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(edit) @22651   9 years tomhughes Removed old dev server from DNS.
(edit) @22621   9 years nick added Andrew Valums' fileuploader.js (GPL)
(edit) @22620   9 years nick OpenTrailView?: multiple file upload and improved photo management
(edit) @22570   9 years tomhughes Removed idris and vm from the DNS.
(edit) @22514   9 years vibrog Add Nominatim search form
(edit) @22482   9 years nick Latest OTV as of 28/7/10
(edit) @22476   9 years tomhughes Add shenron and move all idris's services to it and make idris a spare …
(edit) @22463   9 years tomhughes Give the web and tile servers one hour DNS TTLs for easy switching.
(edit) @22462   9 years tomhughes We are now using fuchur to serve the web site as well as puff.
(edit) @22461   9 years tomhughes Reorganise DNS files to get rid of duplication and use a makefile to …
(edit) @22460   9 years tomhughes Removed old opengeodata zone file.
(edit) @22389   9 years tomhughes Add a robots file to block scraping.
(edit) @22388   9 years tomhughes Add support for the Scottish NPE tiles.
(edit) @22384   9 years vibrog Open external links in new window/tab
(edit) @22354   9 years vibrog background-color rgb+rgba didn't work
(edit) @22346   9 years vibrog Switch to OWL for history on
(edit) @22344   9 years vibrog Duplicate background-color CSS for rgba compliant browsers
(edit) @22343   9 years vibrog Descriptive map layer names on
(edit) @22342   9 years vibrog Make traces-link text consistent with .org on
(edit) @22339   9 years tomhughes Add to DNS configuration.
(edit) @22338   9 years vibrog More tooltip text on
(edit) @22337   9 years vibrog Use current view when navigating to the comparisan map from …
(edit) @22336   9 years vibrog Link to "No:Beginners Guide"-link on
(edit) @22335   9 years vibrog Change the "tips to get started"-link on
(edit) @22332   9 years jbglaw Update calendar.
(edit) @22331   9 years vibrog IE campatibility: font-size is different and rgba not supported there
(edit) @22330   9 years vibrog Initial commit: OpenLayers? map site
(edit) @22302   9 years bobkare Checkin current redirect-only index file for
(edit) @22301   9 years bobkare Emty dir for website
(edit) @22208   9 years tomhughes Removed wiki entry pointing at Grant's proxy.
(edit) @22207   9 years tomhughes Bring DNS back into sync with entries.
(edit) @22206   9 years tomhughes Tidy up some DNS entries.
(edit) @22201   9 years giggls Fix ServiceException? when MAP= parameter is given
(edit) @22124   9 years spaetz t@h server: adapt to new URL scheme
(edit) @22123   9 years spaetz delete old and unused tilesAtHome_obsolete dir. It is of no use anymore
(edit) @22121   9 years spaetz t@h: use different quotes inside quotation. DOH
(edit) @22120   9 years spaetz t@h: add a base error msg template and make use of it
(edit) @22119   9 years spaetz t@h: allow nicer browse URLs. Fixes trac #1229
(edit) @22090   9 years spaetz t@h: pass parameter correctly, was broken before
(edit) @22089   9 years spaetz t@h: add clientaccesspolicy.xml file
(edit) @22088   9 years spaetz t@h: fix log output for lowstitcher
(edit) @22039   9 years gslater remove dummy test file
(edit) @22036   9 years gslater test dummy commit -2
(edit) @22035   9 years gslater test dummy commit
(edit) @22029   9 years jochen link zur suche
(edit) @22011   9 years spaetz tah: fix and refine log output for tile stitcher
(edit) @22010   9 years spaetz tah: print overall stitching time after run
(edit) @21993   9 years matthiasj inlcude client uuid in list of recently finished requests
(edit) @21926   9 years spaetz tah: relax django user name restrictions. Django 1.2 accepts more chars
(edit) @21898   9 years frederik move donations info
(edit) @21891   9 years frederik add first-to-find-shop to web site
(edit) @21831   9 years spaetz tah: enable new client version in tah server
(edit) @21830   9 years spaetz tah: reduce logging in tileset file handler
(edit) @21818   9 years jochen Hinweis auf Gründung 2004 ergänzt
(edit) @21772   9 years spaetz remove lock when upload queue is empty Otherwise uploaders don't seem …
(edit) @21771   9 years spaetz tileset file upload finally works Protect against missing files when …
(edit) @21767   9 years spaetz make the 'move' logging be debug level now that it seems reliable
(edit) @21765   9 years spaetz fix the empty tileset header detection
(edit) @21747   9 years spaetz allow 12,x,y notations in URLs So now both URLs will worL: …
(edit) @21742   9 years spaetz docs: bump django requirement to >=1.2
(edit) @21741   9 years spaetz in django 1.2 email_re moved to django.core.validators, so import it …
(edit) @21740   9 years spaetz don't try fancy locking it went wrong. Just process the oldest upload. …
(edit) @21737   9 years spaetz small PEP8 beautifications
(edit) @21736   9 years spaetz check the emptiness header value of uploaded tileset files and delete …
(edit) @21735   9 years spaetz reformatting, and extended comment. No functional changes.
(edit) @21669   9 years jochen clone map pos
(edit) @21648   9 years jbglaw Update.
(edit) @21644   9 years frederik new book cover
(edit) @21457   9 years tomhughes Replace HOT delegation with an A record.
(edit) @21391   9 years tomhughes Delegate HOT site to DreamHost?.
(edit) @21315   9 years tomhughes Add external IP address for fuchur.
(edit) @21276   9 years jbglaw Update.
(edit) @21215   9 years jbglaw Update.
(edit) @21183   9 years jochen moved tile location
(edit) @21016   9 years jbglaw Update.
(edit) @21015   9 years jbglaw Update.
(edit) @20970   10 years frederik +attribution example
(edit) @20952   10 years tomhughes Add a notice about the move of the rails port to git.
(edit) @20941   10 years tomhughes Remove rails code from svn - it is now in git.
(edit) @20939   10 years jbglaw Update
(edit) @20930   10 years translatewiki Localisation updates from (2010-04-18)
(edit) @20929   10 years translatewiki Localisation updates from (2010-04-18)
(edit) @20922   10 years tomhughes Updates to WMS code for OOC maps from Tim Sheerman-Chase.
(edit) @20921   10 years tomhughes Ignore whitespace around the commas when splitting a user's list of …
(edit) @20920   10 years tomhughes Escape geocoder errors. Closes #2892.
(edit) @20914   10 years nick updates to library files
(edit) @20913   10 years nick several updates: pseudo-AJAX file upload, auto photo positioning with …
(edit) @20907   10 years jochen fixed link ito osm mapper
(edit) @20905   10 years translatewiki Localisation updates from (2010-04-14)
(edit) @20904   10 years translatewiki Localisation updates from (2010-04-14)
(edit) @20903   10 years jbglaw Update
(edit) @20901   10 years tomhughes Merge duplicate "support" keys.
(edit) @20900   10 years daeron Add Finnish translations for words_connector, two_words_connector and …
(edit) @20894   10 years zere Bit more work on the contributor terms page - still very much a …
(edit) @20893   10 years jochen Christian Hartnick removed as press contact
(edit) @20892   10 years tomhughes Don't send "408 Request timeout" responses from the data browser as it …
(edit) @20888   10 years tomhughes Fix typo.
(edit) @20887   10 years tomhughes Add a keyid attribute to each layer and use it when requesting the key …
(edit) @20863   10 years translatewiki Localisation updates from (2010-04-09)
(edit) @20862   10 years translatewiki Localisation updates from (2010-04-09)
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