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(edit) @15995   11 years avar translated diary entry location
(edit) @15994   11 years avar Translated new entries from en.yml
(edit) @15993   11 years avar Shop with branded OpenStreetMap -> Shop with branded OpenStreetMap
(edit) @15989   11 years john07 licence text update
(edit) @15986   11 years john07 uptodate with en.yml 15985 again added strings changed translation of …
(edit) @15985   11 years edgemaster Extend work started in [15970] to add edit link to way pages on …
(edit) @15976   11 years edgemaster Fix interpolation argument error on user settings in pt-BR
(edit) @15975   11 years edgemaster Commit pt-BR language translation, thanks to vgeorge. (closes #1969)
(edit) @15970   11 years edgemaster Add an edit link to the browse page for nodes, since it's been bugging …
(edit) @15958   11 years gslater Amend License signup text to be simpler to understand. Sign-off: …
(edit) @15955   11 years jennyh More Korean .yml
(edit) @15946   11 years tomhughes Removed byte order marker and DOS line endings.
(edit) @15945   11 years jennyh Started Yoruba .yml
(edit) @15944   11 years jennyh More Chinese .yml
(edit) @15943   11 years jennyh Bit more polish .yml
(edit) @15937   11 years davalv Changed search-search_help
(edit) @15929   11 years stefanb next/previous page links maintain diary language
(edit) @15928   11 years Łukasz Jernaś small update - orto…
(edit) @15927   11 years edgemaster Fix odd bug with { starting a non-quoted string.
(edit) @15926   11 years edgemaster Delete empty tr.yml (breaking rails installs, for now) Drop kr.yml …
(edit) @15925   11 years jennyh Changed language code.
(edit) @15924   11 years jennyh New Korean .yml file.
(edit) @15923   11 years zere Fixed typo in 'big changeset' display.
(edit) @15922   11 years jbglaw Update calendar.
(edit) @15921   11 years jennyh Add Turkish .yml
(edit) @15919   11 years tomhughes Stop the spawner switching to the root directory as it breaks the …
(edit) @15918   11 years tomhughes Add irs_process_scripts plugin to replace process control scripts used …
(edit) @15916   11 years stefanb minor change: diary entries per language linked (lists and rss feeds) …
(edit) @15915   11 years tomhughes Add traditional chinese translation. Closes #1959.
(edit) @15906   11 years edgemaster Fix typo and copy-paste error in es translation, causing 500s on main site.
(edit) @15905   11 years tomhughes Revert r15900 for now.
(edit) @15901   11 years stefanb cleanup
(edit) @15900   11 years stefanb Added localized language names with plugin from …
(edit) @15899   11 years jennyh More Hebrew in .yml
(edit) @15894   11 years isortega Update spanish translation: about 90% now.
(edit) @15887   11 years john07 typo fixes
(edit) @15886   11 years jordij Partial translation
(edit) @15882   11 years john07 Uptodate with en.yml 15871
(edit) @15881   11 years john07 changed signup message again, added 'folgenden' Link
(edit) @15878   11 years john07 signup message: changed bestätigungscode to bestätigungslink
(edit) @15877   11 years john07 improved translation of the signup message
(edit) @15875   11 years stefanb further translations
(edit) @15871   11 years edgemaster Remove superfluous "language" from diary strings - it sounds weird …
(edit) @15870   11 years edgemaster Fix quotes in spanish translation, were braking rails.
(edit) @15869   11 years isortega Update spanish translation: now with more than 66.6666666666% done!!
(edit) @15868   11 years isortega Update spanish translation file (aprox. 45% done)
(edit) @15862   11 years texamus minor stylistic changes in ru.yml
(edit) @15857   11 years stefanb diary entries (list and rss) for a given language. TODO: language rss …
(edit) @15854   11 years stefanb further translations
(edit) @15853   11 years stefanb removed double dot (double appeared with en, de, it, sl and probably …
(edit) @15850   11 years edgemaster Fix missing </div> and wrong translation names in layout database …
(edit) @15844   11 years Shaun McDonald Give a nice error message when parsing the nwr tags and they are …
(edit) @15843   11 years gslater add Google Webmaster tools for Simone Cortesi (OSMF)
(edit) @15838   11 years Shaun McDonald Adding a couple of extra unit tests for the parsing of keys
(edit) @15837   11 years Shaun McDonald Cleanup the Relation.from_xml to come in line with the Way and Node …
(edit) @15834   11 years jennyh A few more Hebrew words for the .yml file.
