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(edit) @2022   13 years jonb Update plugin description to match code which expects elemstyles.xml …
(edit) @1956   13 years frederik readme
(edit) @1955   13 years frederik initial release.
(edit) @1882   13 years imi updated to new JosmAction? syntax
(edit) @1863   13 years nick Width of unrecognised way types increased to 2
(edit) @1638   13 years imi added preferences page (requires JOSM #168)
(edit) @1602   13 years nick NPE layer: OSGB/WGS84 bug fixed
(edit) @1568   13 years nick Filling of areas in mappaint now controlled by mappaint.fillareas …
(edit) @1567   13 years nick NPE support added\!
(edit) @1566   13 years nick NPE support added\!
(edit) @1565   13 years nick minor bug corrected - draw areas before unwayed segments
(edit) @1564   13 years nick Areas drawn before ways; landsat move mode belongs to buttongroup; now …
(edit) @1554   13 years nick First bug reported by Andy Robinson 08/11/06 corrected
(edit) @1553   13 years nick Added ability to move landsat layer
(edit) @1551   13 years imi forgot to compile the plugin starter class in plastic_laf - josm plugin
(edit) @1544   13 years enxrah Sort out all the math to do arbitrarily orientated lat/lon grids
(edit) @1502   13 years imi added mapfeatures.xml annotation preset by Steve Bromwich
(edit) @1501   13 years nick can specify minimum zoom levels for POI icons to appear
(edit) @1498   13 years imi finished cleanup of josm language plugins
(edit) @1497   13 years imi added overall build.xml for josm language plugins
(edit) @1496   13 years imi cleanup of josm language plugin build.xml
(edit) @1495   13 years nick New waypoint import plugin for JOSM
(edit) @1484   13 years enxrah Add grid plugin
(edit) @1477   13 years nick Landsat bug in latest JOSM fixed by disabling landsat option if no map …
(edit) @1476   13 years imi updated josm translation de and en_GB
(edit) @1471   13 years imi updated josm translation for romanian and french and fixed landsat to …
(edit) @1469   13 years imi fixed build scripts of josm language plugins
(edit) @1467   13 years imi added josm translation plugins and annotation-tester plugin
(edit) @1443   14 years imi cleaned up mappaint and landsat plugin
(edit) @1439   14 years imi added josm plugin to get the great JGoodies Plastic look and feel.
(edit) @1438   14 years imi - applied patch from Robert (mappaint failing for incomplete ways as …
(edit) @1437   14 years imi pointed build files to the relative position of JOSM in the OSM …
(add) @1436   14 years imi added JOSM-plugins mappaint and landsat from NickW
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