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(edit) @8833   11 years Shaun McDonald Sorts out a problem with the description field and adding users.
(edit) @8826   11 years tomhughes Add bounds to map responses. Closes #1011.
(edit) @8823   11 years tomhughes Allow users to remove their image. Closes #1010.
(edit) @8817   11 years tomhughes Tidy up a bit after shaun's merge…
(edit) @8814   11 years jochen Impressum/Kontakt?
(edit) @8813   11 years Shaun McDonald Fixing the resync that I had done wrong at the end of last week on the …
(edit) @8812   11 years jochen Added link to German mailing lists
(edit) @8808   11 years tomhughes Sanitize user descriptions properly.
(edit) @8777   11 years tomhughes Capitalise German message correctly.
(edit) @8735   11 years tomhughes Don't hardcode the API version in the data browser.
(edit) @8717   11 years ojw documentation for the diff import
(edit) @8716   11 years ojw lindi's changes to support importing OSM diff files
(edit) @8715   11 years ojw copy my import functions from old location
(edit) @8714   11 years ojw add lindi's new table
(edit) @8713   11 years ojw add database
(edit) @8711   11 years ojw publish an example server to expose the tile data database
(edit) @8710   11 years ojw better location for tile data server
(edit) @8685   11 years Shaun McDonald Merge changes from trunk 7673:8632.
(edit) @8682   11 years Shaun McDonald Now all the unit tests work
(edit) @8673   11 years ojw GPX
(edit) @8661   11 years ojw keep HTML content type for index
(edit) @8658   11 years ojw set content-type to text
(edit) @8657   11 years ojw don't expose user IDs in group
(edit) @8656   11 years ojw add some documentation
(edit) @8655   11 years ojw add database schema
(edit) @8654   11 years ojw add server code
(edit) @8653   11 years ojw create server
(edit) @8595   11 years spaetz sync SVN with what's really there. no changes of mine.
(edit) @8594   11 years spaetz ignore more files. add another existing one. no changes of mine.
(edit) @8593   11 years spaetz ignore log files in SVN. Add statistics pages. no changes of mine.
(edit) @8592   11 years spaetz sync svn with what's there. no changes of mine.
(edit) @8591   11 years spaetz sync svn with what's there. no changes of mine.
(edit) @8561   11 years tomhughes Remove the data browser branch as it has now been merged.
(edit) @8538   11 years tomhughes Quote default when used as a key in a hash as it is a keyword…
(edit) @8535   11 years tomhughes Merge data browser branch to trunk.
(edit) @8531   11 years jochen Stammtisch Hannover
(edit) @8500   11 years frederik + newspaper logo by christian koerner
(edit) @8494   11 years tomhughes Refactor to remove some code duplication.
(edit) @8488   11 years tomhughes Disable the data browswer when the database is not available.
(edit) @8479   11 years jochen typo
(edit) @8478   11 years jochen marker für b weg
(edit) @8476   11 years frederik add MapMaker? press release
(edit) @8461   11 years tomhughes Minor correction to German translation.
(edit) @8460   11 years tomhughes Handle international idiots in a reasonable selection of languages.
(edit) @8456   11 years tomhughes Try and make message and comment notifications more idiot proof.
(edit) @8443   11 years tomhughes Railsify relation selection (aka ripping out the f*in SQL).
(edit) @8442   11 years tomhughes Improve the layout of the object browser views.
(edit) @8438   11 years jochen Local group in Osnabrück
(edit) @8436   11 years jochen Photos von Leihgeräten
(edit) @8433   11 years mikel creating internationalization branch, for GSoC projet
(edit) @8415   11 years frederik new gpx rentals
(edit) @8411   11 years jochen Gießen (Stammtisch Mittelhessen)
(edit) @8408   11 years spaetz fix data display. Hint from bmwiedemann
(edit) @8391   11 years tomhughes Merge 8381:8390 from trunk.
(edit) @8390   11 years tomhughes Make GeoRecord? inject class methods correctly when included.
(edit) @8382   11 years tomhughes Merge 8377:8381 from trunk.
(edit) @8381   11 years tomhughes Make the polymorphic relation association work properly.
(edit) @8378   11 years tomhughes Merge 7922:8377 from trunk.
(edit) @8377   11 years tomhughes Add support for putting the site in an offline mode where it operates …
(edit) @8357   11 years tomhughes Use a polymorphic association to model relation members and add …
(edit) @8351   11 years tomhughes Removed bogus belongs_to user declaration.
(edit) @8274   11 years david add suggested zoom level (zoom=...) to nearby places section of the xml
(edit) @8272   11 years frederik +fiwak (restored)
(edit) @8271   11 years frederik new dates
(edit) @8263   11 years frederik new calendar entries
(edit) @8259   11 years sjors Fixed some errors. Profile now looks ok.
(edit) @8258   11 years sjors Added interpolation when there is a long distance between two points …
(edit) @8257   11 years sjors Profile seems to be ok now.
(edit) @8254   11 years sjors Display profile Google Chart
(edit) @8253   11 years sjors Gets altitude from database. * At first glance, there seems to be an …
(edit) @8252   11 years sjors XML output of example routes. * Added www dir and html page where …
(edit) @8249   11 years sjors 4 test routes, always return altitude = 1. * Added 4 example routes …
(edit) @8227   11 years jochen more press contacts
(edit) @8210   11 years spaetz don't consider transparent tiles an error, allow, caching.
(edit) @8169   11 years richard trap for #971 until I can work out why it's doing it
(edit) @8152   11 years Shaun McDonald Replacing the non existant image with a pending text on the trace page
(edit) @8150   11 years jochen more contacts, formatting
(edit) @8149   11 years jochen More contacts
(edit) @8142   11 years jochen fixed umlaut
(edit) @8141   11 years jochen OSM Summer Mapping News Events
(edit) @8136   11 years tomhughes Work around the fact that exists? no longer works for models with no …
(edit) @8132   11 years david namefinder version 2 - incremental updates; word indexes
(edit) @8126   11 years tomhughes Let's have one last try…
(edit) @8125   11 years tomhughes Magic foo to make composite_primary_keys work.
(edit) @8124   11 years tomhughes Go back to rails 2.0.2 for now as 2.1.0 doesn't quite work…
(edit) @8123   11 years tomhughes Switch to rails 2.1.0 release.
(edit) @8112   11 years tomhughes Don't use comma to separate values in the location cookie, as rails …
(edit) @8111   11 years tomhughes Switch to rails 2.0.2 as Debian/Ubuntu? is able to handle it now.
(edit) @8110   11 years tomhughes Make sure the diary tab always links to the global diary rather than a …
(edit) @8107   11 years spaetz remove extra db connect
(edit) @8094   11 years frederik +seesen
(edit) @8093   11 years Shaun McDonald Removing id's so that the ids are generated, and it makes it easier to …
(edit) @8092   11 years jochen Wettbewerb pages now on own host
(edit) @8091   11 years frederik +wilhelmshaen
(edit) @8090   11 years jochen Clearer info von osm newbies
(edit) @8089   11 years Shaun McDonald improved messages fixtures. Additional user fixture (for sending …
(edit) @8087   11 years frederik kalender
(edit) @8072   11 years tomhughes Cope with not having a layer configuration at all.
(edit) @8067   11 years jochen OSM Summer Mapping competition
(edit) @8066   11 years jochen berlin meeting, press link
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