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(edit) @1178   14 years ben add a created-by tag
(edit) @1068   14 years ben sleep to match however long it took to create the last street
(edit) @1061   14 years ben cleanup
(edit) @1060   14 years ben re-enable the delay
(edit) @1059   14 years ben the script to swap the name/highway tags, sigh
(edit) @1056   14 years ben just to get them backed up
(edit) @1034   14 years ben added Christian's Houston FIPS to the priority list
(edit) @1011   14 years ben final tweaks and kick-off
(edit) @1010   14 years ben debugging of the big Cali rewrite
(edit) @1009   14 years ben finished with the FIPS database
(edit) @1008   14 years ben added Sonoma County for O'Reilly HQ
(edit) @1007   14 years ben woah, check for nil road_type
(edit) @1006   14 years ben fix the usage
(edit) @1005   14 years ben more tweaks
(edit) @1004   14 years ben first crack at road type importing
(edit) @1003   14 years ben oops, range typo
(edit) @1002   14 years ben big rewrite to support "prioritized" counties, so we can rush …
(edit) @994   14 years ben no sleep, let's get this MOVIN'
(edit) @987   14 years ben oops, remove the testing comment
(edit) @986   14 years ben add a watcher for the watcher for the watcher…
(edit) @984   14 years ben oops, fix a quote typo
(edit) @983   14 years ben hopefully better error recovery
(edit) @980   14 years ben add a little timestamp to the logging
(edit) @979   14 years ben add a lat, long centroid to the logging
(edit) @978   14 years ben final tweaks, it's a-going
(edit) @977   14 years ben big bug fix, had the logic on the "starting street number" inverted
(edit) @976   14 years ben oops, wasn't incrementing the street number
(edit) @975   14 years ben should be the final tweaks before launching?
(edit) @974   14 years ben talking to the server properly
(edit) @973   14 years ben bug fixes to the backoff, added demon-izing to the process, …
(edit) @972   14 years ben alignment cleanup, etc
(edit) @971   14 years ben TIGER 2005 data web spider
(edit) @970   14 years ben cleanup of the geometry source code
(edit) @966   14 years ben rewrite of the TIGER import for OSM API 0.3
(edit) @694   15 years ben start to refactor for the whole of the U.S.
(edit) @521   15 years ben added a comment line with the URL of the TIGER data for NY county
(edit) @491   15 years ben should be the final tweaks for a non-lozenged import of NY County, aww yeah
(edit) @490   15 years ben tweaks
(edit) @489   15 years ben simpler naming
(edit) @488   15 years ben tweak tweak
(edit) @487   15 years ben tweaks and fixes, it's purty!
(edit) @486   15 years ben fix the DOS EOL's, grr!
(edit) @485   15 years ben rewrite of the geometry, probably buggy for now
(edit) @457   15 years ben reorg
(edit) @456   15 years ben more reorg, and refactoring to use the Tiger::Street class
(edit) @455   15 years ben ruby-level module reorg
(edit) @454   15 years ben more reorg
(edit) @453   15 years ben move the ZIP code extraction stuff into its own directory
(edit) @452   15 years ben don't put the TIGER data under SVN
(copy) @451   15 years ben rename to a more general term
copied from utils/ny_import:
(edit) @430   15 years ben move these big files to the Rui folder in the ga/ module
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