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(edit) @17833   10 years avar Actualy having autogenerated timestamps at the top of files which are …
(edit) @17832   10 years avar Commiting 26 new language translations (although some are really …
(edit) @17831   10 years avar Report on download progress
(edit) @17830   10 years avar --only-new option Don't spew so much debug output
(edit) @17829   10 years avar * Add more keys from the optional list that we don't want to ignor * …
(edit) @17828   10 years avar A hacky in-process script for merging translations from Translatewiki …
(edit) @17827   10 years zere Added a confirmation step to the process of granting and revoking user …
(edit) @17826   10 years zere Truncate long reason texts to not overwhelm the browser window.
(edit) @17825   10 years zere First version of blocking feature. Allows both time-based (for map …
(edit) @17824   10 years zere Creating branch for blocking feature work.
(edit) @17816   10 years john07 small fix
(edit) @17815   10 years skunk Merge branch 'better_taglist' Conflicts: src/sql/01_poipoly.sql
(edit) @17811   10 years tomhughes Escape language codes before matching them in case they contain …
(edit) @17810   10 years avar Deal with values which are arrays, before and after: …
(edit) @17807   10 years jochen neue lokale gruppen
(edit) @17806   10 years city-busz Updated Hungarian translation of OpenStreetMap website (Hu: -> HU: in …
(edit) @17805   10 years city-busz Updated Hungarian translation of OpenStreetMap website
(edit) @17801   10 years tomhughes Make idris the MX for so we can deliver direct …
(edit) @17800   10 years tomhughes Fix comment typo.
(edit) @17799   10 years tomhughes Ignore empty tags. Closes #2311.
(edit) @17798   10 years tomhughes Wrap GPX API calls with the API error handler, and make sure the …
(edit) @17797   10 years tomhughes Add MX record for
(edit) @17792   10 years gslater add on ridley
(edit) @17791   10 years skunk There were some more bugs in my changes
(edit) @17790   10 years skunk New function: array_unique(text[])
(edit) @17789   10 years skunk Create planet_osm_poipoly - Create a table planet_osm_poipoly which …
(edit) @17788   10 years skunk Bugfix Bug when loading route with no stops
(edit) @17787   10 years avar I moved Potlatch's locales but didn't update this, which broke all i18n
(edit) @17784   10 years avar Quick hack to add --dump-flat to get a human-readable flat version of …
(edit) @17783   10 years avar Some of these files were in ISO-8859-1, no idea how that happened. …
(edit) @17782   10 years avar Removing zh-HANS: Just contained a few messages in English
(edit) @17781   10 years avar Removed i18n messages which contained English - old crap from the wiki
(edit) @17780   10 years avar Make the 'Advanced' menu translatable
(edit) @17779   10 years avar oops, removing debugging code
(edit) @17778   10 years avar Delete redundant translations from localised files. I used this …
(edit) @17777   10 years avar Used perl -pi -e 's/.*?"action_createpoi":/ action_createpoi:/g' *yml
(edit) @17776   10 years avar [2304]: Split the default English i18n parameter in Potlatch out to a …
(edit) @17775   10 years avar Convert all the Potlatch locale files to a rails-like format (to make …
(edit) @17774   10 years avar delete localised directory
(edit) @17773   10 years avar I'm hacking the Potlatch i18n system, moving the old files to the new …
(edit) @17772   10 years avar Syncing translations from the wiki. Hopefully for the last time :)
(edit) @17766   10 years tomhughes Remove remaining trailing spaces from translations.
(edit) @17765   10 years avar Use the list form for school instead of the colon
(edit) @17761   10 years avar Use <br /> everywhere and not a mix of <br>, <br/> and <br /> so as to …
(edit) @17726   10 years tomhughes Update Vietnamese translation. Closes #2299.
