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(edit) @2039   13 years joerg take one of the old planet Files if we cannot download a new one
(edit) @2019   13 years joerg correct name for newzealand
(edit) @1969   13 years joerg adjust debug levels adjust estmation values to current planet.osm new …
(edit) @1968   13 years joerg add more area definitions
(edit) @1966   13 years joerg adjust debug levels
(edit) @1892   13 years joerg expand Area for Germany
(edit) @1889   13 years joerg fix RMC reading by eliminating elemnt count warning
(edit) @1848   13 years joerg add more quoting add default too name
(edit) @1847   13 years joerg add more checks and more different flavours of NMEA Parsing
(edit) @1837   13 years joerg Search UTF8sanitizer in system path too. This is important if the …
(edit) @1829   13 years joerg Add area switzerland
(edit) @1828   13 years joerg add more predefined areas to the filters
(edit) @1821   13 years joerg update number of nodes/lines/... for progress estimatioupdate number …
(edit) @1820   13 years joerg add time limit for nont sanitized files, add debug output
(edit) @1813   13 years joerg make time format ISO 8601 Conform
(edit) @1745   13 years joerg i stop automatically sanitizing all planet.osm files (later than …
(edit) @1645   13 years joerg Fix a small issue which made the split_tracks not work Add some more …
(edit) @1642   13 years joerg Add special pattern to recognize destinator nmea Format
(edit) @1617   13 years joerg Load MapFeatures?.xml into memory. For now only for OSM-PDF-Atlas
(edit) @1614   13 years joerg Update estimated max Values Add comments to some functions rename …
(edit) @1612   13 years joerg TomTom? GO logger is missing the $ sign this is the reason for dding a …
(edit) @1556   13 years jonb Ensure output is well formed by using UTF-8 output and escaping …
(edit) @1547   13 years joerg change order of output in perl Module Geo::GPX::File: Waypoint are last
(edit) @1545   13 years joerg insert Man pages/Copyright Info/Copright? Stubs to some of our perl Programs
(edit) @1543   13 years nickburch Tweak UK area, and add France
(edit) @1466   13 years joerg minor bugfixes
(edit) @1433   14 years joerg add esimatend number of tags to get better time estimations
(edit) @1432   14 years joerg add eval to have a more robust parsing
(edit) @1431   14 years joerg typo
(edit) @1430   14 years joerg adapt output to write more like josm does
(edit) @1429   14 years joerg add function adjust_bounding_box
(edit) @1428   14 years joerg more output for estimations
(edit) @1391   14 years joerg use %s instead of tab for formating
(edit) @1390   14 years joerg add lat/lon support for area filtering
(edit) @1381   14 years joerg more debug output while combining ways also accept planet-xxxxxx-a.osm …
(edit) @1376   14 years joerg new option update-only in osm2csv add all tags of a segment to the end …
(edit) @1375   14 years joerg print out timestams if file needs update
(edit) @1374   14 years joerg shorten timing output
(edit) @1372   14 years joerg correct File End
(edit) @1370   14 years joerg sort exporter rename $debug to global variable $DEBUG
(edit) @1369   14 years joerg only printd verbose messages for download if verbose >1
(edit) @1368   14 years joerg add more functions to Utils::Debug resort Exporter
(edit) @1366   14 years joerg make path handling of $HOME more robust
(edit) @1364   14 years joerg put Area filtering into a module, for use in other programms
(edit) @1362   14 years joerg remove Utils::Timing and put this stuff to Utils::Debug
(edit) @1356   14 years joerg warn if variable fake_gpx_date is not defined
(edit) @1355   14 years joerg correct path
(edit) @1353   14 years joerg Update Module dependent Names
(edit) @1348   14 years joerg only write to output if DEBUG or and update happened
(edit) @1347   14 years joerg only debug output if $VERBOSE or $DEBUG is set
(edit) @1341   14 years joerg eliminate duplicate definition warning for iLWP::debug
(edit) @1333   14 years joerg by moving this code to a module the name for the GPX elements have …
(edit) @1332   14 years joerg add comment where the osm directory can be placed too
(edit) @1331   14 years joerg get asegment list from standerd osm directorget asegment list from …
(edit) @1330   14 years joerg handle non existing timestamps
(edit) @1329   14 years joerg debug output to see progress while downloading planet.osm
(edit) @1328   14 years joerg add converted_by tag to all new created osm objects. So we can find …
(edit) @1325   14 years joerg some more little checks for sanitizing
(edit) @1320   14 years joerg automatically download osm file if not specified
(edit) @1319   14 years joerg new tools for managing lwp requests
(edit) @1318   14 years joerg start a unique Module for handling planet.osm - Starting with …
(edit) @1315   14 years joerg first working version of filter duplicate segments move more …
(edit) @1311   14 years ojw Module for reading OSM files
(edit) @1310   14 years joerg some !minor changes: - put some functions into there owm Files to …
(edit) @1304   14 years joerg new Module
(edit) @1296   14 years joerg missing use
(edit) @1295   14 years joerg more use statements to have all functions available
(edit) @1293   14 years joerg initial File handling Module
(edit) @1291   14 years joerg more functions moved from osm-filter to Geometry
(edit) @1289   14 years joerg perl functions for distance, angle, …
(add) @1288   14 years joerg Perl Module Tree
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