(edit) @15832   11 years Shaun McDonald Throw errors in the way xml parsing if there is a problem. Bring the …
(edit) @15831   11 years zere More greek translation.
(edit) @15826   11 years jennyh More translation in Hindi .yml
(edit) @15824   11 years zere Partial Greek translation.
(edit) @15823   11 years john07 data_layer_name added
(edit) @15821   11 years john07 fixed missing translations
(edit) @15813   11 years stefanb experimental slovenian locale for rails-i18n
(edit) @15812   11 years stefanb documented some additional requirements when installing on a cleaner …
(edit) @15811   11 years stefanb localizable timestamps
(edit) @15810   11 years richard yay, I found the "negative ID in putway" bug
(edit) @15809   11 years tomhughes Really get the links right this time.
(edit) @15808   11 years tomhughes Use correct format for RSS link.
(edit) @15807   11 years tomhughes Merge 15722:15806 from head and adjust new views to rails 2 style names.
(edit) @15806   11 years tomhughes Rename views to rails 2 style names.
(edit) @15805   11 years tomhughes Don't use single quotes to wrap translated strings in javascript in …
(edit) @15804   11 years avar Support word connectors in German, translates the node/way/relation …
(edit) @15803   11 years tomhughes Fix typo. Closes #1943.
(edit) @15798   11 years Shaun McDonald More Node.from_xml unit tests
(edit) @15797   11 years avar Since both site.rhtml and site.rxml exists we have to add :format => …
(edit) @15795   11 years jennyh Minor update to Hebrew .yml
(edit) @15794   11 years jennyh Large update for Chinese .yml file.
(edit) @15793   11 years tomhughes Update DNS to reflect new UCL IP addresses.
(edit) @15787   11 years tomhughes Put back missing divider. Closes #1939.
(edit) @15786   11 years tomhughes Add a title to the changeset lists. Closes #1938.
(edit) @15785   11 years Shaun McDonald More unit tests for the parsing of the Node.from_xml. Some code clean …
(edit) @15784   11 years avar Make the name of the "Data" layer in OpenLayers? translatable: Most of …
(edit) @15782   11 years jbglaw Update calendar.
(edit) @15781   11 years tomhughes Fix some interpolations.
(edit) @15778   11 years tomhughes Remove byte order marker and DOS line endings.
(edit) @15777   11 years jennyh First version of Hini yml file.
(edit) @15776   11 years avar Wrap 'changeset.changeset.no_comment' in italics with <i></i>. Right …
(edit) @15775   11 years john07 translation updates german wiki links
(edit) @15773   11 years avar Added missing keys to de.yml and deleted one
(edit) @15772   11 years tomhughes Fixup links to changeset lists.
(edit) @15771   11 years john07 uptodate with en.yml 15762
(edit) @15770   11 years tomhughes Simplify rejection of existing renumbered nodes.
(edit) @15769   11 years richard potential fix for issue encountered on talk
(edit) @15767   11 years john07 tiny fix
(edit) @15765   11 years avar Revert [15752]: The duplication of content intentional for dead-tree …
(edit) @15764   11 years richard try reestablishing NetConnection? on retry, and trap empty relation tags
(edit) @15762   11 years avar Use {{count}} instead of {{distance}} for kilometer count as {{count}} …
(edit) @15761   11 years Shaun McDonald Make some links more rails like, thus easier to read. Test that …
(edit) @15760   11 years avar Use {{count}} instead of {{(node|way_relation)_count}} since {{count}} …
(edit) @15759   11 years avar Edgemaster & shaunmcdonald pointed out that my ad-hoc hackery was …
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