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(edit) @2705   13 years nickb added a marker to show a location on the map
(edit) @2704   13 years nickb geocoder stuff - views
(edit) @2703   13 years nickb fixed a mistake in migrate.sql - all is well now
(edit) @2697   13 years ojw blank tile detection - less than 68 bytes
(edit) @2690   13 years nickb map view defaults to a home lat and lon
(edit) @2678   13 years richard beginnings of Potlatch on Rails
(edit) @2666   13 years nickb Added user home lat and lon
(edit) @2659   13 years nickb Fixed up name search and postcode search
(edit) @2654   13 years nickb more geocoder stuff
(edit) @2653   13 years nickburch If we can't match a postcode using a known geocoder, throw it at …
(edit) @2652   13 years nickburch Add Canadian geocoding, and attribute the geocoders we use
(edit) @2650   13 years nickburch Support zip codes
(edit) @2649   13 years nickburch Update the postcode code to do a npemap lookup, rather than a FTP one
(edit) @2648   13 years nickb completed UK postcode search
(edit) @2647   13 years ojw one week -> 2 days
(edit) @2642   13 years deelkar Add Glencoe to versions.txt as version 12
(edit) @2632   13 years nick Current Freemap site added
(edit) @2630   13 years nick Current Freemap site added
(edit) @2629   13 years nick Current Freemap site added
(edit) @2628   13 years nick Current Freemap site added
(edit) @2627   13 years nick Current Freemap site added
(edit) @2626   13 years nick Current Freemap site added
(edit) @2624   13 years nickburch When calling .tags or .segs on a way, if it's an existing one, use the …
(edit) @2621   13 years ojw Different style list for all the status pages
(edit) @2620   13 years ojw Reduce time old requests are kept, to 2 days
(edit) @2619   13 years ojw Display munin graphs instead of request details
(edit) @2618   13 years nick removed old freemap site
(edit) @2617   13 years ojw new home for the "latest 20 in each queue" view of the requests
(edit) @2616   13 years ojw changes as part of bugfixing requests
(edit) @2615   13 years ojw changes as part of bugfixing the requests queue
(edit) @2614   13 years ojw Fix bug where uploading more than one copy of a tileset (e.g. multiple …
(edit) @2613   13 years nickburch Support getting a way, and all the segments and nodes it depends on, …
(edit) @2612   13 years steve close #411 segments should not be allowed where node_a == node_b
(edit) @2600   13 years ojw Block uploads from old clients
(edit) @2599   13 years ojw Remove debug option from moverequest
(edit) @2598   13 years ojw remove debug info from requests library, was probably preventing …
(edit) @2584   13 years steve change mime type and reformat search controller
(edit) @2582   13 years steve freethepostcode small updates
(edit) @2577   13 years ojw Test for munin
(edit) @2576   13 years ojw re-enable the "crontab only" restriction, for the timeout page
(edit) @2575   13 years ojw Delete any requests which are done, and which were done more than a …
(edit) @2574   13 years ojw split the functions to move and delete requests (delete function is …
(edit) @2573   13 years ojw Move the request timeout code into a function, so it can be generalised
(edit) @2572   13 years ojw OK kill the logging again, it's not for routine stuff
(edit) @2571   13 years ojw Check what version the client claims to be before allowing requests to …
(edit) @2570   13 years ojw fix library pathname
(edit) @2569   13 years ojw special-case for x_ version names
(edit) @2568   13 years ojw None shall pass…
(edit) @2567   13 years ojw Return -1 to version lookup if uploads from that version are disabled
(edit) @2566   13 years ojw Version identifier for website uploads
(edit) @2565   13 years ojw Version identifiers for (a) uploads via the web interface, and (b) …
(edit) @2562   13 years steve update tile schema
(edit) @2561   13 years steve updated tile scripts
(edit) @2553   13 years ojw fix directory name
(edit) @2545   13 years ojw testing file permissions in svn
(edit) @2514   13 years steve add some readmes
(edit) @2512   13 years nickb updated geocoder
(edit) @2509   13 years nickb fixed an error in routes
(edit) @2508   13 years nickb geocoder stuff
(edit) @2505   13 years nickb updated the geocoder
(edit) @2502   13 years nickb geocoder controller - handles geocoding
(edit) @2500   13 years jochen fixed typos
(edit) @2489   13 years steve readmes and move some sites
(edit) @2485   13 years steve cleanups
(edit) @2482   13 years steve more cleanups
(edit) @2481   13 years steve move support
(edit) @2480   13 years steve move more sites
(edit) @2479   13 years steve moves sites around
(edit) @2478   13 years steve make other sites dir
(edit) @2474   13 years steve move sites around
(add) @2473   13 years steve add sites dir
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