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(edit) @5254   12 years spaetz some fixes to previous commit
(edit) @5253   12 years spaetz make it possible to increase priority of in-queue requests
(edit) @5252   12 years tomhughes Don't include any page numbers in links in the tag list.
(edit) @5244   12 years deelkar add README
(edit) @5243   12 years deelkar add crontab shellscript for ChangedTiles?
(edit) @5242   12 years deelkar add autorequester php
(edit) @5241   12 years tomhughes Tidy up mail notifiers and make them more rails style rather then …
(edit) @5240   12 years tomhughes Add warnings not to reply to message notifications directly.
(edit) @5236   12 years deelkar still uses same API layout, fully compatible with version 3, so put …
(edit) @5233   12 years deelkar duplicate function AbortWithError? from upload/tile2.php
(edit) @5231   12 years deelkar add POST capable serverside php with user authentication capability
(edit) @5222   12 years richard persistent preferences!
(edit) @5218   12 years richard update view/edit tab links
(edit) @5217   12 years tomhughes Fix tab breakage and make key update as zoom level changes.
(edit) @5216   12 years richard Potlatch 0.4b: put POIs in ways; small SWF improvement; correct …
(edit) @5215   12 years richard keys change depending on zoom level; force 210px sidebar width for keys
(edit) @5205   12 years richard Preparation for anon edit change
(edit) @5198   12 years frederik way history needs to reference nodes with ref=... not id=…
(edit) @5187   12 years deelkar workaround: clients up to and including Latrobe need status OK to …
(edit) @5174   12 years deelkar bugfix old clients are signalled by -2
(edit) @5173   12 years deelkar bugfix (missing global) thx to Nicke
(edit) @5165   12 years richard fix the POI bugfix (sigh)
(edit) @5131   12 years tomhughes Stylesheet changes for permalink from crschmidt. Part of fix for case #566.
(edit) @5130   12 years tomhughes Round latitude and longitude values in links to a sensible number of …
(edit) @5129   12 years tomhughes Patch from crschmidt to add an obvious permalink to the bottom right …
(edit) @5110   12 years stevechilton revised keymapnik11/12, new versions of keymapnik6-10
(edit) @5068   12 years david to support api 0.5
(edit) @5067   12 years david to support api 0.5
(edit) @5061   12 years tomhughes Removed 0.5 branch.
(edit) @5060   12 years tomhughes Removed
(edit) @5058   12 years tomhughes Render an empty text string instead of nothing (which actually …
(edit) @5009   12 years deelkar make API version variable
(edit) @4953   12 years tomhughes Fix geolocation to actually work…
(edit) @4950   12 years tomhughes Don't try and print the distance to a friend that has not set a home …
(edit) @4941   12 years dankarran Actually showing the closest neighbours instead of a fixed number of …
(edit) @4936   12 years tomhughes Factor out common code for models which deal with geographic points …
(edit) @4932   12 years dankarran Reduce number of nearby people listed to the closest 5 by default, and …
(edit) @4930   12 years tomhughes Get URL selection right…
(edit) @4929   12 years tomhughes Give OpenLayers? three different hosts (all really pointing at tile) to …
(edit) @4925   12 years spaetz return different msg if a request was already in the queue
(edit) @4921   12 years tomhughes Add an API call to find the map tiles which have changed in a given period.
(edit) @4920   12 years tomhughes Update OpenLayers? to the 2.5 release.
(edit) @4919   12 years tomhughes Add a maptile_for_point() function for MySQL to work out which slippy …
(edit) @4905   12 years richard Potlatch 0.4a, fix duplicate POI bug
(edit) @4904   12 years tomhughes Reinstate the deadlock_retry plugin.
(edit) @4902   12 years tomhughes Split out sidebar code from the search code so it can be reused for …
(edit) @4898   12 years dankarran Improving friend capabilities so you can now add and remove friends as …
(edit) @4896   12 years richard experimental pop-out map key
(edit) @4891   12 years tomhughes Pass a list of visible nodes when generating XML for a way. Closes #553.
