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(edit) @7523   11 years crschmidt no longer need stylesheet change
(edit) @7522   11 years crschmidt define type earlier
(edit) @7521   11 years crschmidt UI changes from RichardF
(edit) @7519   11 years crschmidt move data into a layer in the layerswitcher
(edit) @7516   11 years tomhughes Tidy up template.
(edit) @7515   11 years richard warn if user tries to upload 8bn traces at once
(edit) @7514   11 years tomhughes Restore the appearance of input buttons.
(edit) @7513   11 years tomhughes Put back the SOTM advert on the front page, updated for SOTM2008.
(edit) @7512   11 years tomhughes Fix typo.
(edit) @7511   11 years tomhughes Style password fields (and textareas) to match text input fields.
(edit) @7510   11 years crschmidt very minor ui niggles
(edit) @7509   11 years crschmidt prevent errors when closing sidebar
(edit) @7507   11 years richard must remember not to commit new version while Potlatch users are in IRC
(edit) @7506   11 years richard Potlatch 0.8b
(edit) @7502   11 years crschmidt add link to history html page
(edit) @7501   11 years crschmidt add support for displaying history
(edit) @7500   11 years crschmidt change layout: now a link, no longer a tab
(edit) @7499   11 years crschmidt minor clenaups
(edit) @7498   11 years crschmidt don't let users select areas bigger than allowed
(edit) @7497   11 years crschmidt allow down/up events
(edit) @7496   11 years crschmidt Customize requestSuccess to limit number of features actually drawn on …
(edit) @7493   11 years crschmidt Add recent nodes to start of tab, and return false from onclick actions
(edit) @7492   11 years crschmidt clean up javascript code. no/few functional changes, afaik.
(edit) @7491   11 years crschmidt destroy the feature when we leave
(edit) @7490   11 years crschmidt add in-map node/way browser
(edit) @7479   11 years crschmidt Create a 'browse' tab, which will be used to display data on the main page
(edit) @7476   11 years tomhughes Tweak export startup to stop silly image sizes being reported.
(edit) @7474   11 years crschmidt add navigation link
(edit) @7473   11 years crschmidt Link ways and nodes backwards and forwards.
(edit) @7469   11 years crschmidt link to html history
(edit) @7468   11 years crschmidt add a browse index (no content yet)
(edit) @7467   11 years crschmidt move around things to match the change in action names
(edit) @7466   11 years crschmidt drop _view from action names
(edit) @7465   11 years crschmidt update routes: everything lives in browse/ now
(edit) @7464   11 years crschmidt don't abuse link_to: do it right
(edit) @7463   11 years crschmidt for items which don't actually have a geometry, just zoomToMaxExtent.
(edit) @7462   11 years crschmidt Add support for relation history.
(edit) @7461   11 years crschmidt Add history for ways and nodes, split 'last edited by' into a seperate …
(edit) @7460   11 years crschmidt Add tags_as_hash to old_nodes
(edit) @7459   11 years crschmidt Handle deleted items better.
(edit) @7458   11 years crschmidt link from member object to the member page
(edit) @7457   11 years crschmidt Add relation browsing: * Improve map to also work for relations * …
(edit) @7456   11 years crschmidt Fix offset when laying in vectors on top of the OSM tiles.
(edit) @7455   11 years tomhughes Tidy up a few details.
(edit) @7454   11 years tomhughes Add a stub helper for the browse controller.
(edit) @7453   11 years tomhughes Commit crschmdt's data browser patch.
(edit) @7452   11 years tomhughes Make a branch of the rails code for crschmidt's data browser.
(edit) @7451   11 years tomhughes Make sure the export button is enabled if we switch away from mapnik …
(edit) @7448   11 years tomhughes Close down export properly when the sidebar is closed.
(edit) @7447   11 years tomhughes Suppress the PanZoomBar? control from printed output.
(edit) @7446   11 years tomhughes Correct name of CGI script.
