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(edit) @3993   13 years tomhughes Cope with the OSM NameFinder? returning a result with no nearby places.
(edit) @3992   13 years tomhughes Remove old geocoder views and add new one.
(edit) @3991   13 years tomhughes Commit SteveC's removal of the mappam ads.
(edit) @3990   13 years tomhughes New improved geocoder with extra added AJAX and OSM Namefinder support.
(edit) @3989   13 years spaetz better regex for negative numbers
(edit) @3988   13 years spaetz Make it recognize negative numbers for x,y,z as OpenLayers? requests …
(edit) @3986   13 years spaetz Make URL pattern detection work without .php ending
(edit) @3974   13 years tomhughes Ran "rake rails:update" to update resources to latest rails 1.2.3 ones.
(edit) @3973   13 years spaetz make inclusion of file pathproof
(edit) @3972   13 years spaetz make blanktilelookup work
(edit) @3971   13 years spaetz refine insertblanktile and make the uploader use it.
(edit) @3961   13 years spaetz make Upload/Run? use the efficient blank tile insertion.
(edit) @3960   13 years spaetz add an insertBlankTile function which only inserts when needed.
(edit) @3954   13 years spaetz Make db.php use the new centrlized blank tile db look up.
(edit) @3953   13 years spaetz fix some blanktile stupidness.
(edit) @3952   13 years spaetz first cut at centralized blank tile handling. LookUp? function.
(edit) @3896   13 years richard various bugfixes, new natural presets
(edit) @3885   13 years tomhughes Fix counting of tagged ways, and handle having more users in the days …
(edit) @3884   13 years tomhughes Fix the "number of users editing..." table.
(edit) @3883   13 years tomhughes Some statistics improvements: - Show top 50 GPX uploaders, not just …
(edit) @3882   13 years tomhughes Only count visible objects.
(edit) @3881   13 years tomhughes Add a statistics script to replace the horrid (and not in the …
(edit) @3878   13 years tomhughes Removed unused preferences method from the user controller - the field …
(edit) @3877   13 years tomhughes Removed unused HTTP status code definitions - we now use the Rails ones.
(edit) @3876   13 years tomhughes Switch to storing sessions in the database.
(edit) @3875   13 years tomhughes Add migration to create session table in the database.
(edit) @3874   13 years tomhughes Give up after reporting that the query found too many nodes.
(edit) @3870   13 years spaetz Show Full tileset info also for zoom level 12.
(edit) @3869   13 years spaetz was still needed as include. Add back in.
(edit) @3868   13 years spaetz Clean up. Remove checks for old filesystem. There is no old filesystem …
(edit) @3867   13 years spaetz adapt to new info url
(edit) @3862   13 years tomhughes New database migration to cleanup lots of things.
(edit) @3858   13 years tomhughes Bloomin Americans that can't spell…
(edit) @3857   13 years tomhughes Fix typo.
(edit) @3850   13 years tomhughes Add support for displaying a map covering a specified bounding box.
(edit) @3849   13 years tomhughes Remember which layers are active in the cookie and URLs.
(edit) @3845   13 years spaetz typo, now the SQL query is finally valid (tested)
(edit) @3844   13 years spaetz Fix up order of SQL variables to be the same as the query. What was I …
(edit) @3843   13 years spaetz fix Recent tile list to point to the new meta data page OJW created.
(edit) @3842   13 years spaetz make full tileset-checker honor per layer expected tiles. Maplint …
(edit) @3841   13 years spaetz modify layerMaxZoom and layerNumberofTiles to be passed the name …
(edit) @3840   13 years spaetz oops, wrap include files in parentheses
(edit) @3839   13 years spaetz Implement per layer max Zoom levels and expected number of tiles. This …
(edit) @3838   13 years spaetz default tile dir is 'tile', change to match that. Ommit .php of …
(edit) @3824   13 years tomhughes Back out previous change, and use the name in the "Posted by" line to …
(edit) @3823   13 years tomhughes Link to a user's details from their diary page.
(edit) @3822   13 years tomhughes Fix links to users' diaries.
(edit) @3821   13 years tomhughes Show an edit link on the trace details page, and use the same zoom …
(edit) @3820   13 years tomhughes Add missing quote.