(edit) @17718   10 years avar Use i18n() parameters for this JavaScript? message instead of ad-hoc …
(edit) @17717   10 years avar See [17712] for why I'm changing this The 'user.view.mapper since' …
(edit) @17712   10 years avar Translatewiki doesn't support trailing whitespace in messages. So if …
(edit) @17696   10 years jochen updates local groups
(edit) @17680   10 years tomhughes Correct new address for forum.
(edit) @17679   10 years richard add ability to specify custom background in the query string
(edit) @17678   10 years tomhughes Move forum to new home.
(edit) @17674   10 years avar When displaying objects in /browse/* and in the JavaScript? "Data" …
(edit) @17673   10 years avar "Athugasemd eftir Foo þann fimmtudaginn […]" is grammatically …
(edit) @17672   10 years avar Icelandic day names should be in lower case
(edit) @17664   10 years richard Or maybe this one. #2279. Ugh.
(edit) @17663   10 years richard Localisation
(edit) @17662   10 years richard Potlatch 1.2b
(edit) @17645   10 years tomhughes Display the changeset comment (if any) as part of the description of …
(edit) @17644   10 years frederik mug costs 7,50
(edit) @17643   10 years tomhughes Update be locale. Closes #2284.
(edit) @17641   10 years tomhughes Remove scale bar. Closes #1704.
(edit) @17640   10 years jochen osm tasse kaeufer bild
(edit) @17636   10 years jochen update lokale Gruppen
(edit) @17635   10 years jochen OSM fan artikel
(edit) @17634   10 years tomhughes Add otrs on ridley.
(edit) @17633   10 years tomhughes Drop internal DNS entry for errol as it is not on the internal network.
(edit) @17629   10 years avar So the way [17620] did it sucked but [17624] broke it unless you …
(edit) @17628   10 years avar auto_link() changeset comments in the global/user/bbox/etc history too …
(edit) @17627   10 years tomhughes Update Russian translation. Closes #2281.
(edit) @17626   10 years tomhughes Output tags to the feed as raw HTML so that links are not escaped (any …
(edit) @17625   10 years tomhughes Escape tag values - there is no reason at all to render things which …
(edit) @17624   10 years tomhughes Improve handling of the case where there is only one page of changesets.
(edit) @17623   10 years jbglaw Update calendar.
(edit) @17622   10 years jbglaw Update Calendar.
(edit) @17621   10 years avar While we don't have the sanitizing backend to safely solve ticket …
(edit) @17620   10 years avar Now when all the entries fit on one page a trailing slash won't be …
(edit) @17617   10 years avar Link to username in "Send message to" message
(edit) @17616   10 years skunk New in List: sport + leisure
(edit) @17615   10 years skunk Forgot a file
(edit) @17614   10 years skunk Bugfix - Wrong table for changing things
(edit) @17606   10 years jbglaw Update calendar.
(edit) @17598   10 years jochen Neue lokale Gruppe Neuer Presseansprechpartner
(edit) @17597   10 years tomhughes Add idris's internal IP address to the DNS.
(edit) @17596   10 years tomhughes Treat an explicit public=0 argument as meaning private.
(edit) @17589   10 years tomhughes Update zh-TW translation. Closes #2272.
(edit) @17584   10 years tomhughes Move backup to horntail.
(edit) @17583   10 years tomhughes Move munin to horntail.
(edit) @17575   10 years jbglaw Update Calendar.
(edit) @17573   10 years tomhughes Rename old tile server to horntail.
(edit) @17559   10 years jochen neue lokale gruppen
(edit) @17505   10 years avar oops, wrong e-mail address
(edit) @17504   10 years tomhughes Add xid_to_int4() function for Postgres.
(edit) @17498   10 years avar There was no "Sorry not found" message for changesets so …
(edit) @17497   10 years richard cancel upload howler
(edit) @17494   10 years richard fix annoying retry bug, and fine-tune relations colours
(edit) @17477   10 years tomhughes Point tile at yevaud and rename the old tile server to old-tile.
(edit) @17467   10 years jochen typo
(edit) @17466   10 years jochen added toposm
(edit) @17465   10 years gslater fixes and progress bar.
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