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(edit) @15351   10 years tomhughes Put ActionMailer? configuration in the right place.
(edit) @15350   10 years tomhughes Remove old attempt at i18n.
(edit) @15349   10 years Shaun McDonald Fix quoting in fr translation
(edit) @15348   10 years Shaun McDonald Updated de translation
(edit) @15347   10 years Shaun McDonald Fix typo in en translation file and add first pass of fr translation
(edit) @15346   10 years gravitystorm more translations, and this time with stuff in the locale file too
(edit) @15344   10 years richard fix #1818
(edit) @15343   10 years Shaun McDonald Fix typo
(edit) @15342   10 years Shaun McDonald Update the German translation
(edit) @15341   10 years Shaun McDonald Some more of the user account translations. Custom generate method for …
(edit) @15340   10 years tomhughes Fix wrapping in changeset lists properly.
(edit) @15339   10 years gravitystorm First two bits of databrowser i18n
(edit) @15338   10 years tomhughes Stop long changeset comments causing other fields to get split over …
(edit) @15335   10 years tomhughes Do wiki redirects on smaug.
(edit) @15332   10 years tomhughes Add some more names to the extra domains.
(edit) @15331   10 years tomhughes Redirect to canonical hosts.
(edit) @15329   10 years tomhughes Make links in tags active in the data browser. Fixes #1855.
(edit) @15322   10 years tomhughes Include node coordinates on the data browser view for a node. Fixes #1856.
(edit) @15317   10 years Shaun McDonald Hopefully fixing the eranious char at the start of the file.
(edit) @15307   10 years Shaun McDonald Fixing indentation problem in de translation.
(edit) @15306   10 years Shaun McDonald friend map translations
(edit) @15305   10 years Shaun McDonald new de translation. More of the user view translated.
(edit) @15302   10 years Shaun McDonald Typo in site key. More of the user view i18n'ed
(edit) @15301   10 years Shaun McDonald Half the user view translated.
(edit) @15300   10 years Shaun McDonald Might be useful to set the locale everywhere we need the web, rather …
(edit) @15297   10 years Shaun McDonald Adding some missing translations from the left menu
(edit) @15296   10 years Shaun McDonald i18n'ed the site set of views.
(edit) @15295   10 years Shaun McDonald Couple of bugfixes, brackets and quotes
(edit) @15294   10 years Shaun McDonald Adding Jokru's translation into de so far.
(edit) @15293   10 years tomhughes Add basic DNS for
(edit) @15290   10 years Shaun McDonald i18n'ing the site layout.
(edit) @15283   10 years jochen added link to
(edit) @15276   10 years richard improve error handling when connection fails; closes #1864 and #1871
(edit) @15269   10 years Shaun McDonald Diary entries pretty much i18n'd. Additional test that checks there …
(edit) @15258   10 years Shaun McDonald Remove the languages hash since we are now storing the languages in a …
(edit) @15257   10 years Shaun McDonald Add Globalize2 so that we get some nice fall backs to other languages …
(edit) @15256   10 years tomhughes Only use the db functions for migrations if USE_DB_FUNCTIONS is set in …
(edit) @15255   10 years Shaun McDonald translating the listing of diary entries. Adding some initial tests …
(edit) @15253   10 years tomhughes Disabled edit tab until z13 is reached.
(edit) @15252   10 years Shaun McDonald Use a nicer less error prone version of the select helper
(edit) @15251   10 years Shaun McDonald Actually set the locale from the users browser request, rather than …
(edit) @15245   10 years tomhughes Create a proper exception class for invalid bounding box exceptions.
(edit) @15243   10 years edgemaster Merge r15175 from i18n_2 branch.
(edit) @15239   10 years zere Working around mysql bug…
(edit) @15238   10 years zere Added missing ordering to relation members. This was only visible in …
(edit) @15237   10 years zere Better testing of bbox handling in relations. Maybe fixes #1861, but …
(edit) @15236   10 years Shaun McDonald Diary entry test for the new language field. Currently fails as expected.
(edit) @15233   10 years Shaun McDonald Some test improvements
(edit) @15231   10 years tomhughes Use SOTM logo to link to the SOTM site.
(edit) @15230   10 years Shaun McDonald Fix the fixtures. Related changeset 15184.
