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(edit) @8274   12 years david add suggested zoom level (zoom=...) to nearby places section of the xml
(edit) @8272   12 years frederik +fiwak (restored)
(edit) @8271   12 years frederik new dates
(edit) @8263   12 years frederik new calendar entries
(edit) @8259   12 years sjors Fixed some errors. Profile now looks ok.
(edit) @8258   12 years sjors Added interpolation when there is a long distance between two points …
(edit) @8257   12 years sjors Profile seems to be ok now.
(edit) @8254   12 years sjors Display profile Google Chart
(edit) @8253   12 years sjors Gets altitude from database. * At first glance, there seems to be an …
(edit) @8252   12 years sjors XML output of example routes. * Added www dir and html page where …
(edit) @8249   12 years sjors 4 test routes, always return altitude = 1. * Added 4 example routes …
(edit) @8227   12 years jochen more press contacts
(edit) @8210   12 years spaetz don't consider transparent tiles an error, allow, caching.
(edit) @8169   12 years richard trap for #971 until I can work out why it's doing it
(edit) @8152   12 years Shaun McDonald Replacing the non existant image with a pending text on the trace page
(edit) @8150   12 years jochen more contacts, formatting
(edit) @8149   12 years jochen More contacts
(edit) @8142   12 years jochen fixed umlaut
(edit) @8141   12 years jochen OSM Summer Mapping News Events
(edit) @8136   12 years tomhughes Work around the fact that exists? no longer works for models with no …
(edit) @8132   12 years david namefinder version 2 - incremental updates; word indexes
(edit) @8126   12 years tomhughes Let's have one last try…
(edit) @8125   12 years tomhughes Magic foo to make composite_primary_keys work.
(edit) @8124   12 years tomhughes Go back to rails 2.0.2 for now as 2.1.0 doesn't quite work…
(edit) @8123   12 years tomhughes Switch to rails 2.1.0 release.
(edit) @8112   12 years tomhughes Don't use comma to separate values in the location cookie, as rails …
(edit) @8111   12 years tomhughes Switch to rails 2.0.2 as Debian/Ubuntu? is able to handle it now.
(edit) @8110   12 years tomhughes Make sure the diary tab always links to the global diary rather than a …
(edit) @8107   12 years spaetz remove extra db connect
(edit) @8094   12 years frederik +seesen
(edit) @8093   12 years Shaun McDonald Removing id's so that the ids are generated, and it makes it easier to …
(edit) @8092   12 years jochen Wettbewerb pages now on own host
(edit) @8091   12 years frederik +wilhelmshaen
(edit) @8090   12 years jochen Clearer info von osm newbies
(edit) @8089   12 years Shaun McDonald improved messages fixtures. Additional user fixture (for sending …
(edit) @8087   12 years frederik kalender
(edit) @8072   12 years tomhughes Cope with not having a layer configuration at all.
(edit) @8067   12 years jochen OSM Summer Mapping competition
(edit) @8066   12 years jochen berlin meeting, press link
(edit) @8062   12 years Shaun McDonald Adding some additional node fixtures to test edge cases. Having a bit …
(edit) @8061   12 years Shaun McDonald You can now test nodes. This test needs looked at again, as it …
(edit) @8060   12 years Shaun McDonald Fixing indentation
(edit) @8059   12 years Shaun McDonald Fixing indentation
(edit) @8055   12 years tomhughes Don't try and parse an empty string as a layer config, and cope a bit …
(edit) @8047   12 years Shaun McDonald sort the default test database user and password. Adding new test for …
(edit) @8042   12 years deelkar be more verbose about status changes, update once every 6 hours
(edit) @8041   12 years spaetz move rerender request into the if block where i intended it to be.
(edit) @8040   12 years spaetz disable the deleting of extranous blank entries in the blank db.
(edit) @8038   12 years spaetz temporary fix to get rid of the unknown tile tiles
(edit) @8014   12 years jochen OSM Summer Mapping 2008
(edit) @7997   12 years tomhughes Require a form post to finally confirm an account to stop accidental …
(edit) @7996   12 years richard fix node relations bug (thanks Dave!)
