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(edit) @2015   13 years joerg print renderinfo in one line Adapt default areas
(edit) @2000   13 years joerg mapnik: change vmap0 directory to point to svn change default db-name …
(edit) @1993   13 years artem added new vmap0 boundaries
(edit) @1982   13 years joerg move all directories under one username /home/mapnik/…
(edit) @1965   13 years joerg shorten and adapt installation.txt for mapnik
(edit) @1936   13 years artem swaped stroke colours for trunk and primary.
(edit) @1852   13 years joerg warn for empty tiles
(edit) @1851   13 years joerg add hashbank to start directly add prop executable add optional name …
(edit) @1846   13 years joerg set executable property
(edit) @1838   13 years joerg add missing icon tower for mapnik to svn
(edit) @1782   13 years steve colon char is broken in windows, changing filename
(edit) @1770   13 years nick corrected width/height of peak and tower symbols
(edit) @1731   13 years nick added heaths and masts
(edit) @1722   13 years jonb Fix rendering slow down over time by using the call() instead of …
(edit) @1720   13 years jonb Added rendering for natural=water, closes trac #311
(edit) @1719   13 years jonb Fix 2 "natural" quoting issues
(edit) @1713   13 years jonb Fix calculation for zoom 17 & 18
(edit) @1712   13 years jonb Port of to C for faster speed and lower memory usage.
(edit) @1679   13 years steve move new xml to decent filename
(edit) @1678   13 years steve rm old xml
(edit) @1676   13 years steve stuff for rendering all good tiles
(edit) @1668   13 years nick added unsurfaced, byways, woodland, peaks
(edit) @1641   13 years joerg update some hints
(edit) @1632   13 years joerg update packages
(edit) @1631   13 years joerg Initial Version of Install Description of MapNik? for mainly copy&Paste
(edit) @1626   13 years steve add slightly diverged xml
(edit) @1625   13 years joerg move symbol locateion to …
(edit) @1624   13 years joerg iadd symbold
(edit) @1620   13 years steve add sql
(edit) @1619   13 years steve add osm2sql script
(edit) @1609   13 years nick various updates on osm.xml
(edit) @1608   13 years nick various updates on osm.xml
(edit) @1597   13 years steve add natural watre
(edit) @1596   13 years steve make the rail ones match map features
(edit) @1595   13 years steve add railway=wail and highway=unclassified
(add) @1594   13 years steve add mapnik stuff
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