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(edit) @28392   7 years john07 put images into dedicated folder, add updated screenshots
(edit) @28391   7 years john07 fix broken link
(edit) @28390   7 years john07 rename png to lowercase
(edit) @28389   7 years john07 remove toposm US, add 4umaps topo map and openfiremap
(edit) @28375   7 years Sarah Hoffmann show type of search result (as icon and as textual description)
(edit) @28371   7 years john07 Text in Suchfeld geaendert, Unter den Linden hat gar nicht funktioniert
(edit) @28370   7 years k-nut Fixed regex. Most common conversions should work now.
(edit) @28357   7 years bastik remove wms link from index, when wms is disabled
(edit) @28356   7 years john07 Hinweis hinzugefügt
(edit) @28355   7 years giggls fix wms_extent in layer Karlsruhe
(edit) @28354   7 years giggls Make disabling of WMS for single layers actually work
(edit) @28349   7 years giggls Always show bounding box in WGS84 even if raster has another …
(edit) @28347   7 years bastik update map file (includes previous changes by other users)
(edit) @28346   7 years bastik more layer options
(edit) @28344   7 years k-nut Fixes on the regex for checking for cordinates
(edit) @28332   7 years k-nut Enable searching for cordinates directly
(edit) @28319   7 years giggls move search from to
(edit) @28312   7 years giggls increase max zoomlevel of german style to 18
(edit) @28297   7 years frederik new flyer image
(edit) @28207   7 years giggls fix invalid commit
(edit) @28206   7 years giggls remove "Europ only"
(edit) @28197   7 years john07 Geräte Links auf deutsche Wiki-Seiten
(edit) @28196   7 years john07 E-Mail-Adresse Presse Österreich geändert
(edit) @28177   7 years john07 removed osmarender
(edit) @28176   7 years john07 removed osmarender map layer
(edit) @28166   7 years vibrog Moved "Read more-section" to a Norwegian front page in the OSM wiki
(edit) @28112   7 years vibrog Remove Osmarender layer, switch pin icon
(edit) @28095   7 years giggls more updates
(edit) @28094   7 years giggls update documentation about german map style
(edit) @27644   7 years john07 klarere Fehlermeldung
(edit) @27643   7 years john07 color for lines
(edit) @27642   7 years pascal Map Key CycleMap? Part2
(edit) @27641   7 years pascal Add Map Key for the Cyclemap
(edit) @27639   7 years pascal add legend for the OEPNV-Layer
(edit) @27626   7 years guardian Michael Büge auf eigenen Wunsch (siehe OTRS) entfernt
(edit) @27453   8 years john07 lower percentage again to avoid scroll bars
(edit) @27452   8 years john07 cosmetic fixes
(edit) @27451   8 years john07 change ÖPNV map to all caps
(edit) @27450   8 years john07 fix iframe height
(edit) @27449   8 years pascal small bug fixes
(edit) @27448   8 years pascal small bug fix in atyle.css
(edit) @27447   8 years pascal Add a legend to the map site
(edit) @27346   8 years guardian update KML file
(edit) @27345   8 years john07 fix typo
(edit) @27229   8 years john07 revert opensearch changes, part 2
(edit) @27228   8 years john07 revert opensearch changes, part 1
(edit) @27198   8 years guardian Spenden: IBAN und Verwendungszweck herausgestellt, wie vom FOSSGIS erbeten
(edit) @27197   8 years guardian opensearch Einträge hinzugefügt, wie per OTRS an die webmaster Liste …
(edit) @27177   8 years john07 line break to help readability
(edit) @27176   8 years malenki Text zu Amazon überarbeitet
(edit) @27175   8 years pascal Small correction at spenden.html
(edit) @27174   8 years pascal add <link rel="search" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml".. …
(edit) @27173   8 years pascal remove opensearch.html - not needed anymore
(edit) @27172   8 years pascal Add opensearch to spenden.html website
(edit) @27171   8 years malenki add opensearch with at amazon de/uk with affiliate-tag
(edit) @27170   8 years malenki add opensearch with at amazon de/uk with affiliate-tag
(edit) @27134   8 years pascal Some further changes at the email adresses …
(edit) @27117   8 years pascal New image for Weitere Plattformen
(edit) @27116   8 years pascal some small changes: - added some more data provides (faq.html - Wie …
(edit) @27113   8 years john07 add routeservices
(edit) @27111   8 years john07 add new Zum Ausprobieren content
(edit) @27110   8 years john07 delete unnecessary old images
(edit) @27109   8 years john07 new and updated images
(edit) @27096   8 years john07 readded welcome page for emails
(edit) @27093   8 years pascal Bug fix: OpenLayers? mouse zooming problem
(edit) @27090   8 years john07 Android-Link to german wiki page. TopOSM USA only and changed order …
(edit) @27089   8 years john07 changed link target of german map style text link
(edit) @27088   8 years john07 changed link target of german map style
(edit) @27087   8 years john07 deleted unnecessary, deprecated file
(edit) @27086   8 years john07 remove duplicate file
(edit) @27085   8 years pascal Email bug fix
(edit) @27083   8 years pascal Email bug fixed
(edit) @27082   8 years pascal Small bug fixes: - replaced email adresses with enitites - fixed …
(edit) @27079   8 years pascal Rest of the webpage
(edit) @27078   8 years pascal New webpage
(edit) @27077   8 years pascal Backup of the old webpage
(edit) @27076   8 years john07 update events
(edit) @27073   8 years jbglaw Update
(edit) @27072   8 years jbglaw Update
(edit) @26967   8 years jbglaw Update kalendar.
(edit) @26712   8 years evod add radlkarte dir
(edit) @26567   8 years giggls Show slippymap if Base Index of Server is requested
(edit) @26564   8 years giggls Also allow requests for png tiles
(edit) @26472   8 years frederik new flyer image
(edit) @26435   8 years jochen argh
(edit) @26433   8 years giggls is providing us with a Google Mercator enabled WMS Server. …
(edit) @26430   8 years dieterdreist fixed another typo in spenden.html
(edit) @26429   8 years dieterdreist fixed some typos in spenden.html
(edit) @26403   8 years jbglaw Update.
(edit) @26333   8 years guardian added donation page
(edit) @26324   8 years guardian Umstelltung auf Userroupsbot (zunächst noch statischer Dump)
(edit) @26108   8 years jbglaw Update.
(edit) @26077   8 years vibrog Marker URL support (patch from haakonst)
(edit) @26059   8 years vibrog Update OpenLayers? to development HEAD
(edit) @25994   8 years vibrog Add an edition with no chrome for embedding
(edit) @25957   8 years vibrog Recommend two routing services using OSM data
(edit) @25953   8 years giggls More homebrew aerial images from Holger Neubert
(edit) @25952   8 years vibrog Recommend a routing service using OSM data
(edit) @25925   8 years tomhughes Remove DNS configuration from svn as it is now in git
(edit) @25924   8 years tomhughes Point tile at konqi and albi instead of directly at yevaud
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