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(edit) @13984   11 years tomhughes Fix thinko.
(edit) @13983   11 years tomhughes Put auto discovery links in the document head.
(edit) @13982   11 years tomhughes Declare XML namespace.
(edit) @13947   11 years harrywood setting lon2 correctly. Was displaying one of the bbox numbers wrong
(edit) @13944   11 years blarson Add rmrel
(edit) @13933   11 years blarson Fix tagproc to use THRESH
(edit) @13931   11 years blarson Fix broken alltags/tagproc.
(edit) @13908   11 years spaetz make Ulm be an accepted client name. Trondheim will still work, for now
(edit) @13907   11 years spaetz open r+b rather than w+b
(edit) @13904   11 years richard fix backspacing through way to delete it
(edit) @13903   11 years richard history stuff should be working now (haha)
(edit) @13889   11 years richard further work on 0.6 history (not quite complete yet)
(edit) @13853   11 years jochen a tags fixed
(edit) @13852   11 years jochen New cover image for 2nd ed. of osm book
(edit) @13822   11 years jhuesing In der Mitte abbrechenden Artikel zuende geführt.
(edit) @13814   11 years jhuesing new message about Oberpfalz new message on daily rendering of Mapnik
(edit) @13805   11 years tomhughes Move OpenLayers? class to a sub directory, and add the conversion script.
(edit) @13804   11 years tomhughes Add OpenLayers? class to support NPE site.
(edit) @13799   11 years blarson Update INSTALL instructions.
(edit) @13792   11 years tomhughes Add an ACL system to allow key/value pairs to be attached to blocks of …
(edit) @13790   11 years blarson Fairly major rewrite and cleanup, with common tag comression.
(edit) @13711   11 years tomhughes Go back to using <center> to position the buttons in the left hand …
(edit) @13709   11 years tomhughes Use a root relative URL for the donation button image.
(edit) @13706   11 years tomhughes Replace the PayPal? button on the home page with a donate button that …
(edit) @13704   11 years tomhughes Apparently zero is not false in ruby.
(edit) @13703   11 years tomhughes Remove donate box from front page.
(edit) @13701   11 years richard be a bit smarter about enlarging the bbox (note to self: must remember …
(edit) @13693   11 years tomhughes Put the escapes back again.
(edit) @13678   11 years jochen gav -> fossgis
(edit) @13672   11 years pgillard Stylesheet changes to make paragraphs within intro section on left …
(edit) @13663   11 years tomhughes Removed bogus backslash escape.
(edit) @13662   11 years tomhughes Wrap text to make it more readable and adjust the padding on the intro …
(edit) @13661   11 years tomhughes Remove bogus backslash escape.
(edit) @13660   11 years tomhughes Remove excessive indenting - tabs are bad people!
(edit) @13659   11 years pgillard
(edit) @13658   11 years pgillard Ensure homepage source validates.
(edit) @13604   11 years jochen link fixed
(edit) @13603   11 years zere Test and fix for #1567, for teh betterer osmChange compliance.
(edit) @13602   11 years zere Test and fix for issue #1568. Wasn't testing for end element in the …
(edit) @13579   11 years zere Fix for #1565. Added a couple of tests and fixed another issue with …
(edit) @13572   11 years zere Fixed bug in changeset closing and querying where the number of …
(edit) @13558   11 years tomhughes Stop robots crawling the object browser.
(edit) @13557   11 years tomhughes Back out hack to setMapCenter and fix the problem in the right place.
(edit) @13556   11 years tomhughes Add donation link to main site.
(edit) @13549   11 years tomhughes Add 2009 SOTM site.
(edit) @13548   11 years gslater update. Minor styling fixes. Make paypal functions more …
(edit) @13536   11 years gslater Support Currency Conversion and Update Total
(edit) @13525   11 years gslater updates. Working code.
