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(edit) @5582   13 years crschmidt add fallback lookups to register blank tiles when we get a non-complex …
(edit) @5581   13 years crschmidt show tile complexity.
(edit) @5580   13 years nick New Freemap plus osmajax - corrected 1 or 2 bugs which occurred when …
(edit) @5579   13 years nick add updated freemap
(edit) @5578   13 years nick remove old freemap
(edit) @5565   13 years spaetz noop
(edit) @5564   13 years spaetz output header before plaintext, or you get: Cannot modify header …
(edit) @5563   13 years spaetz noop
(edit) @5562   13 years spaetz add tile dir to config file
(edit) @5561   13 years spaetz remove unused
(edit) @5560   13 years spaetz just require_once to be on the safe side
(edit) @5559   13 years spaetz make use central configuration file
(edit) @5558   13 years spaetz make use config file
(edit) @5557   13 years spaetz delete, it's unused.
(edit) @5556   13 years spaetz make also use the central config file
(edit) @5555   13 years spaetz add beginning of a central configuration. only uses that for now.
(edit) @5552   13 years crschmidt Use the complexity database, and only encode tiles which have complexity.
(edit) @5551   13 years spaetz bail out if layerID is invalid
(edit) @5550   13 years spaetz enable blank tile marking via feedback API
(edit) @5549   13 years spaetz enable blank tile marking via feedback API
(edit) @5548   13 years spaetz make comment doxygen friendly
(edit) @5547   13 years spaetz more twiddling, not functional yet
(edit) @5546   13 years spaetz more twiddling, not functional yet
(edit) @5545   13 years spaetz make feedback a bit more robust POST&GET works
(edit) @5544   13 years spaetz commit crschmidt's disabled user mods
(edit) @5543   13 years spaetz commit crschmidt's disabled user mods
(edit) @5542   13 years spaetz include from
(edit) @5541   13 years spaetz add user auth to feedback
(edit) @5540   13 years spaetz more work on feedback api
(edit) @5536   13 years spaetz doxygen docs
(edit) @5535   13 years spaetz doxygen docs
(edit) @5534   13 years spaetz make doxygen output quiet
(edit) @5533   13 years spaetz The very first bit of doxygen documentation arrives.
(edit) @5529   13 years deelkar make old clients abort by setting API version to 99
(edit) @5528   13 years spaetz delete old RenderRequest? functionality via GET. Only POST requests …
(edit) @5524   13 years crschmidt Various tracking/logging improvements.
(edit) @5523   13 years crschmidt use current server.
(edit) @5522   13 years crschmidt Current state of timeout, munin, log code
(edit) @5521   13 years crschmidt let the changedtiles code insert a request date
(edit) @5520   13 years crschmidt current state of server side library code.
(edit) @5519   13 years crschmidt When a client requests a tile, they store the user id of the …
(edit) @5518   13 years crschmidt Add details about current tile to various pieces of info tools.
(edit) @5517   13 years crschmidt Re-requests have been broken since August 9th. Fix them.
(edit) @5511   13 years spaetz revert latest change
(edit) @5510   13 years spaetz add a GROUP BY status to SQL. It removes one filesort
(edit) @5509   13 years crschmidt Remove REQUEST_NEW from code.
(edit) @5494   13 years richard waterway=stream,natural=peak
(edit) @5485   13 years richard 0.5a: further revisions to merged ways, API->SWF error handling
(edit) @5473   13 years spaetz improve oerdering of client status
(edit) @5470   13 years crschmidt Add information on where the tile is currently at.
(edit) @5469   13 years crschmidt change 404 request name
(edit) @5459   13 years crschmidt Adding new bytes column, ability to order by different fields, …
(edit) @5450   13 years richard fix branching way problem
(edit) @5448   13 years richard 0.5: NUNS! REVERT!!!
(edit) @5447   13 years crschmidt Commit a bunch of minor changes for running on HC.
(edit) @5446   13 years crschmidt If the priority is the lowest, we on't need to check the existing …
(edit) @5445   13 years crschmidt Because requests may end up back in the queue due to failures, let …
(edit) @5444   13 years crschmidt * Report current or changed status of request when calling NeedRender?. …
(edit) @5443   13 years crschmidt Add the request date to the table.
(edit) @5438   13 years spaetz disable ageing bonus for low-prio requests
(edit) @5407   13 years spaetz if a tile is missing request a render automatically
(edit) @5406   13 years spaetz don't cache tiles on error and 404. Redirect missing tiles to dev for now.
(edit) @5405   13 years tomhughes Spread T@H over three host names.
(edit) @5404   13 years crschmidt Add automatic default password generation
(edit) @5403   13 years spaetz password generator
(edit) @5397   13 years spaetz tone down logging. pretty up (disabled) CPU load check.
(edit) @5396   13 years spaetz several changes from adapting to hypercube. OBS changed tmp paths here.
(edit) @5386   13 years jonb update tile cat_tile.rb script and provide some variants which are …
(edit) @5382   13 years spaetz use user rank rather than id in the user stats page
(edit) @5381   13 years spaetz get rid of exporting user passwd to disk, auth happens through dvb now.
(edit) @5380   13 years spaetz print current local server time
(edit) @5379   13 years joerg update svn Version to current Server status new description, new …
(edit) @5378   13 years tomhughes Add a stylesheet targeted at print media to get nice printouts.
(edit) @5373   13 years deelkar update URL to osm v0.5
(edit) @5372   13 years spaetz add my homegrown tools to clean the database from unneeded entries
(edit) @5371   13 years spaetz make user authentication db-based
(edit) @5370   13 years spaetz fix typo
(edit) @5368   13 years spaetz use the Queue Directory from the central lib function
(edit) @5367   13 years deelkar make shellscript more flexible concerning paths
(edit) @5365   13 years spaetz disable queue waiting bonus as all those old low priority requests …
(edit) @5364   13 years tomhughes Use the domain name for the T@H layer.
(edit) @5323   13 years deelkar remove unnecessary sql queries
(edit) @5280   13 years richard Potlatch 0.4c: bugfixes, history in progress
(edit) @5258   13 years tomhughes Allow objects to be resurrected.
(edit) @5257   13 years tomhughes Rework image generation to work in a fixed amount of memory. Closes #580.
(edit) @5254   13 years spaetz some fixes to previous commit
(edit) @5253   13 years spaetz make it possible to increase priority of in-queue requests
(edit) @5252   13 years tomhughes Don't include any page numbers in links in the tag list.
(edit) @5244   13 years deelkar add README
(edit) @5243   13 years deelkar add crontab shellscript for ChangedTiles?
(edit) @5242   13 years deelkar add autorequester php
(edit) @5241   13 years tomhughes Tidy up mail notifiers and make them more rails style rather then …
(edit) @5240   13 years tomhughes Add warnings not to reply to message notifications directly.
(edit) @5236   13 years deelkar still uses same API layout, fully compatible with version 3, so put …
(edit) @5233   13 years deelkar duplicate function AbortWithError? from upload/tile2.php
(edit) @5231   13 years deelkar add POST capable serverside php with user authentication capability
(edit) @5222   13 years richard persistent preferences!
(edit) @5218   13 years richard update view/edit tab links
(edit) @5217   13 years tomhughes Fix tab breakage and make key update as zoom level changes.
(edit) @5216   13 years richard Potlatch 0.4b: put POIs in ways; small SWF improvement; correct …
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