(edit) @4886   12 years tomhughes Force C99 mode.
(edit) @4870   12 years deelkar Use a fake Version for the answer to make clients abort loop when …
(edit) @4869   12 years richard Potlatch 0.4 (hopefully)
(edit) @4862   12 years spaetz commit new client version, only allow new clients (0.5)
(edit) @4859   12 years tomhughes Use a consistent name for the variable holding the relation count.
(edit) @4856   12 years tomhughes Cope with empty areas better.
(edit) @4846   12 years tomhughes Make lighttpd reject 0.4 API requests without talking to rails.
(edit) @4837   12 years richard OS X-compatible makefile supplied by agnat
(edit) @4834   12 years gabriel Merge rails_port_0.5
(edit) @4822   12 years frederik add relations to stats
(edit) @4820   12 years gabriel rails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port.
(edit) @4818   12 years tomhughes Correct instructions for creating the database to ensure that the …
(edit) @4780   13 years gabriel rails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port.
(edit) @4774   13 years tomhughes Fix typo in HTML version of account confirmation message.
(edit) @4764   13 years gabriel rails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port.
(edit) @4754   13 years tomhughes Rescale GPS points correctly when downgrading from v5 to v4.
(edit) @4753   13 years tomhughes Make the name of the lon/lng virtual attribute on trace points consistent.
(edit) @4752   13 years tomhughes Fall back to a pure ruby update implementation if the tile_for_point …
(edit) @4751   13 years frederik fix for preconditions
(edit) @4750   13 years tomhughes Fall back to adding tile numbers the hard way if the MySQL function is …
(edit) @4747   13 years tomhughes Document installation of database functions on MacOS X.
(edit) @4736   13 years gabriel rails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port.
(edit) @4734   13 years deelkar clarify sort options
(edit) @4733   13 years tomhughes Provide both HTML and plain text versions of account confirmation and …
(edit) @4725   13 years spaetz typo
(edit) @4724   13 years spaetz force bulk requests down to P=3
(edit) @4723   13 years spaetz force bulk requests down to P=3
(edit) @4722   13 years frederik bugfix searching relations
(edit) @4721   13 years frederik new calls
(edit) @4719   13 years frederik support searching relations
(edit) @4718   13 years spaetz should have no effect
(edit) @4717   13 years gabriel rails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port.
(edit) @4716   13 years spaetz only do 4 retries then delete request
(edit) @4714   13 years spaetz more minor improvements to info.php
(edit) @4713   13 years spaetz pretty up info.php somewhat
(edit) @4712   13 years frederik added tagging of two-node ways created from tagged or unwayed …
(edit) @4709   13 years tomhughes Improve consistency of trace upload forms and error handling. Fixes …
(edit) @4704   13 years gabriel rails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port.
(edit) @4695   13 years spaetz add a queue waiting bonus for low-priority requests of 1 per 48 hours
(edit) @4694   13 years spaetz disable rate limiting, it isn't necessary and was not working as …
(edit) @4693   13 years spaetz add a queue waiting bonus for low-priority requests of 1 per 100 hours
(edit) @4692   13 years tomhughes Process traces in order.
(edit) @4686   13 years gabriel rails_port_0.5: Add the index before loading the data as suggested by …
(edit) @4685   13 years frederik removed LOCAL from LOAD DATA INFILE
(edit) @4684   13 years frederik added with=4 to list of uninteresting tags, also source=PGS* (was: …
(edit) @4683   13 years spaetz adapt description to reflect reality
(edit) @4682   13 years spaetz replace 'print system(...)' with 'passthru(...) which actually does the job
(edit) @4681   13 years spaetz last logging change for today. all is well.
(edit) @4680   13 years spaetz don't create finsihed jobs for unrequested uploads for now
(edit) @4679   13 years spaetz improve user upload stats by taking the actual number of tiles per …
(edit) @4678   13 years spaetz use same logging level for those msgs. last change for today
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