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(edit) @1383   13 years joerg rename File
(edit) @1382   13 years joerg read poi data too but for now only display the unknown icon for every …
(edit) @1379   13 years joerg icorrect output directory more VERBOSE output
(edit) @1378   13 years joerg more places*.txt in Germany
(edit) @1377   13 years joerg new places to render for pdf-atlas and adjusted regions
(edit) @1376   13 years joerg new option update-only in osm2csv add all tags of a segment to the end …
(edit) @1373   13 years joerg Split Germany into German regions and German cities
(edit) @1362   13 years joerg remove Utils::Timing and put this stuff to Utils::Debug
(edit) @1352   13 years joerg adapt the config to the new position of the csv Files
(edit) @1351   13 years joerg use OSM-Perl Modules allow places filename as option allow ~/ for …
(edit) @1338   13 years joerg add overview
(edit) @1337   13 years joerg add title page
(edit) @1335   13 years joerg correct coordinates a little bit
(edit) @1309   13 years joerg rename to osm2csv
(edit) @1307   13 years joerg add standard areas which represent stripes of 45 degtrees printout …
(edit) @1268   13 years joerg move code for doing the stuff into functions
(edit) @1267   14 years joerg rename output Files to .csv; since they really are csv files add area …
(edit) @1173   14 years joerg delete small regions out of germany config. They are now in the munich …
(edit) @1172   14 years joerg added München Area as config
(edit) @1132   14 years pere Make it easier to switch gshhs dataset.
(edit) @1131   14 years pere Improve map of Norway.
(edit) @1130   14 years pere Add draft for norwegian atlas.
(edit) @1129   14 years pere Typo.
(add) @1127   14 years joerg Initial Version of osm pdf Atlas
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