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(edit) @32150   4 years stefanb Updated for 2016-04-30 data
(edit) @31845   5 years stefanb Updated with RABA source dated 2015-11-30
(edit) @31258   5 years gislars Changed press contact @
(edit) @31080   5 years stefanb merging the readme files to prevent file naming conflict on windows OS …
(edit) @31079   5 years stefanb Added brief instructions
(edit) @31078   5 years stefanb Switched over to newer source: RABA_20150331_EPSG4326 & …
(edit) @31039   5 years stefanb using lightweight shapefile, with just the needed features, produced …
(edit) @30981   5 years stefanb fixed typo in northern extent
(edit) @30976   5 years stefanb svn ignore all data folders (RABA_20*)
(edit) @30975   5 years stefanb Added raba wms/tms layers see …
(edit) @30838   6 years giggls new strato logo
(edit) @30653   6 years gislars updated address in impress for
(edit) @30597   6 years giggls unify case
(edit) @30302   6 years jongleur Verbesserung des Textes zu den Amazon-Affiliates, kleine HTML-Fehler …
(edit) @30301   6 years jongleur activate "Fehler melden" again, using the notes feature …
(edit) @30300   6 years jongleur fixing some html bugs: - removing unnecessary (and duplicate) ids at …
(edit) @30299   6 years jongleur use protocol agnostic absolute URLS like …
(edit) @30176   7 years malenki add search file for affiliate search
(edit) @30158   7 years malenki Adding search for, too
(edit) @30065   7 years malenki added explanating comment to disabled "Report Error" button
(edit) @30064   7 years malenki Removed "report bug"-Button since it links to deprecated …
(edit) @29910   7 years giggls remove Matthias Meisser on his own request
(edit) @29282   7 years giggls Add bicycle Layer Munich
(edit) @29160   8 years haakonst Change history viewing service to WHO DID IT? and fix layers not …
(edit) @29159   8 years haakonst Don't show OpenLayers? controls and menu on printed media
(edit) @29158   8 years haakonst Update attribution notice for Mapnik and CycleMap? layers
(edit) @29154   8 years haakonst Correct marker position (it was slightly misplaced)
(edit) @28921   8 years john07 make sites use responsive layout on smartphone size screens
(edit) @28918   8 years john07 rewrite comments
(edit) @28917   8 years john07 fix map key again
(edit) @28916   8 years john07 make karte.html responsive and good looking on mobile devices
(edit) @28824   8 years john07 remove dot
(edit) @28823   8 years john07 change WP logo image
(edit) @28822   8 years john07 add wordpress plugins to Schaufenster
(edit) @28819   8 years john07 revert hard wrap
(edit) @28817   8 years john07 change link text
(edit) @28816   8 years john07 change faq to odbl
(edit) @28812   8 years john07 maybe hopefully fix Opera weirdness
(edit) @28811   8 years john07 remove first line from dropdown menu, fix z-index, add local jquery
(edit) @28810   8 years john07 Lizenzhinweis Update, faktisch sind alle Karten auf der Startseite …
(edit) @28803   8 years john07 add destination to URL for mapquest
(edit) @28802   8 years john07 change URLs for routing services to include destination instead of start
(edit) @28799   8 years john07 Add routing service button to karte.html
(edit) @28798   8 years john07 Fix IE layer switch bug
(edit) @28749   8 years giggls s/CC-by-SA/ODbL/g
(edit) @28736   8 years john07 make link go to actual export tab now
(edit) @28735   8 years john07 reverse this, caused double click on arrows to work at the end
(edit) @28734   8 years john07 center content in carousel properly
(edit) @28733   8 years john07 change order of Schaufenster items
(edit) @28732   8 years john07 use new tab bar from in icon because details matter
(edit) @28676   8 years pascal bug fix in tile server url
(edit) @28675   8 years john07 minor CSS style adjustments
(edit) @28674   8 years pascal position change of the I Like OpenStreetMap plugin
(edit) @28670   8 years pascal Update to OpenLayers?? 2.12 and ILikeOSM integration - Part III
(edit) @28669   8 years pascal Update to OpenLayers?? 2.12 and ILikeOSM integration - Part II
(edit) @28668   8 years pascal Update to OpenLayers? 2.12 and ILikeOSM integration - Part I
(edit) @28558   8 years gislars updated gps verleih sites of
(edit) @28468   8 years giggls Fix API change in Openlayers: Mousedefaults -> Navigation
(edit) @28421   8 years john07 add YAPIS to Schaufenster
(edit) @28404   8 years pascal Opening-Slider-after-Zooming-Error-Fix
(edit) @28403   8 years pascal Legende/Mapkey? fix
(edit) @28393   8 years john07 move images into dedicated folder, update 123 with new screenshots and …
(edit) @28392   8 years john07 put images into dedicated folder, add updated screenshots
(edit) @28391   8 years john07 fix broken link
(edit) @28390   8 years john07 rename png to lowercase
(edit) @28389   8 years john07 remove toposm US, add 4umaps topo map and openfiremap
(edit) @28375   8 years Sarah Hoffmann show type of search result (as icon and as textual description)
(edit) @28371   8 years john07 Text in Suchfeld geaendert, Unter den Linden hat gar nicht funktioniert
(edit) @28370   8 years k-nut Fixed regex. Most common conversions should work now.
(edit) @28357   8 years bastik remove wms link from index, when wms is disabled
(edit) @28356   8 years john07 Hinweis hinzugefügt
(edit) @28355   8 years giggls fix wms_extent in layer Karlsruhe
(edit) @28354   8 years giggls Make disabling of WMS for single layers actually work
(edit) @28349   8 years giggls Always show bounding box in WGS84 even if raster has another …
(edit) @28347   8 years bastik update map file (includes previous changes by other users)
(edit) @28346   8 years bastik more layer options
(edit) @28344   8 years k-nut Fixes on the regex for checking for cordinates
(edit) @28332   8 years k-nut Enable searching for cordinates directly
(edit) @28319   8 years giggls move search from to
(edit) @28312   8 years giggls increase max zoomlevel of german style to 18
(edit) @28297   8 years frederik new flyer image
(edit) @28207   8 years giggls fix invalid commit
(edit) @28206   8 years giggls remove "Europ only"
(edit) @28197   8 years john07 Geräte Links auf deutsche Wiki-Seiten
(edit) @28196   8 years john07 E-Mail-Adresse Presse Österreich geändert
(edit) @28177   8 years john07 removed osmarender
(edit) @28176   8 years john07 removed osmarender map layer
(edit) @28166   8 years vibrog Moved "Read more-section" to a Norwegian front page in the OSM wiki
(edit) @28112   8 years vibrog Remove Osmarender layer, switch pin icon
(edit) @28095   8 years giggls more updates
(edit) @28094   8 years giggls update documentation about german map style
(edit) @27644   9 years john07 klarere Fehlermeldung
(edit) @27643   9 years john07 color for lines
(edit) @27642   9 years pascal Map Key CycleMap? Part2
(edit) @27641   9 years pascal Add Map Key for the Cyclemap
(edit) @27639   9 years pascal add legend for the OEPNV-Layer
(edit) @27626   9 years guardian Michael Büge auf eigenen Wunsch (siehe OTRS) entfernt
(edit) @27453   9 years john07 lower percentage again to avoid scroll bars
(edit) @27452   9 years john07 cosmetic fixes
(edit) @27451   9 years john07 change ÖPNV map to all caps
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