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(edit) @14648   10 years zere More test fixes after fixture changes.
(edit) @14647   10 years zere Fixed formatting and stuff in fixtures.
(edit) @14646   10 years edgemaster Slight performance improvement (a reported 2s) by skipping db query if …
(edit) @14645   10 years Shaun McDonald Add new fixtures for testing multiple tags on a relation.
(edit) @14644   10 years edgemaster Pedantic change to descriptive text - "Recently closed" to "Recently …
(edit) @14643   10 years tomhughes Add an expiry header to trace images.
(edit) @14642   10 years Shaun McDonald Hopefully fix the old_node_controller tests.
(edit) @14641   10 years tomhughes Add a geocoder backend.
(edit) @14639   10 years tomhughes Arrays have a length method, not a count method.
(edit) @14638   10 years richard Make error messages more helpful
(edit) @14637   10 years richard Split out subscript to see which one is erroring
(edit) @14636   10 years tomhughes Connect up the versioned capabilities call again.
(edit) @14635   10 years richard Fix MySQL dependency
(edit) @14634   10 years tomhughes Make smaug the live database server.
(edit) @14633   10 years tomhughes Add missing image.
(edit) @14632   10 years tomhughes Remove reference to non-existent images.
(edit) @14631   10 years tomhughes Switch database config to postgresql.
(edit) @14630   10 years tomhughes Update lighttpd config for 0.6 api.
(edit) @14629   10 years tomhughes Remove explicit load of mysql and rails automatically loads the right …
(edit) @14628   10 years tomhughes Improve comments.
(edit) @14624   10 years gslater nginx fix expiry to actually work on images/javascripts/etc
(edit) @14623   10 years tomhughes Pull in block rules from the lighttpd config.
(edit) @14622   10 years edgemaster Ensure :not_found status is returned, catching RecordNotFound? doesn't …
(edit) @14621   10 years tomhughes Give munin access to some statistics.
(edit) @14620   10 years edgemaster Expose relation version to api and fix remaining server status typo in …
(edit) @14619   10 years tomhughes Increase fastcgi timeout to 300s for bulk api requests.
(edit) @14618   10 years tomhughes Remove trailing whitespace.
(edit) @14617   10 years tomhughes Strip asset tags from user images.
(edit) @14616   10 years edgemaster Fix bug introduced in r14610 (.downcase in wrong place) No need to …
(edit) @14613   10 years tomhughes Detabify.
(edit) @14612   10 years gslater nginx fixes, including http://api.openstreetmap/0.6/... support
(edit) @14611   10 years tomhughes Remove location block from abuse placeholder so it applies server wide.
(edit) @14610   10 years Shaun McDonald fix bug in the case of the action in the data browser when linking to …
(edit) @14609   10 years tomhughes Restrict 7 day expiry on /export to just the embed.html page.
(edit) @14608   10 years tomhughes Return 404 for unknown API versions instead of 403.
(edit) @14607   10 years Shaun McDonald Apply patch by Lars from osm dev list with the typo
(edit) @14606   10 years tomhughes Strip asset tags from public files.
(edit) @14605   10 years tomhughes Move access_log configuration.
(edit) @14604   10 years tomhughes Tidy things up and fix a few errors.
(edit) @14603   10 years tomhughes Remove tabs.
(edit) @14602   10 years tomhughes Add missing semicolon.
(edit) @14601   10 years tomhughes Remove private data.
(edit) @14600   10 years tomhughes Convert to unix newlines.
(edit) @14599   10 years gslater nginx syntax tweaks
(edit) @14598   10 years tomhughes Rewrite /0.n/... as /api/0.n/... for the api virtual host.
(edit) @14597   10 years tomhughes Add some extra indexes to the changesets table.
(edit) @14596   10 years gslater correct nginx syntax
(edit) @14595   10 years gslater initial untest nginx config. API 0.6 tweaking still required.
(edit) @14594   10 years tomhughes Add missing files from api06 merge.
(edit) @14593   10 years tomhughes Add changeset indexes to nodes, ways and relations.
(edit) @14592   10 years tomhughes Add a user index to the changeset table.