(edit) @3819   13 years tomhughes Add a link to a user's home location if they have one.
(edit) @3818   13 years tomhughes Provide separate map and edit links for each trace.
(edit) @3812   13 years tomhughes Use a cookie to remember the last location viewed on the slippy map.
(edit) @3809   13 years spaetz forgot commas
(edit) @3803   13 years tomhughes User null to indicate the the user's home location is not set.
(edit) @3799   13 years tomhughes Factor out loading of the various fixtures needed to test API calls …
(edit) @3797   13 years tomhughes Load way fixtures so segment delete tests will fail when segments are …
(edit) @3796   13 years tomhughes Handle segments which do not exist correctly and indicate that the …
(edit) @3795   13 years spaetz Impement MaxRetries? feature. We retry once after 24h now and delete …
(edit) @3794   13 years spaetz remove stray debug 'print'
(edit) @3793   13 years spaetz rewrite script to use O(1) rather than O(n) queries for request timeout.
(edit) @3765   13 years frederik added more tests
(edit) @3764   13 years spaetz remove the _details urls. They were untrue. ojw did the work.
(edit) @3763   13 years spaetz Final version of file sorting. This one works actually.
(edit) @3762   13 years spaetz sort files according to date, so we pick the oldest first.
(edit) @3760   13 years spaetz use oldest file for processing
(edit) @3757   13 years tomhughes Add a flag to allow the API to be placed in read-only mode.
(edit) @3754   13 years tomhughes Make the search calls a bit more efficient and add some limits on the …
(edit) @3753   13 years tomhughes Make the API consistent about whether object names are plural in …
(edit) @3748   13 years spaetz Second replace into optimization (blank tiles). Credits to TomH.
(edit) @3747   13 years spaetz no need to update the key field. It never changes.
(edit) @3746   13 years spaetz optimize tile metadata insertion
(edit) @3745   13 years spaetz One last directory I forgot to adapt
(edit) @3738   13 years spaetz Move imports above disabled check, or func logMsg can not be found.
(edit) @3717   13 years steve move zoom in one level by default
(edit) @3716   13 years steve grrr, keep the tree clean
(edit) @3715   13 years spaetz do away with the dual filenames depending on the layer (simplifies …
(edit) @3714   13 years spaetz default tile layer dir is 'tile' to match it's http request name
(edit) @3713   13 years spaetz changes temp dir location. Uploads are turned off here
(edit) @3709   13 years spaetz Only log invalid tokens. Change temp dir directory.
(edit) @3705   13 years spaetz simplify tiles serving URL rewrites
(edit) @3690   13 years tomhughes Add some basic tests for nodes.
(edit) @3689   13 years tomhughes Use SQL schemas, as ruby can't cope with the things we do…
(edit) @3684   13 years spaetz remove .htaccess file. It is checked for each request.
(edit) @3667   13 years richard ways from unwayed segments now automatically fix segment direction
(edit) @3663   13 years tomhughes Don't include deleted segments when converting unwayed segments to ways.
(edit) @3662   13 years tomhughes Log calls to the makeway method.
(edit) @3656   13 years richard experimental 'make ways out of unwayed segments' feature
(edit) @3655   13 years ojw Store text keys for normal-style tile uploads
(edit) @3654   13 years ojw Handle zero-length and missing files
(edit) @3653   13 years richard drag newly created points
(edit) @3637   13 years tomhughes Don't fill in from_display_name for messages - it can be got by …
(edit) @3636   13 years tomhughes Don't bother setting user_id for each tracepoint - it is redundant as …
(edit) @3634   13 years jonb tile_details.rb: sanitise CGI input
(edit) @3633   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: Make blocked tiles return a 403 error with a message …
(edit) @3632   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: Add delay for blocked request
(edit) @3631   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: Sanitise CGI input. Use print to avoid trailing \n. Don't …
(edit) @3630   13 years jonb tile_details.rb: handle mysql errors
(edit) @3629   13 years jonb insert_tile.rb: handle mysql connect errors.
(edit) @3628   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: handle mysql connect errors. Reintroduce tile limit …
(edit) @3627   13 years richard smarter whichways behaviour, couple of small bugfixes
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