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(edit) @9765   12 years jochen Added ITO Mapper and OpenStreetBugs? to Schaufenster
(edit) @9762   12 years spaetz more verbose error logging
(edit) @9760   12 years tomhughes Make xapi an alias for fafnir.
(edit) @9759   12 years tomhughes The external address is on fafnir now.
(edit) @9758   12 years tomhughes Change all the machines this time…
(edit) @9757   12 years tomhughes Change names of reinstalled machines.
(edit) @9729   12 years spaetz clean up unused imports
(edit) @9728   12 years spaetz clean up unused imports
(edit) @9727   12 years jochen Local group in Essen
(edit) @9726   12 years spaetz updated TODO list
(edit) @9723   12 years spaetz empty queue returns IndexError? now, so check for that instead
(edit) @9722   12 years spaetz got ordering just the wrong way
(edit) @9719   12 years spaetz order Uploads oldest to newest by default. Don't pick latest() when …
(edit) @9717   12 years spaetz better logging for corrup zip files, so we know the user who uploaded …
(edit) @9715   12 years spaetz make caption overlaying work with palletized PNG's
(edit) @9714   12 years spaetz add description to the map link
(edit) @9710   12 years spaetz increase uploaded tileset queue to 1500
(edit) @9709   12 years spaetz show recently finished requests on the user page.
(edit) @9704   12 years arindam more CtG fixes
(edit) @9703   12 years arindam CtG fixes
(edit) @9698   12 years spaetz #pallettized PNGs can be transparent, so don't do anything
(edit) @9674   12 years spaetz more fault protection
(edit) @9668   12 years spaetz stitch z0-5 from the tile layer for now. It looks a bit ugly in z0-4 …
(edit) @9662   12 years spaetz update TODO last itme for today
(edit) @9658   12 years spaetz make it exit correctly when pressing CTRL-C. Also abort if one child …
(edit) @9651   12 years spaetz also log the client uuid when a job is put back to the server, helps …
(edit) @9649   12 years spaetz allign CC logo better to the text
(edit) @9648   12 years spaetz nicer homepage description of the server
(edit) @9643   12 years spaetz implement updating passwords from OSM. Log on auth failures
(edit) @9642   12 years spaetz updated TODO again
(edit) @9641   12 years spaetz start with Europe by default, not some random place in England at z12
(edit) @9640   12 years spaetz hide client_uuid field in web form
(edit) @9639   12 years spaetz record and log the client_uuid
(edit) @9636   12 years arindam minor change in translate controller
(edit) @9632   12 years jth Clean some blank tiles from tilesets
(edit) @9615   12 years arindam
(edit) @9614   12 years arindam translation update
(edit) @9613   12 years arindam translation update
(edit) @9609   12 years spaetz new log file location
(edit) @9608   12 years spaetz use TILES_ROOT from Optimize a bit.
(edit) @9607   12 years spaetz set self.init to false if not inited
(edit) @9606   12 years spaetz get TILES_ROOT from rather than db
(edit) @9602   12 years spaetz make stitch lowzoom call itself, python exits after each tileset now …
(edit) @9600   12 years spaetz this works directly now.
(edit) @9597   12 years spaetz request missing tiles script
(edit) @9596   12 years spaetz request missing tiles script
(edit) @9595   12 years spaetz implement short machine-readable tile detail page
(edit) @9594   12 years spaetz adapt forms in take request web page
(edit) @9590   12 years spaetz client take protocol 5. send back tileset filesize and mtime as unix …
(edit) @9589   12 years spaetz save tile base path in
(edit) @9588   12 years spaetz use tile base path from settings file
(edit) @9587   12 years spaetz implement get_filename() for tilesets. needed to easily stat the …
(edit) @9580   12 years tomhughes Move the main web server to puff.
(edit) @9569   12 years tomhughes Move backups to tile.
(edit) @9568   12 years tomhughes Make the cleanup script work a chunk at a time so we don't run out of …
(edit) @9554   12 years spaetz autorequest changed tiles every 6h
(edit) @9553   12 years tomhughes Import the output_compression plugin as the SVN external never works.
(edit) @9552   12 years tomhughes Import the daemon generator as the SVN external never works.
(edit) @9524   12 years tomhughes Make the location of the GPX traces configurable.
(edit) @9522   12 years spaetz disable verbose logging of unknown smalltiles
(edit) @9518   12 years spaetz only allow clients 'Quickborn' and 'Rapperswil'
(edit) @9511   12 years tomhughes Add DNS for puff's external interface.
(edit) @9509   12 years spaetz also ask for client version (not used yet)
(edit) @9499   12 years spaetz cleanup tmpdir even when pressing CTRL-C
(edit) @9498   12 years spaetz return sea tile in case oceantiles.dat shows mixed
(edit) @9497   12 years spaetz use new class instance on each go, to possibly regain old memory.
(edit) @9496   12 years spaetz use local copy of oceantiles.dat
(edit) @9491   12 years spaetz also log when the user hands a job back to the server including the reason.
(edit) @9490   12 years spaetz implement server logging, first things are logged now
(edit) @9486   12 years spaetz fix MapOf? vertical offset. All done now.
(edit) @9485   12 years spaetz make rerequest feedback use authentication. with an up-to-date client …
(edit) @9483   12 years sjors Added memcache support on App Engine (Issue 8)
(edit) @9482   12 years sjors Redirect main page to wiki. Fixed bug in protocol buffers.
(edit) @9479   12 years spaetz remove initial URL prefix filter
(edit) @9478   12 years spaetz svn:ignore
(edit) @9477   12 years gslater robots.txt for tah. Block: /Browse/ and some of /Request/
(edit) @9476   12 years spaetz lower priority debumping limit
(edit) @9475   12 years spaetz enable per IP check, still need to whitelist
(edit) @9474   12 years spaetz use SetRemoteAddrFromForwardedFor? middleware, to get REMOTE_ADDR even …
(edit) @9471   12 years spaetz implement auto-bump down of priorities based on requesters IP address. …
(edit) @9470   12 years spaetz use correct user id.
(edit) @9469   12 years tomhughes Add new HP servers to DNS.
(edit) @9468   12 years spaetz latest TODO
(edit) @9467   12 years spaetz enable single user view in all kinds of pages
(edit) @9466   12 years spaetz make single user view work
(edit) @9461   12 years spaetz add single user view
(edit) @9460   12 years spaetz don't overwrite log file when restarting
(edit) @9459   12 years spaetz replace handwritten rm_dir (which contained a typo) with shutil.rmtree
(edit) @9457   12 years tomhughes Remove redundant comment.
(edit) @9456   12 years tomhughes Add an SPF record for to try and make google happy.
(edit) @9453   12 years spaetz add Request and Upload web interface handler
(edit) @9452   12 years tomhughes Remove spurious colon.
(edit) @9451   12 years tomhughes Add DNS entry for pointing at Shaun's aggregator.
(edit) @9450   12 years tomhughes Add idris and move services from the vm to idris.
(edit) @9449   12 years tomhughes Move to idris.
(edit) @9447   12 years tomhughes Link to user pages.
(edit) @9428   12 years jochen Chile is not Canada
(edit) @9427   12 years sjors Protocol buffers are now supported on the Apache version.
(edit) @9426   12 years jth Send sea-tile for oceanDB type mixed
(edit) @9425   12 years jochen added link to chile web site
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