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(edit) @3637   13 years tomhughes Don't fill in from_display_name for messages - it can be got by …
(edit) @3636   13 years tomhughes Don't bother setting user_id for each tracepoint - it is redundant as …
(edit) @3634   13 years jonb tile_details.rb: sanitise CGI input
(edit) @3633   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: Make blocked tiles return a 403 error with a message …
(edit) @3632   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: Add delay for blocked request
(edit) @3631   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: Sanitise CGI input. Use print to avoid trailing \n. Don't …
(edit) @3630   13 years jonb tile_details.rb: handle mysql errors
(edit) @3629   13 years jonb insert_tile.rb: handle mysql connect errors.
(edit) @3628   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: handle mysql connect errors. Reintroduce tile limit …
(edit) @3627   13 years richard smarter whichways behaviour, couple of small bugfixes
(edit) @3626   13 years tomhughes Escape names passed to as part of the URL.
(edit) @3625   13 years tomhughes Fixed error handling in the name search and tidied things up a bit.
(edit) @3623   13 years tomhughes Don't include passwords in the request log.
(edit) @3617   13 years tomhughes Use a full path to find the file command.
(edit) @3611   13 years tomhughes Improve MIME type determination for trace files.
(edit) @3610   13 years tomhughes Provide a more sensible suggested filename when downloading traces.
(edit) @3609   13 years nickb more views for feedback
(edit) @3608   13 years nickb feedback for stateofthemap
(edit) @3607   13 years tomhughes Remove SOTM advert from site.
(edit) @3604   13 years tomhughes Allow the map centre and marker position to be set independently.
(edit) @3603   13 years tomhughes Fix exception handling in GPX importer.
(edit) @3584   13 years richard strip out any control characters before writing to the db
(edit) @3514   13 years richard fix problematic merge
(edit) @3510   13 years tomhughes Disable asset tagging to get better caching of assets.
(edit) @3499   13 years tomhughes Add OpenSearch? search plugins from Jono to the site. Fixes #506.
(edit) @3497   13 years ojw Disable auto re-request, see mailing list for 2007-05-07
(edit) @3496   13 years tomhughes Restore favicon.
(edit) @3473   13 years ojw First draft of upload tokens
(edit) @3471   13 years ojw Hand-out upload tokens
(edit) @3470   13 years ojw Library for generating upload tokens
(edit) @3459   13 years tomhughes Handle public flag for GPX creation properly.
(edit) @3458   13 years tomhughes Refactor GPX creation routines to share common code.
(edit) @3428   13 years tomhughes Remove scripts for old slippy map which are no longer used.
(edit) @3427   13 years tomhughes Make the slippy map work properly on IE7 at last!
(edit) @3426   13 years tomhughes Fix some HTML validation issue.
(edit) @3425   13 years ojw Abort messages priority-2, so they appear in same log as success messages
(edit) @3424   13 years ojw Bugfix: we counted uploads twice, once because of textfile and once …
(edit) @3423   13 years ojw Ensure this script only gets run by dev server, not public-facing
(edit) @3422   13 years tomhughes Use Math.PI instead of defining it ourselves (and sometimes forgetting).
(edit) @3420   13 years ojw Jever only - see mailing list
(edit) @3418   13 years tomhughes Bring some sort of sanity to sequence numbers for segments in a way - …
(edit) @3408   13 years tomhughes With much assistance from kleptog, make the map wrap when zoomed right out.