(edit) @15205   10 years richard fix #1849
(edit) @15192   10 years richard fix upload item count
(edit) @15189   10 years tomhughes Use a block to add the language record as rails seems to ignore any …
(edit) @15184   10 years tomhughes Rename language_code to code - language_code is tautological when it's …
(edit) @15183   10 years tomhughes Altered to match rails 2.3.2 implementation.
(edit) @15182   10 years tomhughes Don't ask the backend directly for the available locales - just ask …
(edit) @15177   10 years richard adapt for larger fonts on Linux; fix indexing with renumbered nodes
(edit) @15175   10 years edgemaster Fix missing require in migrations.
(edit) @15174   10 years Shaun McDonald Reverting config file that shouldn't have been committed.
(edit) @15171   10 years Shaun McDonald First stage of i18n. Some migrations and extra plugins.
(edit) @15169   10 years jbglaw Update calendar.
(edit) @15168   10 years Shaun McDonald Making new short lived branch for the Rails 2.2 based internationalization.
(edit) @15165   10 years gravitystorm Override interestingTagsExclude in GML layer - improve databrowser in …
(edit) @15161   10 years zere Disabled automatic parsing of XML to a hash in request bodies for a …
(edit) @15160   10 years Shaun McDonald Reverting earlier change that means that zoom isn't set in certain …
(edit) @15159   10 years tomhughes Check for wrapped timeout errors properly.
(edit) @15156   10 years zere Fixed typo.
(edit) @15154   10 years tomhughes Rationalise API error classes by getting of the render_opts method …
(edit) @15151   10 years tomhughes Fixup AMF controller tests.
(edit) @15150   10 years tomhughes Fix some comments to reflect reality.
(edit) @15149   10 years Shaun McDonald allow the user to pass in a gpx and a zoom
(edit) @15147   10 years Shaun McDonald Add svn ignore for the sql files used for dumping the db schema.
(edit) @15146   10 years zere Added locking around update and delete methods on main API objects. …
(edit) @15145   10 years zere Use utility method for error reporting.
(edit) @15144   10 years Shaun McDonald Don't store the real database config in svn, instead store examples …
(edit) @15142   10 years Shaun McDonald Raising an exception in Ruby requires a .new. Add a timeout line to …
(edit) @15139   10 years tomhughes Give the API error handler a generic rescue that returns 500 with the …
(edit) @15138   10 years tomhughes Monkey patch rails to ensure OSM::APITimeoutError exceptions are not lost.
(edit) @15136   10 years richard Potlatch 1.0
(edit) @15135   10 years tomhughes Add a global timeout that is applied to most API requests.
(edit) @15130   10 years zere Using an around_handler for catching and rendering errors in most of …
(edit) @15126   10 years tomhughes Log arguments to AMF read methods.
(edit) @15109   10 years jochen news
(edit) @15108   10 years jochen news
(edit) @15088   10 years edgemaster Back out the stupid change.
(edit) @15086   10 years edgemaster Second part of [15085]
(edit) @15085   10 years edgemaster Database config changes to hopefully stop people from accidently …
(edit) @15073   10 years tomhughes Revert harry's commit of the database configuration.
(edit) @15071   10 years harrywood label changesets as (big) based on their bbox area
(edit) @15068   10 years Shaun McDonald Extra little test, setting the language on the diary fixtures.
(edit) @15060   10 years tomhughes Arrays of object IDs are a bad idea.
(edit) @15059   10 years tomhughes Optimise retrieval of full relations.
(edit) @15052   10 years zere Oops. Fixed another Time/DateTime? problem.
(edit) @15051   10 years zere Fixed problem with Time vs. DateTime? classes in fixtures. Weirdly only …
(edit) @15050   10 years zere Fixed precondition failed message which was trying to dereference nil.
(edit) @15048   10 years richard Apply #1824.
(edit) @15044   10 years Shaun McDonald Remove a rescue, which is stopping a more detailed error message being …
(edit) @15043   10 years richard always set new node id when updating/deleting (to be read in …
(edit) @15042   10 years zere Added a consistency check that both ids are valid and match. Fixed …
(edit) @15038   10 years spaetz microoptimization :)
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