in useful …
(edit) @11251   12 years zere Added more fixtures and tests for node versioning calls.
(edit) @11246   12 years spaetz oceantiles.dat overlay layer for the slippymap
(edit) @11226   12 years Shaun McDonald more work on the data browser to show the changesets. Also showing the …
(edit) @11218   12 years zere Cleaned up some unreachable code. Added first test on the 'old' node …
(edit) @11216   12 years spaetz fix uninited tset var crash
(edit) @11214   12 years zere Added some more functional tests for way and relation delete methods.
(edit) @11212   12 years zere Fixed up delete methods on nodes, ways and relations to return the new …
(edit) @11210   12 years spaetz nonfunctional upload handler stub
(edit) @11209   12 years spaetz serve transparent tiles for transparent layers, not land/sea tiles. …
(edit) @11207   12 years spaetz restructure upload function a bit. add the request priority to the …
(edit) @11195   12 years spaetz accept client version Trondheim server-side
(edit) @11194   12 years tomhughes Fix race condition adding traces. Closes #1201.
(edit) @11193   12 years tomhughes Disable the query cache.
(edit) @11189   12 years Shaun McDonald adding changeset stuff for the data browser
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