(edit) @3407   13 years tomhughes Only do mappam for and to stop …
(edit) @3405   13 years tomhughes Remove require_user for the api_details method as that uses HTTP …
(edit) @3404   13 years steve add mappam... also stuff in user controller that must have been done …
(edit) @3403   13 years ojw fiddle
(edit) @3402   13 years ojw Bugfix: wasn't limiting count after count got renamed
(edit) @3400   13 years ojw reduce load average + no db connect if load average too high
(edit) @3399   13 years ojw Fix bug - mysql_close assumes only one upload per script. plus add logging
(edit) @3398   13 years ojw Move max queue size to library
(edit) @3397   13 years ojw Queue uploads
(edit) @3395   13 years ojw max queue size -> library
(edit) @3393   13 years ojw Version Jever
(edit) @3389   13 years ojw Add "GO/NO-GO" script to SVN
(edit) @3388   13 years ojw library to check queue length
(edit) @3386   13 years ojw m
(edit) @3385   13 years ojw First draft of queue-runner
(edit) @3384   13 years ojw queue length function
(edit) @3383   13 years ojw Testing queue
(edit) @3380   13 years tomhughes Make sure we clear the tags and segments for a way when it is deleted. …
(edit) @3376   13 years tomhughes Make passwords with a colon in them work.
(edit) @3375   13 years tomhughes Make negative caching of users work.
(edit) @3374   13 years tomhughes Fix deprecation warning.
(edit) @3373   13 years tomhughes More search fixes…
(edit) @3372   13 years tomhughes Fix way search.
(edit) @3371   13 years tomhughes Split the rest action into sparate read, update and delete actions …
(edit) @3368   13 years richard use render proc to write out results, see if that makes things faster
(edit) @3367   13 years tomhughes Fix breakage.
(edit) @3366   13 years tomhughes Add more logging…
(edit) @3363   13 years tomhughes Treat a timestamp that can't be parse as if it didn't exist.
(edit) @3362   13 years tomhughes Enhance logging.
(edit) @3360   13 years tomhughes Create XML documents properly.
(edit) @3359   13 years tomhughes Restrict object IDs to numbers to make search methods route correctly.
(edit) @3358   13 years tomhughes Fix typo.
(edit) @3357   13 years tomhughes Add some logging.
(edit) @3356   13 years richard fixing version problem for way_tags
(edit) @3355   13 years tomhughes Set the log level correctly for the custom logger.
(edit) @3354   13 years tomhughes Implement a custom log class to make the log more readable.
(edit) @3327   13 years richard more accurate unwayed segments display; warning icon flashes and has a …
(edit) @3326   13 years tomhughes Enhacements to the migration library code.
(edit) @3325   13 years richard better SQL in putway, plus trap any 0/1-length ways that Potlatch may …
(edit) @3324   13 years tomhughes Primary keys can't have names so don't pretend otherwise.
(edit) @3323   13 years tomhughes Move common support code from the base migration to a library file …
(edit) @3322   13 years tomhughes Remove old create_database.sql script as it no longers matches the …
(edit) @3321   13 years tomhughes Make sure we get the list of tags and segments to save before we do …
(edit) @3320   13 years tomhughes Fix bogus SQL.
(edit) @3319   13 years tomhughes Allow all trackpoints to be fetched, not just those from public traces …
(edit) @3318   13 years tomhughes Use a multi-pass approach to parsing GPX files to keep memory usage down.
(edit) @3309   13 years tomhughes Fix the segs and tags methods for old_ways so they work.
(edit) @3308   13 years tomhughes Make sure the associations with segments and old ways are properly ordered.
(edit) @3306   13 years tomhughes Unconfuse OpenLayer?'s base location detection.
(edit) @3305   13 years tomhughes Factor out javascript code to support OpenLayers? maps into a common …
(edit) @3304   13 years tomhughes Make sure the diary link in the LHS navigation goes to the global diary.
(edit) @3303   13 years tomhughes Fix up routes for diary entry changes in r3302.
(edit) @3302   13 years tomhughes Make per-user diary entry lists go through the diary_entry controller …
(edit) @3301   13 years dankarran Adding tag name to title if available.
(edit) @3300   13 years dankarran Removing list of nearby users from account page (now duplicated …
(edit) @3299   13 years dankarran Adding trace link to logged in user's profile too.
(edit) @3298   13 years dankarran Adding titles to trace lists
(edit) @3297   13 years dankarran Link from user profile to view traces and to set home location if none …
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