(edit) @13514   11 years frederik splitting and joining tags is gone for good in 0.6
(edit) @13468   11 years jochen new url opencyclemap
(edit) @13454   11 years edgemaster Copying across fix for #1547 from trunk
(edit) @13453   11 years edgemaster Pass zoom to map.setCenter as an integer (Closes #1547)
(edit) @13445   11 years jochen Deutlicher Hinweis, dass GPS-Geräte nicht für non-osm-Aktionen zur …
(edit) @13435   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typo
(edit) @13386   11 years gslater Initial Commit of Work-in-Progress, but I …
(edit) @13340   11 years jochen removed old outdated stuff
(edit) @13339   11 years jochen removed old stuff
(edit) @13338   11 years jochen removed old stuff thats not been used for a long time
(edit) @13331   11 years edgemaster Set params to sane defaults if unset by client. Reject creates with no …
(edit) @13321   11 years edgemaster Require auth on calls to /trace/create, and pass through to form if …
(edit) @13308   11 years jochen Link zur Äthiopien-Webseite
(edit) @13301   11 years richard eight zillion more presets for 0.5 Potlatch
(edit) @13298   11 years torsten kodierung vergessen
(edit) @13297   11 years torsten News Update - Wien
(edit) @13296   11 years torsten Pressemeldung Wien für - Hauptseite
(edit) @13281   11 years blarson Fix bug in garbage collect sort order.
(edit) @13280   11 years blarson update documentation
(edit) @13279   11 years jhuesing +-Zeichen gelöscht
(edit) @13278   11 years jhuesing News über ÖPNV-Karte eingefügt
(edit) @13255   11 years tomhughes Remove Steve's gratuitous insult.
(edit) @13253   11 years steve nicer signup confirmation email
(edit) @13252   11 years blarson Make comments their own lines in Make wait times configurable …
(edit) @13228   11 years jochen style for fossgis box
(edit) @13227   11 years jochen image in wrong dir
(edit) @13226   11 years jochen added osm press contact for austria
(edit) @13225   11 years jochen Tagwatch link fixed
(edit) @13211   11 years richard (0.5) use for all except zoom level 14 (still …
(edit) @13203   11 years jochen link to fossgis conference
(edit) @13200   11 years Shaun McDonald Move the ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound? to the block, so that it catches …
(edit) @13184   11 years richard swap way write with node deletion as per dev@
(edit) @13143   11 years richard small versioning fix (plus history rework in progress)
(edit) @13097   11 years tomhughes Add A records for stateofthemap web site.
(edit) @13054   11 years blarson Remove my local directory from
(edit) @13053   11 years blarson Redo how relations are stored. Move confiuration to Extra …
(edit) @13047   11 years gslater initial commit of Lots still to translate.
(edit) @13028   11 years joerg Add favicon.ico
(edit) @13021   11 years blarson Mention requiring perl 5.10.
(edit) @12944   12 years frederik fix calendar
(edit) @12883   12 years blarson Expand filesystem recomendations into it's own paragraph.
(edit) @12881   12 years blarson Document IGNORETAGS and that you need to be in TRAPIDIR.
(edit) @12786   12 years blarson Properly handle zero values. (Why does anyone put layer=0 ?)
(edit) @12726   12 years edgemaster Revert last commit - too many test failures
(edit) @12725   12 years edgemaster DateTime? => Time for consistency in changeset code, ok by shaun.
(edit) @12724   12 years edgemaster Only show changesets that are actually closed in the index view.
(edit) @12693   12 years tomhughes Add DNS for osmfoundation and stateofthemap domains.
(edit) @12678   12 years blarson Fix bug in my last bug fix.
(edit) @12650   12 years blarson Trapi: Fix bug in handling relations on split.
(edit) @12596   12 years jochen neue news
(edit) @12516   12 years zere removed comments which apparently no-one bothers to read anyway. since …
(edit) @12515   12 years edgemaster Make browse controller index show recently closed changesets, rather …
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