(edit) @7443   11 years tomhughes Export script for mapnik tile server.
(edit) @7442   11 years tomhughes Remove old tile setup.
(edit) @7441   11 years tomhughes Rework export to not rely on ctrl+drag to select an area.
(edit) @7439   11 years tomhughes Do the transform the right way round.
(edit) @7438   11 years tomhughes Use the right variable for the marker position.
(edit) @7437   11 years tomhughes Use the right variable for the event.
(edit) @7435   11 years tomhughes Add numZoomLevels to the map.
(edit) @7434   11 years tomhughes Make openSidebar() work with no argument.
(edit) @7433   11 years tomhughes Mark map responses as attachments.
(edit) @7432   11 years tomhughes Make export tab work from non-view pages.
(edit) @7431   11 years tomhughes Headers is an array not a function…
(edit) @7430   11 years tomhughes Remove export branch.
(edit) @7429   11 years tomhughes Merge 7296:7427 from export branch to trunk.
(edit) @7427   11 years tomhughes Revert accidental commit.
(edit) @7426   11 years tomhughes Don't call formatChanged() when disabling XML output as it has side …
(edit) @7424   11 years tomhughes Validate the mapnik scale on a zoom change.
(edit) @7423   11 years tomhughes Display the size of the image mapnik will produce.
(edit) @7422   12 years tomhughes Only add a border to text input fields.
(edit) @7419   12 years tomhughes Add export helper.
(edit) @7418   12 years tomhughes Rework AJAX stuff to work on IE.
(edit) @7416   12 years tomhughes Remove spurious comma that was breaking Safari.
(edit) @7415   12 years tomhughes Fix broken close tag that was breaking Opera.
(edit) @7407   12 years tomhughes Move user diaries link to the tab bar as it changes what is displayed …
(edit) @7406   12 years tomhughes Default export format based on selected base layer.
(edit) @7405   12 years tomhughes Fill in license details.
(edit) @7403   12 years tomhughes Remove unused method.
(edit) @7402   12 years tomhughes Make the /export URL work.
(edit) @7401   12 years tomhughes Simplify URLs a bit.
(edit) @7389   12 years tomhughes Merged 7296:7388 from rails_port trunk.
(edit) @7388   12 years tomhughes Ajaxify the export tab.
(edit) @7386   12 years tomhughes Fix setPosition().
(edit) @7384   12 years tomhughes Get rid of our reprojection code and use OpenLayers? reprojection instead.
(edit) @7383   12 years tomhughes Add missing OpenLayers? 2.6 images.
(edit) @7376   12 years tomhughes Use OL 2.6 auto sizing for popups instead of doing it ourselves.
(edit) @7374   12 years tomhughes Add a scale control to the map. Closes #51.
(edit) @7373   12 years tomhughes Update OpenLayers? to 2.6 release.
(edit) @7365   12 years tomhughes More work on export tab.
(edit) @7364   12 years spaetz fix variable name
(edit) @7363   12 years spaetz use layerID rather than layername
(edit) @7362   12 years spaetz return real transparent tiles if no file of a transparent layer exists
(edit) @7356   12 years Dirk Stoecker Correct variable name and make values float. Closes #825
(edit) @7352   12 years tomhughes Mark the result as an attachment so that browsers will offer to save …
(edit) @7351   12 years tomhughes Change background colour to match T@H tiles. Closes #828.
(edit) @7337   12 years tomhughes Really remove it this time…
(edit) @7336   12 years tomhughes Remove accidental commit of my local mapnik layer.
(edit) @7335   12 years tomhughes Fix IE breakage.
(edit) @7333   12 years tomhughes Turn on wrapDateLine for all layers. Also correct the declared …
(edit) @7324   12 years tomhughes Tweak the namefinder results a bit more.
(edit) @7321   12 years tomhughes Provide extra context for namefinder results where the nearest place …
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