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(edit) @2046   13 years frederik new script to extract data within germany from planet.osm
(edit) @1938   13 years joerg reall makefile with dependency for UTF8Sanitizer
(edit) @1894   13 years joerg Makefile for compilation
(edit) @1846   13 years joerg set executable property
(edit) @1845   13 years joerg initial Version of tag counter
(edit) @1835   13 years joerg remove the compiled Version. If you need a compiled Version install …
(edit) @1781   13 years steve update planet script
(edit) @1661   13 years steve fix utf8 in planet dump
(edit) @1569   13 years nickburch Get options and help to be consistent
(edit) @1562   13 years nickburch Avoid double printing self closing nodes and segments
(edit) @1546   13 years joerg update Copyright Info
(edit) @1545   13 years joerg insert Man pages/Copyright Info/Copright? Stubs to some of our perl Programs
(edit) @1542   13 years nickburch Support self-closing tags
(edit) @1541   13 years nickburch Planet.osm parser to excerpt based on tags
(edit) @1539   13 years nickburch A script to produce a mini planet.osm, only containing the data for a …
(edit) @1521   13 years steve fix planet.rb
(edit) @1514   13 years imi added binary of utf8sanitizer for windows
(edit) @1500   13 years steve do the same for ways and increment in hal-million steps
(edit) @1499   13 years steve add pages to nodes and segments so it doesnt run out of memory
(edit) @1450   13 years nickburch Ignore closing segment tags
(edit) @1449   13 years nickburch Report the error if we can't open the xml file. Try to make the …
(edit) @1434   13 years joerg add timing estimation for complete import
(edit) @1427   13 years joerg use getOptLong to parse commandline arguments
(edit) @1426   13 years joerg make DBNAME be configurable via ENV Variables
(edit) @1420   13 years nickburch bbox stuff fully supported in main, so …
(edit) @1419   13 years nickburch When doing bbox limiting (exclude/include), don't add ways (and their …
(edit) @1388   14 years nickburch Support reading from standard input
(edit) @1387   14 years nickburch Add pgsql indexes for segment and way tags
(edit) @1376   14 years joerg new option update-only in osm2csv add all tags of a segment to the end …
(edit) @1365   14 years joerg improve error checking for function calls add some quotings to make …
(edit) @1358   14 years nickburch Typo fix - ensure we pass the right PS in
(edit) @1327   14 years joerg put resulting stats to users ~/osm/stats/ Directory
(edit) @1321   14 years joerg first Version
(edit) @1318   14 years joerg start a unique Module for handling planet.osm - Starting with …
(edit) @1314   14 years joerg some minor fixes
(edit) @1299   14 years nickburch Support another kind of quoting, and partial support for only adding …
(edit) @1298   14 years nickburch Push the tag adding code out to subroutines, to keep the main code cleaner
(edit) @1297   14 years nickburch Convert to using Bit::Vector, drastically reducing memory use
(edit) @1279   14 years steve checking script from MStrecke@…
(edit) @1277   14 years nick initial bbox version of planetosm-to-db
(edit) @1265   14 years joerg fix minor bug with multiple areas fix area definitions
(edit) @1264   14 years joerg read db connection from environment quote '
(edit) @1262   14 years joerg move storable files to there own directory create all areas by default
(edit) @1249   14 years joerg adapt region for UK only read way if segments for this way are read …
(edit) @1247   14 years steve add planet-running script
(edit) @1245   14 years joerg add area filter support. Current areas UK,Germany,Spain,Europe,Africa …
(edit) @1241   14 years joerg add average and alltogether legth of all segments
(edit) @1232   14 years nickburch Support for excluding USA+Canada from the import
(edit) @1230   14 years nickburch Don't try to instert the tags if we didn't like the tag they're attached to
(edit) @1229   14 years nickburch Updates for better PgSQL performance - do batches of inserts as a …
(edit) @1228   14 years imi updated planet2mysql to use osm-data rather than little-osm
(edit) @1225   14 years imi fixed export/import of ' = and ; in tags (now behaves like the server)
(edit) @1221   14 years nickburch Support the August planet.osm being a slightly different format
(edit) @1220   14 years joerg Autor: Jon Burgess <jburgess@…> I've been trying out …
(edit) @1212   14 years imi rewrite of planet.rb and a planet.osm parser
(edit) @1195   14 years richard MySQL support using the main OSM database schema
(edit) @1190   14 years imi added perl parser to planet.osm. Run with -schema for a schema. …
(edit) @1135   14 years joerg update to the new planet-2006-07-a.osm Version
(edit) @1074   14 years nick corrected apos again... somehow I got mixed up with local versions
(edit) @1073   14 years nick corrected nil error found when doing whole uk
(edit) @1072   14 years nick planet.rb apos encoding added
(edit) @1071   14 years nick Added initial version of planet.rb: planet dumping script.
(edit) @1066   14 years joerg correct wrong usage of int instead of floor make grid for node errors …
(copy) @1047   14 years steve lets reorg…
copied from planet.osm:
(edit) @1012   14 years joerg First Version of the OSM Check routine planet.osm
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