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(edit) @20526   10 years skunk Wikipedia: Made a bug during merge
(edit) @20525   10 years skunk Merge branch 'master' of …
(edit) @20524   10 years skunk Options: Bugfix which hid Options-Window in IE
(edit) @20523   10 years skunk Options: Don't open option window if already open, try harder when …
(edit) @20522   10 years tomhughes Add UX review recruiting script to signup page.
(edit) @20519   10 years giggls minor typo corrections svn:keywords for index.html
(edit) @20518   10 years sven small script for reading extent from raster images
(edit) @20517   10 years sven Add HTML root and minimal documentation
(edit) @20516   10 years sven Add layer for Aerowest images from Dortmund
(edit) @20515   10 years sven * add layer for chile * change from mod_python to wsgi * add generic …
(edit) @20514   10 years sven Id keyword
(edit) @20513   10 years sven add svn:keywords property
(edit) @20512   10 years sven set copyright text from mapscript
(edit) @20511   10 years sven Enable Tilemode
(edit) @20510   10 years sven WMS server initial revision
(edit) @20509   10 years tomhughes Make directory to import code.
(edit) @20486   10 years deelkar fix old api 0.5 references
(edit) @20485   10 years apmon List bugs submited or commented on by user
(edit) @20478   10 years tomhughes Update the inbox link in the greeting bar when messages are marked as …
(edit) @20477   10 years tomhughes Make disabled tabs more obvious. Based on patch from Adrian Cochrane.
(edit) @20476   10 years tomhughes Require the session ID to log somebody out - if it isn't given we just …
(edit) @20473   10 years apmon Fixup some of the rss output and geocode bugs using nominatim
(edit) @20472   10 years tomhughes Use Prototype methods to find the anchor nodes to make sure they get …
(edit) @20465   10 years apmon back out the registration of the gpx mime type, as it didn't seem work
(edit) @20458   10 years apmon try and make the OpenStreetBugs? API a bit more consistent with the …
(edit) @20448   10 years apmon Add a browse page for bugs
(edit) @20445   10 years translatewiki Localisation updates from (2010-03-13)
(edit) @20444   10 years translatewiki Localisation updates from (2010-03-13)
(edit) @20424   10 years tomhughes Fix warnings.
(edit) @20423   10 years tomhughes Use the small PanZoom? control on the user map instead of the full …
(edit) @20422   10 years tomhughes Improve user popups on friend/nearby mapper maps.
(edit) @20414   10 years tomhughes Use CSS to style the disabled tabs.
(edit) @20405   10 years apmon Record time of closure of a bug.
(edit) @20404   10 years apmon Escape javascript in output
(edit) @20398   10 years deelkar add so called "ugly hack" to support replicate diffs. By Milenko
(edit) @20385   10 years skunk Bugfix/IE: Some Bugfixes
(edit) @20374   10 years skunk Bugfix/Searchdefinition?: Correct URL is
(edit) @20363   10 years richard couple of little fixes
(edit) @20361   10 years richard yay for case-insensitive systems
(edit) @20360   10 years apmon Change comment type from varchar(255) to text Some bug comments in …
(edit) @20359   10 years apmon support json format in getBugs, add a limit and name parameter
(edit) @20347   10 years skunk Uniqid: Forgot a file!
(edit) @20345   10 years translatewiki Localisation updates from (2010-03-07)
(edit) @20344   10 years translatewiki Localisation updates from (2010-03-07)
(edit) @20340   10 years tomhughes Use a better HTML sanitizer that makes sure the HTML is well formed …
(edit) @20336   10 years tomhughes Fix broken </div> tag.