(edit) @7994   12 years deelkar add comment, default enable
(edit) @7992   12 years deelkar include method to reduce handed out requests based on upload queue length
(edit) @7984   12 years richard Potlatch 0.9c
(edit) @7983   12 years tomhughes Improve the layout of the browse sidebar a bit.
(edit) @7980   12 years tomhughes Merge 7744:7922 from trunk.
(edit) @7944   12 years jochen fiwak ok
(edit) @7940   12 years jochen Berliner Treffen eingetragen
(edit) @7931   12 years frederik change history url
(edit) @7930   12 years frederik +OsmAware?
(edit) @7922   12 years richard Potlatch 0.9b
(edit) @7902   12 years jochen faq about mapping party
(edit) @7900   12 years jochen Klarstellung Gruppenaktionen
(edit) @7899   12 years jochen Klarstellung, dass es um Gruppenaktionen geht
(edit) @7897   12 years jochen Link zu EVTG-Aktion
(edit) @7894   12 years jochen Should now work under IE6 Link to South African website
(edit) @7887   12 years richard temporarily disable OAM (SWF)
(edit) @7885   12 years richard don't set _alpha so often when ways dimmed (SWF)
(edit) @7878   12 years sjors Wrong location for file.
(edit) @7877   12 years sjors Merge git@…:Sjors/openstreetmap-route-altitude-profile
(edit) @7876   12 years sjors Merge git@…:Sjors/openstreetmap-route-altitude-profile
(edit) @7874   12 years sjors Trunk, branches and tags
(edit) @7873   12 years sjors Create folder for Sjors' Summer of Code project: …
(edit) @7872   12 years tomhughes Make the layer attribute a bit less fragile - base layers and overlays …
(edit) @7869   12 years Shaun McDonald Add a check to make sure that a node/way/relation doesn't already …
(edit) @7865   12 years deelkar sync svn
(edit) @7862   12 years tomhughes Make the "larger map" link on an HTML export point at the right layer.
(edit) @7861   12 years tomhughes Add the cycle map to the main site.
(edit) @7858   12 years deelkar disable handing out of auto-lowzoom requests serverside
(edit) @7841   12 years tomhughes Yet another at fixing the layout of the search box. Seems to work now …
(edit) @7840   12 years richard fix revert to cope with moved nodes properly (OH NOES I updated some SQL)
(edit) @7839   12 years tomhughes Reword the noscript section a bit.
(edit) @7838   12 years tomhughes Try and make browsers display the search box sanely.
(edit) @7837   12 years Shaun McDonald Showing a nice message for browsers with javascript disabled. closes #36
(edit) @7834   12 years jochen news entry for gps-verleih
(edit) @7832   12 years tomhughes Tidy up map browse code and qualify various global names to avoid any …
(edit) @7831   12 years jochen GPS-Verleih eingebunden
(edit) @7830   12 years jochen GPS-Verleih 1st import
(edit) @7829   12 years rjmunro Old branch that isn't relevant since tiled system was added.
(edit) @7828   12 years tomhughes Remove bogus action attribute from the submit button - it should have …
(edit) @7823   12 years jochen new logos some small fixes
(edit) @7819   12 years gabriel api06: remove debugging output.
(edit) @7818   12 years gabriel api06: simplify diff uploading.
(edit) @7817   12 years gabriel api06: diff upload: don't read the whole request into memory. Note: …
(edit) @7816   12 years gabriel api06: Fix OSM::APIVersionMismatchError.render_opts
(edit) @7815   12 years gabriel api06: fix syntax errors.
(edit) @7814   12 years gabriel api06: simplify exception handling and add exception handling to the …
(edit) @7811   12 years crschmidt convert getway_history to use rails objects instead of SQL
(edit) @7807   12 years crschmidt don't pull no-longer used args from args list.
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