(edit) @14591   10 years gslater add mongrel_cluster config for potential usage later
(edit) @14588   10 years tomhughes Merge vendor tree from api06 branch.
(edit) @14587   10 years tomhughes Remove plugin externals.
(edit) @14586   10 years tomhughes Merge api06 branch to trunk.
(edit) @14579   10 years edgemaster Add condition for user not found in trace controller. Closes #1710
(edit) @14578   10 years edgemaster Fix map in IE by deferring Vector layer addition to page load (note …
(edit) @14573   10 years tomhughes Reverse order of marker and vector layers to stop the vector layer …
(edit) @14570   10 years tomhughes Don't register a setHome handler unless we have the flag checkbox …
(edit) @14569   10 years tomhughes Send replies to the right user. Closes #1720.
(edit) @14565   10 years Shaun McDonald Fixing some of the tests, adding the new tests to make sure that you …
(edit) @14563   10 years tomhughes Remove trailing comma to make IE happy.
(edit) @14537   10 years tomhughes Reject uploads unless the user has made their edits pubic.
(edit) @14536   10 years tomhughes Fixed to work with merged changes to api availability checks.
(edit) @14535   10 years tomhughes Handle MySQL/Postgres boolean differences.
(edit) @14534   10 years tomhughes Merge 14394:14533 from trunk.
(edit) @14533   10 years tomhughes Handle differences in interval constant formatting.
(edit) @14532   10 years tomhughes Cope with MySQL and Postgres.
(edit) @14531   10 years tomhughes Work out which session store class to use automatically.
(edit) @14527   10 years jochen typo
(edit) @14526   10 years tomhughes Fix statistics script to work with 0.6 database schema.
(edit) @14525   10 years spaetz resolve conflict, this runs on our box
(edit) @14502   10 years Shaun McDonald Railsify the relation member model, type attribute, by putting it into …
(edit) @14496   10 years tomhughes Fix database check in browse controller.
(edit) @14495   10 years tomhughes Fix spelling mistake.
(edit) @14492   10 years tomhughes Add a "database readonly" state that allows all writes to the database …
(edit) @14490   10 years Shaun McDonald Should have a .new when raising error
(edit) @14489   10 years Shaun McDonald Remove function that is in the test help from functional test
(edit) @14487   10 years Shaun McDonald Remove function that is in the test help from functional test
(edit) @14482   10 years jochen Link auf Warnweste rausgenommen. Projekt scheint tot zu sein.
(edit) @14481   10 years tomhughes Point tah at new server.
(edit) @14478   10 years Shaun McDonald remove the dup methods from the test helper. Add tests for no content …
(edit) @14477   10 years Shaun McDonald reverting last change, which included posgres config specific things
(edit) @14476   10 years Shaun McDonald Remove duplication that is in the test helper. Adding tests for the …
(edit) @14475   10 years Shaun McDonald More tests, found a bug in the data browser, no fix yet. Fix db …
(edit) @14470   10 years spaetz latest status
(edit) @14464   10 years edgemaster Use the right keyword this time…
(edit) @14463   10 years edgemaster Add exceptions for remaing cases where XML::Parser.string is used, to …
(edit) @14461   10 years tomhughes Explicitly set the default for home_lat and home_lon to null.
(edit) @14459   10 years edgemaster Return "Make my edits" button to functioning state, positioning is …
(edit) @14458   10 years tomhughes Use the inet type for IP addresses in postgres.
(edit) @14457   10 years tomhughes Fix primary key creation for ACL table.
(edit) @14456   10 years tomhughes Use pg_config to find postgres.
(edit) @14455   10 years edgemaster Fix readme instructions for module compilation
(edit) @14454   10 years edgemaster Add has_valid_bbox? method to Changeset model to tidy checking for …
(edit) @14449   10 years tomhughes Make the box outline the same colour as the ways and points drawn in …
(edit) @14448   10 years tomhughes Add a mini map to the changeset view in the data browser.
(edit) @14447   10 years tomhughes Eliminate duplication of tag printing logic.
(edit) @14446   10 years tomhughes Tidy up new box code.
(edit) @14438   10 years harrywood new support for box=yes param on the homepage, and then link to this …
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