(edit) @20329   10 years skunk Wikipedia/Bugfix?: Always remember language of page
(edit) @20328   10 years skunk Bugfix/Wikipedia?: Fix 'read more'-link
(edit) @20327   10 years apmon Fixed small bug where clicking on the "Report a Problem" link would …
(edit) @20326   10 years skunk Wikipedia: If no version in data_lang is found, use first found …
(edit) @20325   10 years skunk Better favicon
(edit) @20322   10 years skunk More European languages (from Wikipedia)
(edit) @20321   10 years skunk Languages of European Union: …
(edit) @20320   10 years skunk Wikipedia: Finally fix and improve parser
(edit) @20319   10 years skunk Bugfix/Wikipedia?: Fix wikipedia:XX=yes (load wikipedia article with …
(edit) @20318   10 years skunk Bugfix/Wikipedia?: Show Image if defined as 'Image:'
(edit) @20317   10 years skunk Bugfix: Supply a User Agent to Wikipedia, to work around 403 - See …
(edit) @20316   10 years skunk Bugfix: Link to 'back to overview' was wrong
(edit) @20315   10 years skunk Searchdesc: Add a searchdesc for modern browsers
(edit) @20314   10 years skunk Favicon: Add a favicon to OpenStreetBrowser?
(edit) @20313   10 years skunk Stylesheet: Rename services/economic to services/financial
(edit) @20312   10 years skunk Bugfix: Sometimes it wanted to reload after setting 'my position'
(edit) @20311   10 years skunk Object info: Supplying a wrong ID returns a nice error message
(edit) @20310   10 years skunk Options/Lang?: Fix reload on language change
(edit) @20309   10 years skunk Routing: Proper translation
(edit) @20308   10 years skunk Options/Language?: Lang from Browser, No option:* as cookie - cookies …
(edit) @20307   10 years skunk Headings: Translations to German
(edit) @20306   10 years skunk Main Page: Localize all strings
(edit) @20305   10 years skunk Options/Lang?: Fix reloading
(edit) @20304   10 years skunk Options: Help for options
(edit) @20303   10 years skunk Language: Rename lang->ui_lang and data_lang - don't supply lang-info …
(edit) @20302   10 years skunk Category: Return correct translations of objects
(edit) @20301   10 years skunk Options/Lang?: Set data language (but don't care about it yet)
(edit) @20300   10 years skunk Options/Lang?: Text
(edit) @20299   10 years skunk Options/Lang?: New function permalink() to reload page + Bugfix
(edit) @20298   10 years skunk Options/Lang?: Load correct ui language, reload after changing ui language
(edit) @20297   10 years skunk Options/Lang?: Reload after changing language
(edit) @20296   10 years skunk Options/Lang?: Save value of UI Language
(edit) @20295   10 years skunk Options/Lang?: Add some code - build select - available languages in …
(edit) @20294   10 years skunk Options/Lang?: Include a list of available languages
(edit) @20293   10 years skunk Options: Improvements - set values in current session (until now only …
(edit) @20292   10 years skunk Options/Autozoom?: Choose behaviour according to option
(edit) @20291   10 years skunk Bugfix: In list.php report only important parameters
(edit) @20290   10 years skunk Options: Some more code - read values from radio-buttons - save and …
(edit) @20289   10 years skunk Options: Use a function to write radio-buttons
(edit) @20288   10 years skunk Options: Introduce an options window - copy window.js from other branch
(edit) @20287   10 years skunk Viewclick: React faster after click somewhere on the map
(edit) @20286   10 years skunk Viewclick: Ignore click short time after last action
(edit) @20285   10 years skunk View click: Show waiting cursor while loading close objects
(edit) @20284   10 years tomhughes Fix the selection of the message to be deleted.
(edit) @20275   10 years apmon Allow for different formats to the getBugs call This is a rudimentary …
(edit) @20258   10 years tomhughes Tidy up the stylesheets, removing lots of ancient, unused junk and …
(edit) @20254   10 years gslater Update robots.txt to Disallow browser [node|way|relation] history. …
(edit) @20249   10 years tomhughes Don't try and show distances to friends if the user has no home …
(edit) @20242   10 years apmon Split comment field out of map bugs table Rather than have all …
(edit) @20233   10 years tomhughes Move image size hint to avoid issues with LTR languages. Closes #2755.
(edit) @20232   10 years tomhughes Make friend notification messages include a link to add a reciprocal …
(edit) @20231   10 years tomhughes Monkey patch rails to work around stupid I18n bug where it looks up …
(edit) @20228   10 years translatewiki Localisation updates from (2010-02-28)
(edit) @20226   10 years translatewiki Fix typo
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